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chaelabob 11-02-2011 02:38 PM

Rival Bag gloves vs. Sparring gloves
I am needing to get new gloves for my Muay Thai class, and have heard good things about Rival. These are the ones I’m looking at:

My main concern is hand protection……I keep bruising my knuckles and straining my wrists with my old Title gloves. I can still use my old gloves for bag work, so will be using the new ones strictly for Thai-pad work and light sparring. We only do sparring occasionally and it’s very light, so I’m mainly interested in hand protection for the pad work, because that’s where I keep bruising my hands.

I don’t know whether to get the sparring gloves (first link) or one of the bag gloves? I was under the impression that sparring gloves have more padding, but then I was told that you shouldn’t use sparring gloves for pad work…..

I have average size female hands, 5’5” 115lbs. Which one of these would you recommend? Or do you have another brand that would work better? Also should I get 12oz or 14oz?


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