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MMA_76 08-06-2008 01:18 AM

touching gloves before a fight
alright i am wondering about touching gloves during a fight. Now i realize that touching gloves with a guy that u r about to fight signifies respect but i see that mma fighters are doing this in the first round of the fight, and in some fights they do it at the begining of each round which i think is ubnoxious. i mean some attacks need to be a surprise, some of the best knockouts in mma have been in the first 15 seconds of the fight or a round, or a surprise takedown in the begginning of a round could show that he had more dominance in the cage or ring.
just in my mind i have 15 minutes to prove to 3 judges that i am a superior fighter than you are and if u want to touch gloves that could take a vital attack out of my arsenal. but then im not going to go in to touch gloves and throw a kick to ur liver or cheap shot u, thats just against my ethics for me.
i think that if i touch gloves with u before the fight i dont have to waste time to touch gloves with you during the fitght and after i can show respect.
i just want to see what other fighters think about this and have in mind i have never had an organized fight so i might be missing something but just want to know others suggestions

wozza 08-06-2008 02:43 AM

For me, touching gloves at the start of a round is more of a way of saying "ok, good round, repect etc, now lets go at this 100%"

MalkyBoy 08-06-2008 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by wozza (Post 630267)
For me, touching gloves at the start of a round is more of a way of saying "ok, good round, repect etc, now lets go at this 100%"

YEah fighers dont do that too much unless it has been one hell of a round or they have enormous respect for each other. When the touch gloves they instantly jump back then carry on fighting it takes up maybe 5 seconds max, its not that big of a deal.

It happens a lot on the TUF finales because the undercard is made up of fighters who became friends on the show.

Tripod87 08-06-2008 03:16 PM

It might also be instinct. I know every time I spar with someone, I touch gloves with them before I begin, be it mma, kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, etc. Always. Between rounds, between breaks, pauses, new sparring partners, everything. And from what I've noticed, most people do the same when they spar. So a lot of the touching gloves might just be instinct after all those months of training and touching gloves before every sparring session.

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