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NikosCC 06-11-2007 06:54 AM

"Legends" Who takes it..
Just a thought on who people Think would win the Championship in the "Legends" Division is UFC created one..Fighters Fighting at 40 or older if i missed someone you would like to see just Post the name.

1-Do the poll
2-Post comments

Punishment 101 06-11-2007 09:28 AM

Couture, hes still in the best fighting shape out of the 3/hes the most active, + his greco is soo dominant none of them would beable to stop the takedown.

Damone 06-11-2007 11:21 AM

I went with Couture, too.

He's still in great shape, and has proven to hang with younger fighters, sometimes dominating them. He seems to get better with age, which is sort of scary once you think about it.

Bas is just way too broken down physically to hang. You won't find a bigger Bas fan (Besides plazzman) on this board.

asskicker 06-11-2007 11:36 AM

Couture easily. The others can barely still fight much less be champions.

LV 2 H8 U 06-11-2007 12:15 PM

Although Royce is still fighting and actually developing a better standup game, I still have to go with Randy. Couture is a monster with smarts!

jdun11 06-11-2007 06:21 PM

Couture by First round TKO against any of the 3...Man would he give Royce a beating :praise02:

Damone 06-11-2007 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by jdun11
Couture by First round TKO against any of the 3.

Even Bas? :(

ID06 06-11-2007 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by Damone
Even Bas? :(

Second round for Bas :thumb03:

Damone 06-11-2007 08:51 PM

I was thinkin' split decision ;)

mike123 06-11-2007 08:56 PM

Bas is by far my favorite, but randy would own them all. Should Mark Coleman be on the poll?

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