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Synergy 07-18-2012 12:01 PM

What would be the best/most stealth way to punch someone in a club?
There is this dude which is your typical try hard type. He's only scrawny but I see him out in clubs quite often and knowing that the bouncers would break up a fight or his friends would step in he acts confident as soon as he gets liquored up- the more drunk the worse he gets and takes liberties.

I dont even know the dude he just said hed seen me out in the past and now comes up to me and irritates me when Im out by putting his hands on me.

I notice it isnt just me; he does it to many random guys in the club thinking he can get away with it which he has up to now.

Actually remembering that I actually got pissed off with him one time and so pushed him away angrily and he starts pushing me swearing all the while feeling safe that his friends would break it up. Ppl crowded around looking to see if a fight was gonna go down but other ppl intervened saying it isnt worth getting thrown out for. Thats the thing with these guys they want to see you got annoyed as ppl break up a fight so they can save face and look big. So if it came to it again I want to get a nice swing on him to let him know whats up before he even knows whats going on.

What he will do is act all friendly but do stuff which oversteps the boundary pretending like hes being friendly to try like its all innocent and put his hands on you like patting you on the head or just touching you and general overstepping the bounds.

Im going to try and call him out calmly on it next time but as a last resort I will punch him.

So what would be the best way to stealth it? I want to give him a good square punch so he learns his lesson- ideally without the bouncers seeing me. I dont want him to be saved by anyone to make him confident of another victory so he will do it again next time I see him; the important thing would be to get him a good clean shot to teach him a lesson.

The main issue with getting a good shot on him is the lack of room plus there being many innocent bystanders including lots of hot women. So gotta make sure I land at the target. I have done two years thai boxing for the record. I was thinking of a few diff options. Either headbutt, elbows or uppercut. As I've been thinking more Ive been settling on an uppercut as potentially being the cleanest attack of choice as it is sufficiently stealth whilst also being a good potential strong hit out of nowhere and probably most likely to hit the target. Im thinking when he touches me if he still doesnt stop when I ask him have my hand round his shoulder smiling then land him an explosive shot out of the blue. If one didnt take him down rinse and repeat though I imagine if I hit my mark he'd be down in one hit.

Id really prefer not let it come to that though cos I dont wanna risk getting banned from any club since there are scarce enough good nights in my city already and it would be annoying that this idiot would cause that but at the same time I wont stand for his bullshit and any time I see him at the moment hes wrecking my nights anyway with his insecure clown antics. As I say itll be a last resort and Im gonna try to diffuse him verbally 1st.

K R Y 07-18-2012 01:06 PM

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A scrawny try hard guy and you feel the need to sucker punch him? If you've done 2 years Thai boxing you should know how to punch someone.

Pointless thread.

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