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dudeabides 04-28-2012 02:03 AM

Invicta FC 1: Lisa Ellis-Ward vs Jessica Penne

dudeabides 04-28-2012 11:46 PM


Penne in black halter top and grey vale tudo shorts. Ellis in a blue/black tie-dyeish halter and black vale tudo shorts. Purple mouthguard too, although I liked Carmouche's rainbow one better.

Round 1: They square off quickly and shuffle around a bit establishing range. Jessica fires a few punches and backs off. Ellis lands a nice left jab as Penne steps in. Ellis trying to lure Penne in. Penne lands a couple, but takes a few for her troubles. Ellis putting together a nice punch/kick combination. Penne being more aggressive here, but leaving herself open to some counters from Ellis. Ellis tries a mean teep and Penne closes distance only to be dumped on the ground by leg trip. Penne has an active guard, but Ellis fends it off and tries a half-guard guillotine of sorts. Penne reverses and begins to apply pressure. Penne trying to keep head control and slowly grind the pep out of Ellis. Cannot free her leg, so she starts working a couple body punches to show activity. Penne starting to posture up to free the leg and works a few more body punches as she slumps back down. Still on top of half guard with Ellis clinching mightily to prevent a guard pass or posturing up. Penne not freeing the right arm at all and looking to use her free leg to shove the legs encumbering her trapped limb away. Ellis uses that to shift to closed guard and tries an armbar. Penne defends and stands. Penne tries to catch a kick and dump Ellis, but doesn't happen. Ellis gets the better of an exchange and Penne goes for a bodylock only to be dumped by Ellis. Penne somehow uses her ridiculous flexibility to get into a crucifix position from bottom of side control. That is some ridiculous flexibility. 10-10.

Round 2: The right eye of Ellis is very swollen, but she can see out of it. Penne and Ellis open cautiously. Penne opens with a low inside leg kick. Ellis takes another low leg kick and fires a body kic of her own. Penne charges in with three straights and lands with one. Ellis fends off another combination with a good counter jab of her own. Penne lands a nice lunging left jab. Ellis lands a nice set of punches and Penne gets the body lock. Ellis nearly trips Penne, but Penne keeps her base and shoves Ellis down. Penne looking to move into s-mount, but Ellis keeps her at bay in a quasi-half guard. Penne now shifts to the other side of Ellis to half guard on that side. Starting to grind Ellis down again from the top of half guard. Penne trying to free her trapped leg while Ellis clinches and fires away a few ineffectual punches of her own. Penne back on full guard of Ellis and looking to posture up. Ellis keeping head control and throwing elbows at the top of Penne's head. Penne driving forwards on one knee, but keeps her balance as she tries to hurt Ellis. Ellis stands and trips Penne from a clinch. Penne tries to reverse it, but Ellis stays on top and tries to start hurting Penne, but has to defend a leglock. Penne working more leglocks with wrist control and Eillis spins away and out, then back in. She lands with an elbow and Penne puts her back in closed guard. Penne working a ridiculously high guard into a triangle attempt into an omoplata. Ellis defends nicely and Penne transitions to an inverted guard. For some reason she lets go and lets Ellis pound her in the face once before regaining closed guard. Penne into an armbar attempt and Ellis slams Penne on her face to get out of it. Penne scrambles, but Ellis is into top of half guard and looking to pass. Penne reverses into top and the round ends. 10-9 Ellis, despite the insane flexibility of Penne, she wasn't able to do much on the ground to hurt or threaten Ellis.

Round 3: Ellis charges in and nearly eats a jab. Ellis again lunches in and Penne lands. Penne lands again. Ellis lunging wildly and Penne defends. Penne snapping straights and landing solidly on Ellis. An exchange sees Ellis take the worse of things and they break for some shuffling and resetting. Penne looking fresher and clinches after a lead right overhand. Ellis backs off after a punch and stands against the fence. She tries an leg trip and it fails, but she gets a nice spinning throw and lands Penne on her back and into side control. Penne using her flexibility to keep Ellis at bay. Ellis is bleeding badly from the nose - perhaps she landed badly or had an elbow thump into her at a bad time. Penne scrambles around and gets guard, then an armbar attempt that looks plausible. Now Ellis drops back to defend and Penne uses that to get in top side control. Now mount for Penne and she's staying tight. Ellis gives up s-mount and rear mount. Penne staying very tight and punching away at Ellis! The fight is stopped quickly by the referee as Ellis was not defending herself well at all and is now a bloody mess. Jessica Penne, KO, mid-Round 2.

Youch, this is a bloody one. Ellis looks to have two small cuts on the bridge of her nose and is gushing from the nostrils. It appears as if one punch broke her nose or jarred something loose inside just before she backed off and stood against the fence.

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