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dudeabides 07-12-2012 08:15 PM

Strikeforce: Roger Gracie vs Keith Jardine

dudeabides 07-14-2012 11:04 PM


Round 1 - Referee Shawn Gregory is third man in cage for this middleweight fight. Touch of glovers, and Gracie assumes a low stance. Jardine jabs in but meets air. Feints from both. Jardine almost gets a right hand, but it's blocked, and the follow-ups are, too. Nice jab from Jardine. His hands drop to his side, then he raises them. A chase of jabs gives Gracie the chance to tie him up against the cage, and Jardine is going down. Gracie is at side control, looking to pass. And so the chess match begins. Gracie goes knee on belly and fires down a punch before returning to half-guard. Gracie looking to mount. This is Gracie's world. Jardine is just living in it. Jardine is shrimping back, get to the cage. Jardine begins to stand and Gracie gives him a knee as he does. Gracie tries the same trip and puts Jardine on his hands and knees. He adjusts, and jardine slides back. As Jardine adjusts, Gracie fires off a few right hands against the cage. Jardine is almost giving up his back, but he puts his back to the mat, and Gracie steps into mount. Bad situation for "The Dean of Mean." Gracie scoots them toward center cage and fires off a few elbows, looking for an arm in the meantime. More elbows, and Jardine bucks. Gracie hints at an armbar but stops and settles for a stream of elbows to end the round. Jardine is bloody upon standing up. scores the round 10-9 for Gracie.

Round 2 - Jardine still bouncy as round guts underway. Fires off a jab as Gracie goes with a kick. Gracie with a long jab. Jardine is flat footed, jabs in and again gets caught by Gracie, who deposits him to the mat and puts him on his back. Gracie is all over him. Jardine is on his side and springs up, but gives up his back. Gracie looking for hooks as Jardine turtles. Here come the arms for Gracie, and Jardine grabs them to stave off the choke. They're snaking under, though, and Jardine is bleeding everywhere. Gracie is having a tough time getting position for the choke, but he's nonetheless dominating. He rolls them over, and it's hand-fighting time. Body triangle keeps Jardine from escaping. He sits up, and Gracie goes for the choke, but Jardine escapes and fires back a hammerfist. Gracie responds with a few short shots. Gracie adjusts body triangle, but he's being held up by Jardine's arms. Jardine turns to escape, and Gracie gets in position for an arm triangle. But he can't get it, and again settles for mount and elbows. Ten seconds to go, and Gracie fires off a few elbows to survive again. scores the frame 10-8 for Gracie.

Round 3 - Jardine is a mess, and referee wipes away some Vaseline before they start. Both bounce, clearly tired from the grapple-fest. Gracie with a front kick. Jardine jabs in. Jardine closes but gets nothing. Jardine with a nice body shot. Leg kick is absorbed by Gracie, but he can't take it down. Jardine changes levels and almost eats a knee to the head. Jardine jabs in. They clash, and Gracie fires off a knee. Jardine is clearly tentative, and from the last two rounds, for good reason. Gracie knees to the body in close, and they break off. Gracie with a jab. Jardine connects with an uppercut in close. He tries to follow up but Gracie clinches and presses to the cage. No shot, but a knee up the middle lands, and Jardine flurries with punches. They're blocked. Greg Jackson is screaming for Jardine to give it his all. Jardine flurries again with punches, but they're blocked. Gracie traps him again and fires off a knee, but again, no shot. Jardine motions to the crowd. Gracie smiles, but he's coasting here. He fires off a lazy front kick. Two rounds are in the bag, and he's not going to let it go. Jardine is swinging wild, but he can't connect, and Gracie evades when he presses. Nice low kick for Jardine. Gracie ties things up when Jardine charges and lands a knee. The round ends with Jardine chasing Gracie in vain with a swinging right hand. Lackluster performance for Gracie in the third, but with the knees, he was still more effective. scores the final frame 10-9 for Gracie, giving him the 30-26 win. Roger Gracie def. Keith Jardine via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 30-26)

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