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dudeabides 02-29-2012 07:39 PM

Strikeforce: Paul Daley vs Kazuo Misaki

dudeabides 03-03-2012 11:16 PM


Round 1 - Jerry Krzy calls this welterweight bout. Circling from both to start off. Misaki jabs to the body and gets a hard leg kick. Daley jabs in. More jabs from the Brit. Daley with inside leg kick. Misaki misses with overhand right. Lot of single shots being thrown. Daley lands good leg kick. Both fighters wary of each other. Daley goes with a one-two but is blocked. Misaki charges on a kick and gets a takedown. Daley immediately sits up, but Miskai has his legs. Eventually, he rights himself and eats a front kick. Misaki with a nice left hook. He goes to the body. Misaki ties up again after another exahcnge, but Daley gets away. Daley thinks of a flying knee but doesn't commit. Misaki gets kick to the body in exchange for counter. Misaki lands a nice punch that backs Daley away, Misaki unloads against the cage and withdraws after his flurry. Daley goes for a takedown and gets it. Who saw that coming? Misaki has guard. Daley tries to pound Misaki out with some heavy shots but gets reversed at the bell. scores the first round for Misaki, 10-9.

Round 2 - Daley misses with an uppercut and hook as Misaki closes. Inside leg kick for Misaki. Daley trying to jab in. Misaki chases him back and ends with a kick. Daley lands a glancing punch but takes a shot that prompts him to clinch. Misaki nearly tosses him to the mat, but Daley recovers and the two clinch briefly before Misaki retreats. Another exchange, and Misaki is inching ahead on the scorecards. Daley looks like he's having an off night. He's not sharp tonight. He nearly walks into a spinning elbow. Misaki bullying Daly around the cage. Again, it's Daley that shoots for a takedown and gets it. He's in guard and trying to land punches. Misaki's guard is far from active. Daley postures up for a punch, and goes to the body with short shots. Daley stands and Misaki rolls away. Daley gets to his back and signals the ref. Daley attempts to take the back when Misaki adjusts, but instead, he tumbles off and winds up on his back. Misaki now going body-body-head. Referee stops then and restarts them standing. Daley swinging big but getting a lot of air, and round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Misaki, 20-18 so far.

Round 3 - Daley needs something big for this round. Misaki gets a leg kick. Daley throws a jab but doesn't follow. Corner begging him to do so. He eats a knee upon advancing. Daley lands a nice punch, perhaps his first clean shot, then a nice jab. And again, he catches Misaki over-committing and gets a takedown. Daley working the body. He stands up, and the referee calls time. When Misaki stands, he's a mess of blood. Hard to tell where the cut is until a replay shows a huge gash over his left eye. Doc OKs the bout to continue, and Misaki purses undeterred. He walks Daley down and fends off a takedown, then another. He attacks the body as Daley attempts to reply with a head kick. Misaki is the aggressor. Daley is trying to keep him at bay with a jab, but Misaki wails on him whenever he opens up with punches. Nice kick to the body lands for Misaki. 1:30 left, and this is his fight to lose. Daley lands to the body. Misaki with a straight right, bullying Daley all over the cage. Daley gets another takedown, but this time, Misaki is right back up. All of Misaki's body shots are clearly taking their toll on Daley. Misaki wails on him against the cage. He can't take the fight down. Misaki won't be backed off. A spinning kick misses for Misaki to end the fight. scores the third and final round for Misaki, 10-9, and 30-27 for the Japanese veteran. Kazuo Misaki def. Paul Daley via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

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