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IronMan 09-05-2006 10:47 PM

Mark Hunt v Wesley Corrierra
Todays fight is the battle of the chins. The score is UFC: 2, PRIDE: 4.

Representing PRIDE:
Mark Hunt (5-2-0)
Vitals: 5'10" 250lbs (113kg)
Style: Kickboxing (sorta)
Streak: 1 loss (Won 4 of his last 5 fights)
Fact: Hunt has fought PRIDE greats like Lightheavyweight Champion Wanderlei Silva and Mirko "Cro-cop" Filipovic, but has never been knocked out.

Representing the UFC:
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (18-11-0)
Vitals: 6'3" 260lbs (118kg)
Style: Hawaiian Kempo (kinda)
Streak: 1 win (has won 2 of his last 5 fights)
Fact: Cabbage has stood in the ring with power strikers like Tim Sylvia, Tank Abbott and Andrei Arlovski. He has, however, lost to all of them.

Punishment 101 09-05-2006 10:54 PM

Mark Hunt with ease

Kameleon 09-05-2006 10:59 PM

This is too easy, Mark Hunt.

evilhomer 09-05-2006 11:08 PM

Hunt via Murder

Evil 09-06-2006 02:25 AM

Mark Hunt should win that fight

IronMan 09-06-2006 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by MMA freak
Cabbage shouldn't count as UFC, he now fights in ROTR and Strikeforce, the last UFC event he was in was 47.

And as far as this goes Mark Hunt would definitely win. At least he strikes. Cabbage just relies on his chin to keep him up and strike back. It would be a stand up fight (Hunt specialty) and Hunt would destroy Cabbage. Either a second round TKO or unanimous decision either way Wesley will be demolished.

Though it's true that Cabbage only has four UFC fights, I can't name a fighter at the heavyweight level with a better chin, at least in the UFC. Plus, all of his UFC fights have been against UFC icons, except Sean Alvarez. He lasted a pretty long time with two UFC heavyweight champions, even though he was pretty mucha punching bag.

jdun11 09-06-2006 01:33 PM

Hunt Would Beat Cabbage Into A Bloody Pulp..whos The Idiots That Picked Cabbage..hunt Is One Of The Best Strikers In The World, Cabbage Is A Punching Bag

Python 09-06-2006 01:43 PM

Hunt by tko. All cabbage can do is sit there and take a punch. all hunt has to do is get 1 good shot in enough to stun and then bring down the rain. referee would stop.

moldy 09-06-2006 02:36 PM

cabbage makes his living by taking a beating. And that's what he would do. He has a good chin but gets knocked out every once and a while. Tank who has horrible boxing skills knocked him out. Tank is all power. Hunt is power and skill plus he has great kicks. Cabbage is toast.

IronMan 09-06-2006 03:21 PM

Actually, if this fight goes to the ground (yeah right) I give it to Cabbage via submission. He trains with BJ Penn, which I thought was surprising, but he never seems too get submitted.

Yeah, I give Hunt the better chin and the better striking skills.

Hunt via TKO.

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