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IronMan 09-10-2006 04:20 PM

Mirko "Cro-cop" Filipovic v Tim Sylvia
The score is PRIDE: 5, UFC:2. This next fight is in the heavyweight division. The winner of PRIDE's open weight tourney takes on the UFC heavyweight champion.

Mirko "Cro-cop" Filipovic (21-4-2)
Vitals: 6'2" 213lbs (97kg)
Style: Kickboxing
Streak: won 4 (has won 8 of his last 10 fights)
Fact: Crocop has only been KO'd once in his entire carreer, by Kevin "The Monster" Randleman.

Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia
Vitals: 6'8" 260lbs (118kg)
Style: Boxing
Streak: won 5 (has won 8 of his last 10 fights)
Fact: Tim Sylvia has never been KO'd in his carreer.

IronMan 09-10-2006 04:22 PM

This is an easy one for me. Cro-cop by KO.

Kameleon 09-10-2006 04:22 PM

Mirko to KO Sylvia.

jdun11 09-10-2006 04:33 PM

cro cop chops sylvia down with leg kicks and eventually finishes him off woth a strait left in the 2nd round..1st round if they were in pride

TheJame 09-10-2006 05:17 PM

Yeah, agreed. His leg kicks will be brutal and will probably take Sylvia out of his game and leave him vulnerable for a head kick. I don't think Crop Cop will have any problem lifting his leg that high for the kick either.

IronMan 09-10-2006 05:32 PM

Yeah, I don't think Crocop will have too much trouble reaching Sylvia's head after he lands a couple of leg kicks. He's landed shots on Aleksander Emelianenko (6'6") and Sylvia leans into his punches.

Fighter 09-10-2006 05:34 PM

Mirko "Cro-cop" Filipovic Would Win By KO In The 1st Round By His Left High Kick.

Unforgiven 09-10-2006 11:13 PM

Not even close one bit. Tim Sylvia first off probably would leave his head open to be chopped off by Mirko. And second off Mirko would outstrike him. Mirko would win in a minute probably, bad match up for Tim Sylvia.

Alfromsleep 09-11-2006 04:26 AM

Leg kicks would be the key here. Silvias twigs would get snapped before - BOOM, big roundhouse to the dome and GOODNIGHT!

Upnsmoke3 09-11-2006 05:57 AM

CC by KO.

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