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FromHereOn 10-09-2006 04:12 AM

Favorite Pride event
I've seen (for the most part) the pride events of the last two years (and a few from 04) minus total elim. 05. I really think final countdown absolute (2006) was the greatest thing I've seen Pride put out, and the fights just keep getting more outrageous.

CroCop vs. Silva was a massacre. I haven't gotten to see the more recent bushido's except for round 2, but the fighters are all improved from when I had first seen them in earlier releases. Even Josh Barnett isn't a chunker anymore. The only two out of shape fighters are Butterbean and Zhuzinko in my opinion.

I know that I won't enjoy real deal as much as Final Countdown 06, but my second choice would be Critical Countdown 05. What's your favorite?

Grabaka 10-09-2006 05:23 AM

It's Final Conflict, not Final Countdown. My favorite event was Bushido 9. It had the 1st 2 rounds of the LW and WW tourney, with some great action packed matches. It was a 4 hour event with only 1 really boring match which was Minowa/Baroni II.

Some of my other favorites are the PRIDE Grand Prix 2000, PRIDE 10,
PRIDE 25, Final Conflict 2003, Total Elimination and Critical Countdown 2004, and Shockwave 2004.

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