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T.B. 11-20-2007 11:53 AM

MMA Forum Survival Grand Prix: Round One - The Ultimate Fighter 6 LIVE Finale

Well then,

Welcome bitchez and gentlemen. This is the first round, of the newly re-christened MMA Forum Survival Grand Prix: SEASON ONE. Yes, we are back in full effect. Look below if you're new to the you can figure out the dealio:


a.) First event, I will assign one fight for you guys to pick the winner of. Everyone who picks correctly, moves on. You pick incorrectly, you're done-zo. That's how it goes for each round.

b.) From every event on though, the numbers of fights to pick will increase, as the users remaining will dwindle.

c.) Now, there was a little bit of confusion with the last event under murray's I wanna clarify it now, so we won't have any questions about it later. When we get down to a much smaller amount of remaining users, of the fights I assign...say 3 or 4, maybe the whole main card - you will have to pick EVERY fight winner correctly (ex: if were down to say 6 people, and I assign 4 fights to pick - and 3 people get them all, we'll move into the next round with those 3). Now, once we're down VERY low, and I assign the fights, the picks come in, and NO ONE gets them all, then nobody is victorious, and we'll move to the next event - with those same users able to keep competing.

d.) Any other questions you may have, just PM me. I'll do my best to get back 'atcha.


(Cause I know you guys are curious!)

1. $3,000,000,000 vBookie Points - No explanation really needed. Points to bet with.

2. Custom UFC Entrance Music CD - A CD with a bunch of custom UFC entrance tracks (including: Arlovski, Sakara, Vera, Rampage, Guillard, Stevenson, Huerta, Gonzaga, Taylor, Shogun, Nogueira, Pulver, Serra, Gono, GSP & Cro Cop)

3. Custom Made UFC DVD - Any UFC event from UFC 45-now with NOTHING edited. The EXACT PPV simulcast straight to DVD! Not like the UFC marketed DVD's with everything missing! Pre-fight hype, entrances, post-fight interviews, EVERYTHING is there!

4. Large Affliction T-Shirt - Large is only size available, sorry! That's the only size that came in my overstock box! Style of shirt will be chosen by me...if you pick this, it will more than likely be one of the following: Xtreme Couture, Liddell, or Rampage version.

5. Free Paid Lifetime Membership To MMA Forum - If by chance our GP winner is un-subscribed...they could also pick this prize. Ask any paid member to the site, it's worth it!


Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here we go with our first event clones. This is a very interesting pick, and I think it will down-size our numbers considerably!

You sure you got the right guy?

Yeah...we'll f-ckin' see!

HERE WE GO! In the words of "Big" John McCarthy: "LET'S GET IT ON!"



The Ultimate Fighter - Team Hughes vs. Team Serra: LIVE Finale
Date: 12/8/2007
Event Type: Ultimate Fighter Live Finale
Location: Palms Concert Theater (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Fight You Guys Are Picking:

Roger "El Matador" Huerta vs. Clay "The Carpenter" Guida


1. wafb - Clay Guida

2. Sterling - Clay Guida

3. Uchaaa - Eliminated

4. Rated - Clay Guida

5. The Legend - Clay Guida

6. davidm724 - Eliminated

7. massage__dancer - Clay Guida

8. kds13 - Clay Guida

9. Chrisl972 - Roger Huerta

10. brownpimp88 - Roger Huerta

11. mattandbenny - Roger Huerta

12. Aaronyman - Clay Guida

13. Ebc_Kyle - Roger Huerta

14. Stratisfear - Eliminated

15. Damone - Clay Guida

16. raymardo - Eliminated

17. bbjd7 - Clay Guida

18. MetalMunkey - Clay Guida

19. Liddellianenko - Roger Huerta

20. davelewis2k6 - Eliminated

21. jdun11 - Clay Guida

22. Halebop - Clay Guida

23. yorT - Roger Huerta

24. UFCFAN33 - Roger Huerta

25. BWoods - Eliminated

26. benn - Clay Guida

27. cdnbaron - Clay Guida

28. CopperShark - Roger Huerta

29. KenFl07 - Clay Guida

30. 6sidedlie - Clay Guida

31. Shamrock-Ortiz - Eliminated

32. screenamesuck - Clay Guida

33. GMW - Clay Guida

34. Flak - Eliminated

35. Arlovski_Fan - Clay Guida

36. **BIG JON** - Clay Guida

37. wukkadb - Clay Guida

38. Haplo 913 - Eliminated

39. Biowza - Clay Guida

40. Iron Daisy06 - Eliminated

41. hitmachine44 - Eliminated

42. Ramzee - Clay Guida

43. toddums - Clay Guida

44. Wawaweewa - Roger Huerta

45. royalking87 - Roger Huerta

46. funkymunky - Eliminated

47. e-thug - Clay Guida

48. Rambler14 - Roger Huerta

49. robb2140 - Roger Huerta

50. Braveheart - Eliminated

51. DanTheJu - Eliminated

52. DaddyThunda - Clay Guida

53. IcemanCometh - Roger Huerta

54. TheGreg - Clay Guida

55. Cochise - Roger Huerta

56. MMAmatt - Roger Huerta

57. Split - Roger Huerta

58. Captain_Austral - Roger Huerta

59. anton - Roger Huerta

60. WarHERO - Clay Guida


Your picks are due Saturday, December 8th, at 5:00 pm CT. If you fail to get your pick in, you'll automatically be eliminated. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

bbjd7 11-20-2007 03:18 PM

I got Clay Guida by UD but I got a bad feeling on this. We shall see.

Damone 11-20-2007 03:23 PM

Yeah, I'm going with Guida, too.

Suvaco 11-20-2007 03:34 PM

I'll take Guida.

GMW 11-20-2007 03:38 PM

Hm, I'll take Guida too but I don't feel very confident in that pick.

bbjd7 11-20-2007 03:41 PM

Man to be honest I hope everyone picks Guida because I feel like with Guida's track record of losing SD and Huerta being the golden boy this might end up being a questionable split for Huerta but I'll back the caveman.

Damone 11-20-2007 03:51 PM

That's kinda what I'm afraid of. I feel that Guida needs to finish Huerta, because if it does go to a decision, then Huerta's winning. Huerta's too popular, and the judges hate Guida for some odd reason.

Arlovski_Fan 11-20-2007 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by Damone
That's kinda what I'm afraid of. I feel that Guida needs to finish Huerta, because if it does go to a decision, then Huerta's winning. Huerta's too popular, and the judges hate Guida for some odd reason.

Yeah that seems to be the case :(
I'm goin with Guida, I like him too much and while Huerta is good, I think Guida is better :thumb02:

screenamesuck 11-20-2007 04:51 PM

Dang you Trey, I knew this would be the first fight and I'm so afraid to pick a winner cause it can go either way. I think that Guida will just be to much for Huerta to handle as the rounds go on. I'll go with Guida

royalking87 11-20-2007 05:57 PM

man this is hard to pick damn damn uhhhh im goin with guida but i may change it

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