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Welterweight Unbeaten, Unassigned Fighters (Part 5)

Alberto Mina – 9-0-0 - Brazilian – 30 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 17-11, Last Fought: Aug ’11 – UCMMA Champion
Brazilian fighter Mina made his debut 7 years ago, and has been fighting sporadically since. Fighting on average once a year, he last competed in August when he handed Boy Eggles (3-0) his first loss. Mina has primarily been fighting in Europe, and his wins include TUF veteran Dean Amasinger (6-1) in 2010, where he defended his UCMMA title. Mina has finished all 9 of his fights, with 6 coming by submission and 3 by TKO. The Brazilian impressively holds black belt in both Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, so he is a specialist grappler. He has been a judo black belt for 10 years and jiu-jitsu black belt for 8 years. Mina spends much of his time teaching judo and jiu-jitsu, which is one reason for his infrequent fighting.

Derek Medler – 7-0-0 - Canadian – 30 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 15-12, Last Fought: Nov ’11 – Armageddon FC Champion
Medler is a short but stocky Welterweight at just 5’8”, and has won all 7 fights. He has fought exclusively for the AFC organisation where he is their Champion, and he’s finished every fight, with 5 due to strikes and 2 due to Submission. Medler was once one of the best university American Football players in Canada, where he won various awards such as Rookie of the year and League MVP. However his football career ended in 2003 after he suffered a torn hamstring and he has been training MMA since. He has won several Canadian MMA awards such as the 2007 Canadian Tough Guy Champion, 2008 Submission Series gold medallist, and the 2009 Tiger Balm Pankration gold medallist.

Andreas Stahl – 7-0-0 - Swedish – 23 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 11-4, Last Fought: Nov ‘11
Swedish fighter Stahl is one of Europe’s top prospects, evidenced by him winning the Best Prospect at the 2011 Nordic MMA awards. At just 23 years of age, Stahl has racked up some nice wins already, most notably his 2011 wins over Domingos Mestre (8-3) and Damir Hadzovic (4-0). Stahl is a well rounded fighter, who utilizes a good mix of stand up, wrestling and jiu-jitsu. The Swede has not fought outside of Scandinavia so far in his MMA career however, and it would be nice to see him fight for a big organisation like BAMMA or CWFC.

Dan Pauling – 8-0-0 - Australian – 19 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 17-8, Last Fought: Apr ’12 – Fight World Cup Champion
Australian fighter Pauling is the youngest fighter on the Welterweight list at 19 years old. After making his MMA debut as a 16 year old, Pauling has finished all 8 of his fights, with 6 of his wins coming in the first round. In his most recent fight, he beat slugger James Vainikolo (4-3), in one of the best comebacks of the year in a fight that has had 50,000 YouTube hits. A top jiu-jitsu expert, the 19 year old has won all but 1 of his fights by Submission. Pauling holds an early career win over top Australian Greg Atzori (4-0), who has since moved to get a 10-2 record. He is scheduled to defend his title in a couple of weeks against TUFFA Champion Corey Nelson (9-4), in a Champion v Champion bout.

Yusaku Inoue – 8-0-0 - Japanese – 23 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 9-9, Last Fought: Oct ’11 – Shooto Rookie Champion
Japanese fighter Inoue fights for Shooto, one of the country’s top promotions. In 2010, he followed in the footsteps of fighters such as Tatsuya Kawajiri & Takeya Mizugaki when he became the Shooto Rookie champion in the 168 pound division. He has fought once since winning that, knocking out Takehiro Suzuki (2-1) in October. Inoue is a kickboxer who has also fought in several kickboxing fights in Japan. He has finished half of his fights, with 3 wins coming via TKO. However he has not fought very experienced fighters so far in his MMA career, so hopefully he gets tougher opponents soon.

