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Curly 04-25-2013 02:27 PM

Is Chael Sonnen a "Mental Midget"?
First Anderson Silva was calling Chael a mental midget, now were hearing it from Jon Jones. What?! Chael comes across to me as one of the most intelligent fighters in the UFC. Have these guys seen him go off unscripted on his verbal attacks? Who else in the UFC is articulate enough to do that? Have they seen the stuff he comes up with? This guy is HILARIAOUS!
Hes lost some big fights but hes still been able to keep himself in the spotlight because of his ability to promote a fight. He gets it, he knows how to make people emotional, and he knows that emotions sale fights. There have been better fighters who have not made near the money he has-- because they done know how to promote themselves and make themselves valuable to the UFC.

I would submit that Chael Sonnon is a mental giant, maybe the smartest on the roster.

GDPofDRB 04-25-2013 02:35 PM

He was smart enough to see that he was so unremarkable in and out of the cage that he had to work to create a character so people would notice him, I'll give him that. But going the route of all business marketing isn't conducive to being a mental giant to me, just that he cares enough about cash and focused his attention on methods to get it where opporitunty exists, more opportunity then most due to media being readily available for utilization. Look how well the Kardashians promote themselves and te money they rake in from it. It's just a focus of efforts to achieve an end. He did it well but it doesn't do anything to make me think he is smart or dumb ultimately. Actually I find his act very contrived so maybe it does.

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