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dudeabides 01-09-2013 11:34 PM

Strikeforce: Pat Healy vs Kurt Holobaugh

dudeabides 01-12-2013 08:59 PM


Round 1 - Kevin Nix looks in on the action in this one. Holobaugh tries to tie things up early. He pushes Healy onto the fence and lands a few punches inside. Healy gets out, and they trade. Then Healy shoots for a single and nearly gets it. Then he wraps Holobaugh up and lands the takedown and starts to work out of half-guard. He lands a few decent punches as Holobaugh tries to fend him ooff with his leg. As Healy moves around, Holobaugh grabs a foot and starts cranking. It looks good, but Healy stays calm and moves his way out of it, keeping the top position. Holobaugh breifly gets to his butt, but Healy pushes him to the cage. FInally, Holobaugh gets back to his feet and grabs a neck looking for a standing guillotine. But it's not there and Healy drops down to again lok for a takedown. He holds on, but Holobaught brilliantly turns the tables on his and slams him onto his side. He nearly takes Healy's back, then Healy reverses and nearly has Holbaugh's back. He finally gets it and sinks in a late choke from the standing position, but Holobaugh is able to survive. That late choke is enough to give Healy a 10-9 round on the card.

Round 2 - Holobaugh definitely is not afraid to get right in the pocket with Healy and start firing. But Healy gets a takedown after about 25 seconds. From his back, Holobaugh looks for a triangle choke, but it's not there and Healy eventually wriggles his way to full mount. Holobaugh goes into scramble mode but Healy takes his back. He may be a little high, though, as Holobaugh looks to shrug him off and try to stand up. And finally, he does – and now he's on top with Healy on his back. But Healy now looks for a leg lock. It's short lived, and the ground scramble continues till Holobaugh gets to his feet. The fight quickly goes back to the ground, though, and Healy works out of Holobaugh's guard eventually, looking to land elbows. Healy scrambles around to north-south position, then tries to wrap up Holobaugh's neck with a triangle from the top. Holobaugh appears to be all right, though he's having a hard time getting out of the position. Healy scrambles around and takes himself out of it, though, and will try to land a few punches from up top as the round winds down. Healy gets a 10-9 round on the unofficial scorecard.

Round 3 - Holobaugh gets busy early in the striking game, pushing the pace. He just misses with a left over the top, then lands a knee in the clinch. He lands a big left, and he appears to be the one with more stamina here in the third. Healy is forced to go for a takedown, but without much on it, Holobaugh nearly takes his back. He slips off, though, and it's Healy on top with Holobaugh on his back. Healy works elbows as Holobaugh tries to get outta dodge. They scramble and are in some precarious positions along the fence, and Holobaugh riefly thinks omoplata. As the 2-minute mark hits, its' Healy remaining on top and he'll look for an arm triangle with a lot of time to finish it. But Holobaugh gets out as the crowd cheers. Healy keeps him locked up as Holobaugh tries to get back to his feet, and that will keep Holobaugh from any real offense down the stretch. gives the last to Healy 10-9 and the fight to him 30-27. Pat Healy def. Kurt Holobaugh via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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