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dudeabides 02-29-2012 10:18 PM

Strikeforce: Caros Fodor vs Pat Healy

dudeabides 03-03-2012 08:54 PM

Another upset people got right, don't get cocky going into the main card and go all in on Marunde now...


Round 1 - Keith Peterson calls the second fight of the night. Healy immediately defends a swarming Fodor, and they're against the cage as Healy reverses and drives for a takedown. Fodor replies with some elbows to the side of the head, and Healy tries for double undercooks. Fodor escapes and reverses position against the cage. He works knees but Healy reverses again and sneaks in a knee. Audience is Japan-quiet. You can hear Healy corner Matt Lindland's voice shouting instructions. Fodor lands big combs when they break out of the clinch, but he's content to drive back in and go for the takedown. He gets it, and Healy works to sit up. Fodor with a nice elbow, then another. Healy working to tie up from half-guard. It's a good idea because Fodor is landing with elbows when he doesn't. Healy attempts to escape out the back door and gets a leg and trips the other, putting him in Fodor's guard. He works the body and posts up. More punches from up top. Fodor hints at a triangle but gives it up when punches come. Healy pulls back and looks for a big shot as Fodor attempts to pick his heel and pop up. He hangs tight and resumes the onslaught from overhead. Nothing huge has landed, though, and Fodor goes for an ankle to close out the first. scores the round 10-9 for Fodor.

Round 2 - Fodor gets the better of the fist punching exchange. Healy goes to the leg with a kick. Fodor catching him with a counter right. Jab lands big for Healy. Fodor's right hand doing damage. He sprawls against Healy's takedown and they're pressed against the cage. Healy grabs a leg and works for a high crotch, but Fodor's base is strong. Healy drives forward with his head between Fodor's legs. He rises up and manages to drag the fight to the mat after much struggle. Working from half-guard, he can't do much before Fodor pops up, and he's working to get the back as they walk locked together across the cage. They spill to the mat again, where Healy gets side control and unloads an elbow. Fedor getting smothered from halg-guard now. Audience not thrilled with display of wrestling. Aren't we in wrestling country? Fodor attacks a leg and Healy makes him pay with left hands from up top. Healy in side control, then transitions to mount. Fodor escapes. With 10 seconds, he's eating punches from the bottom. Second frame goes to Healy, 10-9, on's scorecard. 19-19 after two.

Round 3 - They trade jabs to start off. Healy scores with a one-two leg kick. HIs jab is more effective this time around. Fodor with a left hook. Healy drives for a takedown, grabbing a leg, and Fodor can't stuff it against the cage. Healy on top against the cage, and he's quick to take mount this time. Fodor scoots to get back half guard, Healy with heavy hips. Fodor gets half-guard, but he's eating left hands as Healy traps one of his arms. Healy relentless with his left hand. Healy works for an arm triangle, trying to free his legs. When he does, Fodor escapes and attacks a heel. Healy scrambling, trying to twist out of it, and does. In the scramble, Healy retakes the arm triangle and has it dead to rights. Fodor has no choice but to tap.
Pat Healy def. Carlos Fodor via submission (arm triangle) - Round 3, 3:35

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