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dudeabides 07-26-2012 07:14 PM

Invicta FC 2: Shayna Baszler vs Sara McMann

dudeabides 07-29-2012 12:09 AM


Round one: McMann opens with some nice short punches and a body kick but Baszler fires back with some kicks and hooks of her own. Both ladies trade leg kicks and McMann scores with a body kick. McMann dives in with a right hand and Baszler counters and lands a leg kick. They trade punches and Baszler scores with a body kick but McMann backs her off with a combination of punches. Big right hand from McMann cracks Baszler on the chin and Baszler clinches briefly to clear her head. McMann again lands a nice punch and she closes the distance hunting for a takedown against Baszler. Both ladies trade knees and McMann throws big body punches at the end of the round. 10-9 McMann

Round two: McMann steps forward and throws a big right hand that just misses and Baszler side-steps, landing a nice right hand and a kick. They trade leg kicks and Baszler throws a body kick which lands but McMann uses it to score a takedown. Baszler rolls from bottom and attacks McMann's heel and now she's on top. Baszler has a toe hold and McMann is landing right hands from bottom. Baszler drops for a knee bar but McMann deftly rolls free of danger. McMann is still on her back and Baszler is on top in her guard now. Baszler passes McMann's guard and McMann turtles and pops back to her feet with 45 seconds left. They trade big punches as time expires. 10-9 Baszler

Round three: McMann wings a big uppercut and Baszler counters. McMann steps in and lands a right hand and now both ladies trade a flurry of strikes with McMann getting the better of it. McMann lunges forward but eats a short left hook. McMann grabs a single leg and tosses Baszler to the ground but doesn't follow her. McMann steps in and lands a pair of right hands. She tries again and Baszler counters nicely with a left hand, then another. McMann shoots in and scores another takedown, taking Baszler's back and throwing big left hands. McMann fires off with huge left hands and Baszler's mouthpiece popped out. They clinch and McMann is on the inside firing off with knees to the thigh. The ref separates them and puts in the mouthpiece as both are reset in the cage center with 30 seconds left. Big right hand lands for McMann and then a right to the body. McMann throws a leg kick and both ladies trade punches until the final bell. Baszler rocks McMann and hurts her right at the bell. I don't think it was enough though. 10-9 McMann

Final result: Sara McMann defeats Shayna Baszler via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

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