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Houston Chronicle article: MMA fans out for blood this evening.

The network that once featured Barnaby Jones and Bob Newhart now brings you Kimbo Slice.

Define progress, please.

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA for short, will go mainstream tonight as CBS airs the first episode of the new prime-time series EliteXC Saturday Night Fights.

First, let's look on the bright side. Perhaps this is a sign that "creative" network execs finally have run out of stupid reality show ideas. At least they stopped short of Life in a Coma: Cameras follow the day-to-day activities of a comatose patient.

Also, it is somewhat entertaining to be told that MMA purists are ripping Slice for not being a classic MMA fighter.

A fight's a fight
Where do we start with that? To begin with, there are MMA "purists?" That's too easy.

An MMA debate about whether fans who are new to the sport will note Slice's lack of technical skills is about as silly as a football insider's debate over whether casual observers will notice if the deep snapper rotates the ball clockwise or counterclockwise.

As if that many hardcore MMA fans care about technical skills.

Most of the young men who watch the sport — beer-drinking, frat boy types make up the overwhelming majority of MMA fans — watch it for carnage, not skill.

Slice, who has just two real MMA bouts under his belt, built an underground reputation for delivering death-free brutality. A bare-knuckle street fighter from Miami, Slice's homemade online videos are all the rage on YouTube.

If you have a teenager, check your home computer and you'll likely find Kimbo Slice in the search history. No, it's not a soft drink or a dessert dish.

Nothing but a brawl
Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard described his backyard fights as human cockfighting in an article for ESPN The Magazine.

The videos are of straight-up brawls, with Slice pummeling foe after idiot foe in the kind of fights most of us turn away from watching even when they are staged in a movie.

CBS won't admit it, but a controlled bloodbath has to be its desire tonight. The network that brought us M*A*S*H probably won't mind if emergency medical units are brought into the ring, er, cage.

Otherwise, why get involved in MMA?

Not that the network wants to see someone seriously injured, but it is looking to tap into an innate desire to witness violence that some (and I use that term rather loosely) of us have.

One reason boxing has lost some of its appeal is that far too often big fights do not have enough violence. In steps MMA, with a steady dose of violence for young male consumption. It's extreme boxing.

The problem is, despite all the claims of how safe MMA is, it looks nasty. And what looks nasty usually is.

On Friday, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) concluded its investigation into the death of Sammy Vasquez.

Vasquez is believed to be the first person to lose his life in a sanctioned MMA event, having gone into a coma after a third-round knockout in a fight against Vince Libardi last Oct. 20 at Toyota Center. He died six weeks later.

The state's regulating body for the sport released a report that said: "After a comprehensive review, the Department found that the contest between Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Libardi was conducted in accordance with all laws and rules pertaining to combative sports."

The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office's autopsy on Vasquez concluded the official cause of death was, "Complications of blunt trauma of head with subdural hemorrhage."

The manner of death? "An accident."

Men brawl in what is close to a no-holds-barred fight inside a cage, and when one dies, it is deemed an accident?

Just how accurate is that?

Remember how Mike Tyson used to describe the desire to hit someone so hard that bones from the person's nose would be shoved into his brain?

Well, Slice said he envisions the wonderful day he rips some guy's arm off and beats the limbless man with it.

And MMA "purists" say the sport's best could do that to Slice.

Yes, CBS is out for blood tonight.

And if by chance we don't get much blood — experts say Slice's fight won't last two minutes because he's not fighting a tomato can, he's actually fighting the tomato — the network has made sure that we'll get some flesh.

Gina Carano is on the card. If you have a teenage boy, check your home computer and you'll likely find Carano in the search history. Yes, she's a dessert dish.

No, I'm not a fan of MMA, but I'll be watching tonight, too.

CBS is reaching out to a new audience, and maybe it's time for me to become a bit more hip.

After all, Barnaby Jones isn't coming back, and Michael Jackson attended an MMA event last week.

He's still cool, right?
So I saw an MMA article in the houston chronicle today and was like, SWEET, mma is getting some publicity in Houston. Then I read the article and was fairly disgusted. I'm so sick and tired and non-MMA fans covering MMA. In my opinion, things like this are what is keeping MMA from really busting out and becoming the big sport it needs to become.

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Wanderlei SIlva
Rich Franklin
Josh Koscheck
Joachim Hansen
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Cheesy Poofs
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Ugh. Frikkin' ridiculous.

Don Frye's Mustache > Kimbo's Beard
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Funky Groundwork
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That has to be one of the worst articles on MMA ever, and there have been a hell of a lot of insulting shitty articles on MMA.

MMA fans are idiot drunks
They only want blood
MMA purists hate Kimbo slice - But actually purists don't exist
A trained female athlete is nothing more than a sex object!

Ignorant, Sexist and generally frickin awful.

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So wait, he spends the entire article ripping on MMA and CBS for putting it on TV and then he says he is definatly going to watch it? What a douche.
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I hate how MMA is becoming popular and mainstream.
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I know. I was so excited to actually see an MMA article in my local newspaper. I was so psyched and read it...then I almost threw up.

And I don't mind MMA becoming popular and mainstream, I actually wish and hope MMA becomes even more popular and mainstream. I just want the casual fans who don't know much about any of the main martial arts to be informed on the sport intelligently.

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Wanderlei SIlva
Rich Franklin
Josh Koscheck
Joachim Hansen
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The more anything becomes mainstream the less integrity it has.
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Funky Groundwork
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Originally Posted by Zuke View Post
The more anything becomes mainstream the less integrity it has.
That is only true if it makes a concious decison to change to become more mainstream. For example if there were rules introduced to stop a fight at the first sign of blood to appease the people who think MMA is barbaric. This is not likely to happen.

MMA is basically people punching each other in the face for the entertainment of others. Just because more people like it doesn't mean it has sold out and lost integrity.

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I don’t even pay articles like this attention anymore, MMA will continue to grow, there will be more and more people attending BJJ and MT schools, more sponsors will commit to lucrative deals and the sport will continue to evolve.

Articles like this were written to appease constipated old men or the beer bellied Sports Illustrated “couch” athlete crowd.
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The article sucks, that much is obvious. Likewise the fact that the writer is just taking the piss and evidently doesn't know how much traing and skill is involved. To watch the likes of BJ, Liddell, Rampage, Couture, Fedor etc is amazing. Fair enough, the Kimbo fight was a fooken shambles, but anyone who expeted otherwise was kidding themselves.

I remember watching UFC 1 back in '93 and as much as I wanted, I never figured it would go mainstream. But it has. The more money is invloved the more politics and Excel spreadheets will follow with the inevitable bean-counters, lawyers and other various vermin on the Western World - including fight fixing. Don King did boxing great many favours in the earlier days - 1970's - but in the end he pretty much destroyed the sport in the name of the almighty dollar. Sure, everyone needs to make a buck, but there seem to be no limit to the greed often displayed. I fear MMA will follow suit. And back in '93 that thought would have been... well, totally unrealistic.
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