Dwayne Hinds – 6-0-0 - Trinidadian – 28 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 8-4, Last Fought: May ’11 – Caribbean Champion
Hinds is unsurprisingly the lone fighter from Trinidad & Tobago on the list. He has fought all of his fights in either Trinidad or the UK, and in his most recent fight he got a great win over UFC veteran Gideon Ray (17-13). Born in Trinidad, the 28 year old migrated to USA when he was 3 years old, where he grew up wrestling. He excelled at the sport and earned a District Championship and was selected to the All New Jersey All-Star Team by the time he was a senior. After university he returned to Trinidad where he took up judo. Hinds hasn’t fought since last May, so hopefully we will see him in MMA again soon.

Nicolas Dalby – 7-0-0 - Danish – 27 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 18-9, Last Fought: Mar ’12 – Fighter Gala Champion
The 27 year old Dane has beaten some of Europe’s top prospects. His opponents have a combined record of 18-9, and his highlights include ending the unbeaten streaks of Acoidan Duque (5-0) and Glenn Sparv (4-0). Dalby is best known for his stand up, and possesses a nasty ‘sharpshooter’ head kick. The 27 year old originally started as a karate fighter, and has since become more well rounded. Dalby won the FG Welterweight title in October when he knocked out Mindaugas Baranauskas (5-2) in 90 seconds.

Adam McDonough – 8-0-0 - American – 26 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 13-11, Last Fought: Nov ’11 – CFX Champion
The first American fighter is surprisingly down at number 8, but McDonough has won all 8 fights and is just 26 years old. He wrestled collegiately at North Dakota State until he blew his knee out, and then moved onto MMA. He was introduced by and trains with UFC veteran Brock Larsen. McDonough is in his 5th year of MMA, but injuries have restricted him to just 8 fights. McDonough finished his first 7 fights, and went to a decision for the first time in his last fight in November when he beat James Wood (4-0).

Sergei Churilov – 9-0-0 - Ukrainian – 26 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 10-10, Last Fought: Apr ’12
Ukrainian fighter Churilov is an expert in Pankration – a martial art which is ‘a mix of boxing and wrestling’, which is notorious for having very little rules. He is one of the best in the world at the martial art, and is both the Ukrainian Pankration Champion and the European Pankration Champion. Churilov has had 9 fights already since making his debut 18 months ago, and he’s finished 6 of them, with 3 by Submission and 3 by TKO. In his most recent fight 2 weeks ago he beat Amir Visalimov (5-2).

Luke Newman – 5-0-0 - English – 20 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-2, Last Fought: Apr ’12
Young Englishman Newman grew up boxing, and has brought that skill set into the cage with him. The 20 year old is from London and trains out of Titan, the same gym that Brad Pickett trains at. He also regularly travels to USA to train at top MMA gym American Top Team, to get training in with guys like Hector Lombard & Thiago Alves. Newman fights for top British promotion Ultimate Challenge MMA, and is due to receive a title shot in the coming months. His 5-0 record is even more impressive as he has finished every fight in the 1st round. On top of this, he also had an unbeaten 3-0 amateur record.

Blaine Thomas – 5-0-0 - American – 22 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 5-4, Last Fought: Mar ’12
22 year Thomas had an extensive amateur career containing 17 fights. He made his amateur debut as a 17 year old and racked up an impressive 11-5 record, including finishing 10 of his 11 wins via submission. He was also an amateur champion in 3 different organisations. Since turning pro in 2011, the submission expert has finished all 5 fights, with 4 of them by Submission. The American has not fought the best group of fighters so far, but takes a step up in his next fight in June against the experienced Tenyeh Dixon (8-8).

William Macario – 5-0-0 - Brazilian – 20 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-2, Last Fought: Dec ’11 – Rio FC Champion
20 year old Macario has finished all 5 fights via TKO, with 4 of them coming under 3 minutes. Macario has had some pro kickboxing experience, and won the Rio FC Welterweight title when he TKO’d Gabriel Monkey in 2011. Most recently he fought for WOCS, one of Brazil’s top organisations where he won in just 2 minutes.

