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dudeabides 07-13-2012 08:44 PM

Strikeforce: Tyler Stinson vs Jordan Mein

dudeabides 07-14-2012 08:30 PM


Round 1 - Dave Hagen calls this welterweight bout. Stinson leads with a jab, then tries a a standing elbow. Mein pops him on the counter. The hook is working already for the Canadian. Nice leg chic and one-two for Mein. Stinson presses with strikes but can't get anything. They reset and it's Mein coming forward. Stinson lands a looping right, but Mein is still there. Nice jab hook counter from Mein. He's already ahead in the striking exchange. Leg kick for Mein. Stinson returns. Mein misses with a one-two. Stinson jabs and meets glove. Mein with a stiff cross. They're pretty darn close to each other. Stinson's right eye is already swelling. Leg kick for Mein. Stinson paws with strikes but nada. Nice jabs for Stinson. Nobody's thinking about a takedown. Mein is pressing, thinking about an uppercut. Stinson jabs him away. Nice counter cross from Mein, and he pursues with another winning combination. Stinson fires bcd and scores. Mein really loading up on that cross. Stinson lands with a left, presses toward cage, but Mein's combo forces him to reset. Stinson with an overhand left. Hand fighting, and Mein misses with straight left. Both are pawing with short shots, looking for an opening. Nice uppercut and left hand from Mein, but Stinson immediately fires back. scores the frame 10-9 for Mein.

Round 2 - Stinson with leg kick, and Mein returns with a one-two. Leg kick for Mein. Nice right hand for Mein in exchange. He follows with a leg kick. Stinson eats a big body shot and charges with punches. Mein counters and Stinson resets. Mein bouncy, and Stinson pawing jab. Stinson working a straight left, but missing. Left hand scores big for Mein. Stinson charges back. His face is showing the wear of Mein's striking. Mein again with a straight left. Stinson charges back with a right, which prompts another flurry from Mein. Stinson with overhand left. Both men pawing, Mein breaks it up with a straight left. A pair of body shot-crosses for Mein, who's cruising. Leg kick lands for Canadian. Nice jabs for Stinson, and Mein changes levels. Looking a lot like a casual sparring session at the moment. Neither man throwing more than two punches at a time. Finally, Stinson breaks the monotony up with a takedown, but Mein is up quick and punches out. Stinson lands with a left, and he's advancing, trying to build some momentum. They trade leg kicks. Mein leaps in with a kick, but it's blocked. He drops levels, but doesn't go for the takedown, and round ends with a whimper. scores the second frame 10-9 for Mein, improving his lead to 20-18.

Round 3 - Stinson needs a finish to win this. He misses with a straight left and resets. Mein with a front kick to the leg. Mein lands a straight right in the middle of an exchange. Nice right and counter to Stinson's shot. Stinson kicks the leg. Straight left for Stinson. Mein goes to the body. Another nice body shot cross combo. Stinson lands a couple of jabs, and Mein goes to the body. Stinson is availing himself well, but can't seem to hurt Mein. Nice jabs for Stinson. Mein with a nice one-two, and he corner Stinson to land a combo before resetting. Stinson with a left hand, and Mein fires back hard with the same. A right hook land for Mein, and he tags Stinson on the follow-up. Nice right hook for Mein over an overhand from Stinson. Stinson with a front kick. Mein's counter is blocked. Nice hand kick for Stinson, but it's got no effect on Mein, who resumes his pursuit. Overhand left lands for Mein. Stinson is in pursuit, and he's landing, but he's getting tagged regularly. With seconds left, Stinson lands a hard left hand and chases Mein with another combo, but time runs out. scores the round 10-9 for Mein, who takes the fight 30-27. Judges agree. Jordan Mein def. Tyler Stinson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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