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betii 04-28-2008 02:28 PM

Tara LaRosa wants Baszler fight
Tara LaRosa: "I'm going to beat the sh#t out of her"

Tara LaRosa talks about her next fight, Shayna Baszler, Gina Carano, Kaitlin Young and bunch of other stuff. Pretty good interview.

On when she'll be fighting again...

"Iím hoping for June. If not June, then July and if not July, then August (laughing). Iím in talks right now with 3 major promotions. 3 of them want to work with me. Of course one of them is EliteXC. Iíve been talking to them for the past year, but we havenít been able to come to an agreement on anything. Theyíre the ones I was talking about earlier when I say they make me an offer, I make a counter and I never hear from them again. Iím like, 'Yeah, rock on!'"

On a rematch with Shayna Baszler...

"Thatís my girl. Yep, thatís my girl. Shayna is probably one of my best friends; we bullshit back and fourth all of the damn time. That fight is going to be SICK! Honestly, we are so well matched up and evenly matched, itís a 50/50 crap shoot. I think she may have better kicks and I may have better hands. She may have a better Muay Thai traditional clinch and I probably have a better wrestling clinch and tie up. On the ground, itís as even as it gets. She comes from a Machado background and I come from a Gracie background. Itís going to be a sick-sick fight."

On her friendship with Baszler getting in the way of a heated match...

"Oh, hell no! Iím going to beat the shit out of her and I hope she does the same to me. Thatís what is going to make it so wild. I have a lot of respect for her, her camp, the people she trains with, the way she trains and the time and effort she puts into the sport. I wouldnít...I think it will be disrespectful to her to bring anything less than 110% into the ring. We both love the sport and we both love to compete so thatís what makes us such great friends."

On Kim Couture fighting...

"Iím not really sure because at first, I kind of frowned at it because it looked like a big publicity stunt with her ďSmokerĒ being on HDNet and everything. I was like, ďCome on!Ē But she got her an amateur fight and she did it and trained for it so thatís cool. Do I want to see her go pro instantly on a big card? No, but Iím really glad sheís doing amateur events and building her way up to pro so I can respect that. I respect that a lot. It takes a lot of work to get good at this. Itís not actually something like a fly by night thing. You canít think because youíre a tough street fighter or you do a lot of cardio that you could be really good. It takes more than that and I think she recognizes that so I have a lot of respect for that. I didnít know she even knew who I was so thatís pretty cool."

On Kaitlin Young's chances against Gina Carano...

"I think her chances are pretty good. I really do. I think that the 3 minute rounds are going to work against her [Gina]. They are more in her favor because I think the longer the fight goes, the more probable that Gina is going to gas out honestly just because of the giant weight cut and I suspect her cardio is not awesome. If it goes to a decision, I think Gina is going to win because of hometown advantage; meaning home promotion advantage. I would look for Kaitlin to push the pace of the fight and for Gina to gas out and for Kaitlin to pick her apart. Thatís what I think. I could be completely wrong and Gina could pull a submission out of her ass; who knows, itís MMA. Thatís what makes the sport so awesome."

On Carano taking the sport seriously...

"I mean, I understand why EliteXC pushes Gina the way they do. Sheís a really pretty girl and sheísÖsex sells and thatís what it comes down to and thatís what they want to push, but what bothers me about Gina is she doesnít take the time to catch up on her skills to become extremely legit as the face of womenís MMA. I really do think they should push people like Shayna Baszler and Kaitlin Young and the people that are actually 100% serious about the sport. Gina just doesnít seem to take it as a career like I think she should and there are other women out there that do."

Here's the full interview:

stitch1z 04-28-2008 04:25 PM

I would love to see LaRosa vs. Carano!

I would love to see her fight Baszler again as well.

Come on, EXC, get with the program!

cplmac 04-28-2008 07:08 PM

This is going to be a great fight if it happens. I'm really happy to see the womens division starting to take shape, and this is coming form someone who has traditionally been very much against women in combat sports. They are definitely taking the bull by the horns and converting people like me. Can't wait!

swpthleg 04-28-2008 11:09 PM

Is Elite XC only on showtime? I don't get showtime. I would like to put a face to the name who was so appealing in that interview. i'd love to see all these girls fight.

stitch1z 04-29-2008 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by swpthleg (Post 533258)
Is Elite XC only on showtime? I don't get showtime. I would like to put a face to the name who was so appealing in that interview. i'd love to see all these girls fight.

EliteXC is gonna be on CBS May 31st.

Zender 04-29-2008 09:35 AM

I admit I wasn't too into Womens MMA either but it's winning me over too! I just watched Baszler v Tama Chan the other night & Baszler definitely has some skills. If what this LaRosa is saying has some substance then it sounds like a good fight.

stitch1z 04-29-2008 09:38 AM

I think Larosa is undefeated. I've seen a few of her fights and she is pretty awesome.

I'd love to see Baszler vs. Carano as well... I'd pick Baszler (sorry, Gina!). :thumb02:

betii 04-29-2008 11:02 AM

I think LaRosa has one loss early in her career...still though, any one of those fights would be great. People can say what they want about women's MMA, but these girls comes to fight and they definitely have some top-notch skills. That Baszler-Tama Chan fight was pretty damn good and Shayna showed off some serious skills.

I'm interested in seeing Carano's fight with Young...she might lose that one.

stitch1z 04-29-2008 11:11 AM

I love women's MMA! I can't see why anyone would be against it. I have yet to see a boring women's MMA bout. Doesn't mean it can't or hasn't happened, but I haven't seen it.

Zender 04-29-2008 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by stitch1z (Post 533538)
I love women's MMA! I can't see why anyone would be against it. I have yet to see a boring women's MMA bout. Doesn't mean it can't or hasn't happened, but I haven't seen it.

Call me old fashioned. :dunno: I used to watch womens boxing & very few seemed to have the same co-ordination guys have. The majority of the time it ended up heads down, swinging haymakers with no accuracy whatsoever. I suppose I just expected the same in MMA, although admittedly, what I've seen recently has been a different story.

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