Mike Hill – 4-0-0 - Canadian – 24 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-6, Last Fought: Aug ’11
24 year old Hill fights MMA part time whilst also being a strength & performance coach. Growing up he represented his area at a variety of sports including hockey & soccer, and turned his attention to MMA as a teenager. Hill gets top quality training in alongside UFC contender Rory MacDonald, and he has tried out for TUF twice, but has not been chosen either time. He has finished 2 of his fights by TKO, with the other coming via Decision. Unfortunately he has not fought since September due to injury.

Eddie Battross – 4-0-0 - American – 32 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 9-2, Last Fought: Jul ’11 – RITC Champion
32 year old Battross trains out of the famous The Pit gym, where Chuck Liddel trainer John Hackleman trains and fighters include Court McGee & Constantinos Phillippou. He has finished 3 of his 4 fights, with 2 by Submission and the other by knockout. In his most recent fight he got a good knockout win over Jamie Schmidt (9-3) to win the RITC Welterweight Champion, though Schmidt was fighting 2 weight classes above his normal class.

Chris Kizuik – 4-0-0 - Canadian – 26 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 5-6, Last Fought: May ’11
Canadian Kizuik trains out of Gracie-Barra and as you would expect, is primarily a grappler. Kizuik has finished all 4 of his fights, with 1 TKO and 3 Submissions – not surprising given that he has competed in jiu-jitsu tournaments before. The 26 year old fights for top regional promotion KOTC, and in just his 3rd fight he beat Shannon Ritch (45-70), who has had 115 total MMA fights.

Mohsen Bahari – 4-0-0 - Norwegian – 27 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 6-7, Last Fought: Apr ’12
The Norwegian is another of 12 Europeans on a European-rich Lightweight list. Bahari trains out of Joachim Hansen’s gym, and has a great stand up game and all 4 of his wins have come due to punches. The 27 year old has fought for a variety of European promotions, including BAMMA where he TKO’d Lee Barnes (6-7) last year.

Fumitoshi Ishikawa – 6-0-0 - Japanese – 33 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 12-12, Last Fought: Mar ’12
Fumitoshi Ishikawa is the oldest fighter on the list at 33 years old. The Japanese fighter has been fighting since 2009, and fights for the DEEP and Heat organisations. His most impressive win was last year when he submitted Hiromu Nagado (8-9). He has finished 4 of his 6 wins, with 3 coming by way of Submission.

Abusupiyan Magomedov – 6-0-0 - German – 21 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-7, Last Fought: Nov ’11
The first or surprisingly 4 Germans on the list, Magomedov is a lanky Welterweight at 6’2”. He has won all 6 fights since making his debut in 2010. The 21 year old is a stand up specialist, and he has finished 3 of his 6 fights via TKO. His best win was over Igor Montes (7-9), in which he won a dominant Unanimous Decision.

Darrell Horcher – 4-0-0 - American – 24 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 7-4, Last Fought: Nov ’11
‘The Saint’ Darrell Horcher has made a perfect start to his pro career after going a decent 4-1 as an amateur. The 24 year old is mainly a stand up fighter, and he’s finished 3 of his 4 fights, with 2 via TKO and 1 via Submission. In his most recent fight he got a good win over Jon Washington (4-1). He is due to fight his most experienced opponent yet in July when he fights George Sheppard (10-6).

James Boran – 6-0-0 - American – 26 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 10-4, Last Fought: Sep ’11
Boran is one of the tallest Welterweights on the list at 6’3”, and the 26 year old has made the perfect start to his MMA career. His MMA record seems even as he has 2 TKO, 2 Submission and 2 Decision wins. In his most recent fight he got a brutal knockout of the experienced Eric Henry (10-6).

Tyler Manawaroa – 5-0-0 - Australian – 18 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-0, Last Fought: Apr ’12
The second Australian on this list, Manawaroa is just 18 years old and has already won 5 pro MMA fights. Manawaroa is a well rounded fighter that has finished all 5 fights by a mix of TKO’s and Submissions. The Australian made his debut last year as a 17 year old, and he has not fought anyone with more than 2 fights yet, though this is to be expected off of such a young fighter.

