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Bonnar426 08-19-2008 06:36 PM

Brett "The Grim" Rogers Interview

The MMA News Interview: BrettĒThe GrimĒ Rogers
Posted By: Chart Topper
Those people who follow MMA know who EliteXC rising star BrettĒThe GrimĒ Rogers is, but more mainstream viewers regard him as the man that got into Kimbo Sliceís face and called his performance ďgarbage.Ē With all the media attention, one can overlook the 8-0 record Rogers has amassed with 4 KOís, 3 TKOís and a submission due to strikes. The heavy-handed hitter recently had time to do an interview with The MMA News, here it is:

The MMA News: Howís your training going, and are you going to have a fight coming up or not?

Brett Rogers: As of right now, still up in the air. I want October, but they want to go another direction. Iím not sure.

The MMA News: Is your contract exclusive to EliteXC?

Brett Rogers: Right now itís exclusive for one more fight, then everything will be open. Iím hoping for an extension.

The MMA News: How have you found the change of leadership at EliteXC with Gary Shaw and Doug Deluca?

Brett Rogers: Gary was good with Gary. Now that Jeremyís taken over itís still good.

The MMA News: Are you able to financially do MMA all the time, or do you have to supplement your income?

Brett Rogers: Eat, drink and live MMA. It can always be better financially, but as an up and comer I canít complain.

The MMA News: Have you been talked to death about the potential October fight with Kimbo Slice?

Brett Rogers: Absolutely, without a doubt.

The MMA News: Do you find the media carries a negative slant. In the case of Kimbo Slice did you find the media ďsensationalizedĒ the situation or did they call it ďstraightĒ.

Brett Rogers: Iím half and half. He had every right to say whatever, but at the same time the media pushed it a bit. I learned that if you donít have that ďfameĒ you kind of have to be silent, but Iím going to break that code.

The MMA News: If you donít fight Slice, will you be looking at Antonio Silva?

Brett Rogers: I donít think that will be my next fight, but Iím looking at one or two more fights and then Iíll go for the title. I want the belt, but if anybody deserves the belt right now itís him.

The MMA New: Regardless of weight, which fighter are you most impressed with?

Brett Rogers: GSP is my inspiration. If I can fight like him for as long as him, Iím doing fine. My goal is to be top 5, not top 10.

The MMA News: Howís the ground game?

Brett Rogers: Iíve been working on it quite a bit. I was planning on giving ďMr. I donít tap outĒ a suprise. He was going to tap that night for sure.

The MMA News: Let us know about your sponsors.

Brett Rogers: Without my sponsors it would be very hard for me to do what Iím doing. My sponsors are Hitman Fight Gear, PPM(Pure Power Mouthguards), Big Black Security, Rockstar Energy Drink, VAS(Victory Amongst Soldiers).

The MMA News: The MMA News would like you to give the last word, first to the fans, and then to your next opponent.

Brett Rogers: For the fans, please believe Iím going to bring the KOís to the fight, and for my enemies you better watch out, Iím coming for you.

The MMA News, Interview.

Walker 08-19-2008 06:40 PM

After calling out Kimbo I really starting liking Rogers- what really sucks is I would love to see him get his shot at Kimbo and I'm 100% sure that EliteXC will not make that Kimbo's next fight. :thumbsdown:

_RIVAL_ 08-24-2008 04:53 PM

I like "The Grim" he has alot to say about the Kimbo train and he says whats on his mind.

As a fighter he has bricks for hands and his chin is looking good. Nobody knows about his ground game, he might impress us.

He's just been knocking fools out on his feet so I for one want to see what he can do on the mat.

He's got a good future at this point IMO.:thumbsup:

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