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dudeabides 07-13-2012 08:52 PM

Strikeforce: Justin Wilcox vs Jorge Masvidal

dudeabides 07-14-2012 08:59 PM


Round 1 - Big ovation for referee "Big" John McCarthy on this lightweight fight. The men meet with jab in center cage. and Masvidal dodges a high kick. He presses with a jab and one-two as Wilcox goes with overhand right. A five-punch flurry for Wilcox. Nothing there. Masvidal working the jab. Wilcox is punching way up on his taller opponent, and he's having a hard time reaching Masvidal. Masvidal ducking out of the way and waiting. High kick is a good idea from Wilcox, but it's blocked. Nice right hand counter from Masvidal, and he ducks another high kick. Wilcox ducks under a punch and gets a takedown, but Masvidal pops up. Wilcox to Masvidal's back, and Masvidal is waiting is out on his knees against the cage. He's up. Wilcox peels off with a combo, and Masvidal scores with an uppercut. Jab restarts for Masvidal. He's playing the tall man's game. Wilcox is still having trouble getting in. A flying knee meets air. Nice right hand for Masvidal, and he sticks his knee out to score. Nice ross for masvidal, and Wilcox tries for a takedown. Masvidal lands a flying knee and it lands flush. Masvidal is literally chasing him around the cage and a kick to the face lands. Wilcox is on rubber legs and fighting for his life. Desperation takedown, no dice. Another flying knee for Masvidal, and overhand right and leg kick. All Masvidal. Body shot, and Masvidal is pacing himself. Wilcox with right cross. Left head kick for Masvidal, and Wilcox tries to catch next one. Round ends in staring contest. scores the frame 10-9 for Masvidal.

Round 2 - Wilcox jabs in and misses with high kick again. Masvidal evades a charge and clowns Wilcox. Wilcox shoots in and is stuffed. Front kick follows. Masvidal throws another flying knee and follows with a cross. Both are partially blocked. Wilcox charges and is stuffed. One-two partially lands. But Wilcox just can't get inside. Kicks do the job, but punches no. Masvidal with stinging leg kick. Wilcox tries to punch in, and meets a cross. high kick slaps Masvidal upside the head, and Wilcox goes for the shot. Again, no dice. Wilcox lands a few left hands, and Masvidal attempts to come over the top. He's playing matador to Wilcox's bull. Right cross stops Wilcox in tracks. Nice jab. Wilcox leaps in with knee, no dice. Masvidal with body kick to Wilcox's cross. Wilcox with another shot, nothing. Masvidal with overhand right. Jab doing its job for Masvidal. Wilcox is still in it, though. He tries to get in close for the uppercut, then gets a brief takedown, but Masvidal pops up and pursues. That's a bad idea, as Wilcox is able to retort with punches. Wilcox turning up the volume, scoring more. But his punches are slowing in speed. Round ends. scores the frame 10-9 for Masvidal for a 20-18 lead.

Round 3 - Wilcox punches in and lands a couple of overhand rights. Masvidal with a jab counter. Wilcox is outworking him. Masvidal falls on a fake takedown and takes a shot. He lands a left hook and blocks a high kick. Wilcox again with fake shot and punch. He's getting inside now because Masvidal is letting him. That fake shot is working for Wilcox. Nice leg kick for Masvidal. Nice stick and move for Masvidal and counter. Wilcox is still pressing. Masvidal's corner is yelling for him to be aggressive. High kick from Masvidal is blocked and Wilcox swarms with punches. Masvidal finally turns up the volume. Some nice sticking and moving and countering in the pocked for Masvidal. Wilcox with a slick fake into a takedown, and again, Masvidal is pinned against the cage with Wilcox at his back. Wilcox completes the takedown and Masvidal works his way back up from his knees. Wilcox can't hold it and knees the body before breaking. Masvidal with nice one-two counter. High kick blocked for Masvidal but jab lands. Wilcox swings wild. Wilcox grabs a single leg and Masvidal shrugs it off. Nice jab for Masvidal. He's sniping well, but Wilcox just keeps coming. Nice jab and one-two for Masvidal. Another leaping knee prompts a shot attempt from Wilcox , but nothing doing. Wilcox flurries again before shooting. He's all over Masvidal, punching away, but not getting much. One has to wonder, however, how his volume will be interpreted by judges. gives Wilcox the final round 10-9, but Masvidal should take it 29-28. Jorge Masvidal def. Justin Wilcox via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

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