Walter Gahadza – 7-0-0 - English – ?? Years Old - Opponent W/L: 1-9, Last Fought: Mar ’12
Gahadza has a perfect MMA record, and finished all 7 fights in the very first round. He is a well rounded fighter, and has finished 4 fights by Submission and 3 by TKO. Unfortunately his recorded is clouded by the fact he has fought a host of very poor opposition, and none of his 7 opponents have had more than 1 fight.

Toshihiro Shimizu – 5-0-1 - Japanese – 24 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 3-8, Last Fought: Apr ’12
Japanese fighter Shimizu has fought for a variety of Japanese promotions including Shooto and DEEP. After making his debut in 2008, the 24 year old has fought roughly once a year. He has not fought great fighters, though did take a step up in competition recently when he won a dominant decision over Hidehiko Hasegawa (19-15).

Michael Erdinc – 5-0-0 - German – 25 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 8-5, Last Fought: Jul ’11
Erdinc recently when to the judges’ scorecards for the first time in his career after finishing each of his first 4 fights. The 25 year old is predominantly a stand up fighter, as evidenced by 3 TKO wins in 5 fights. He hasn’t fought very experienced fighters, and his best win is over Twan Van Buuren (3-1).

Thiago Santos – 7-0-0 - Brazilian – ?? Years Old - Opponent W/L: 6-6, Last Fought: Mar ’12
The namesake of Bellator’s Brazilian heavyweight finalist, this Welterweight is a perfect 7-0 in his MMA career. He has been fighting regularly, with 6 fights since 2011. Santos fights for Brazilian organisation WOCS, and he’s finished 4 of his 7 fights, with 3 of which coming via TKO.

Albert Odzimkowski – 4-0-0 - Polish – 24 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 5-2, Last Fought: Mar ’12
Odzimkowski is the only Polish fighter on the list, and he has impressively finished every fight. The young Pole recently beat Piotr Wawrzyniak (3-1) to win the 4-man 1-night MJ Sport Welterweight tournament, and he won both fights via 1st round heel hook. The 24 year old is one of the best jiu-jitsu fighters in Poland.

Wendle Lewis – 5-0-0 - English – ?? Years Old - Opponent W/L: 0-1, Last Fought: Dec ’11
The 3rd and final Englishman on the Welterweight list, Lewis is a stand up fighter who has finished 3 of his 5 fights. The Englishman has fought the worst level of opposition out of anyone of the list – of his 5 wins, 4 were making their debuts and the other had a 0-1 record. Lewis has a solid boxing background, and trains out of team Titan – the same team that Brad Pickett and Jason Young train at. He is scheduled to fight Galore Bosando (2-1) at the end of the month.

David Zawada – 5-0-0 - German – 21 Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-2, Last Fought: Mar ’12
The young German is a top stand up fighter, and has some pro kickboxing experience back in his homeland. He has impressively finished all of his fights, and his longest fight went just 20 seconds into the 2nd round. His wins include a flying knee KO over Florian Ziebert (2-0). He is scheduled to fight Egny Borges (0-2) in June.

Cleiton Duarte – 6-0-0 - Brazilian – ?? Years Old - Opponent W/L: 4-6, Last Fought: Apr ’12
Duarte is a brutal Muay Thai fighter, and has finished all 6 fights within 2 rounds. He also has an impressive head kick knockout on his record. Duarte has been fighting on the regional Brazilian circuits his whole career, and his best win was a 2011 TKO of Sebastian Latorre (4-3).

Vladimir Sikic – 5-0-1 - German – ?? Years Old - Opponent W/L: 8-7, Last Fought: Apr ’12
German Sikic is primarily a jiu-jitsu fighter who has finished 4 of his 5 wins in his MMA career, with 2 coming by TKO and 2 by Submission. He fights for top German organisation Respect FC, and won his most recent fight just 2 weeks ago. Sikic was also unbeaten as an amateur, and has fought 4 times since 2011.



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