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Originally Posted by CornbreadBB View Post
I'm sorry guys, but I am just not buying it. It could be my wishful way of thinking, but I honestly don't think skin color changes the way one thinks any more than M&M color changes the way an M&M tastes. I know it may seem silly, but can it possibly be our culture that dictates what someone choses to do? For all I know, you guys may be right, but I chose to believe otherwise.
Saved me from typing it....ahhh who am I kidding, I nered to ad my 2 cents.

You can look individual sports teams and see one be nearly all white and one be nearly all black, even in sports where 1 race is more common.

Take football last weekend; it was pitsburg vs. new england. Are white people from new england better than black people from new england, or did there just happen to be, through socio-economic factors, more white people who were able to and had the talent to be pro football players. And you can do the reverse for pitsburg.

Is there a physical reason why there are way, way more white people playing hockey than black people? obviously not! Anyone who meets the physical requirements can excell at a sport whether it be hockey, football, or poker(okay, maybe poker isn't a sport, but you catch my drift).

The difference is where you grew up, what you were pushed into doing, what is popular at the time...social factors! It's all social factors! What were their parents watching? What did they grow up watching on tv? Was it football? hockey? Chances are they are going to pick up a football and play st some point if that was their dads faverite sport.

Let's use a wild, crazy, completely made up example that couldn't possibly happen in the real world. Let's pretend that as a percentage ratio there are alot more black people that can't afford to go to college. Let's pretend that if they do really well at a sport they may be able to get a scholarship and may be able to play the sport professionally, thus completely altering their economic situation. Now let's pretend for a second that somehow there are, on average, less white people who can't afford college. They like sports, but realize that the chances of going pro are slim and since daddy can afford good schooling, perhaps working really hard at math would be a better option. I know, it sounds impossible, but just pretend. This is by no means to be taken as the truth, but for an INDIVIDUAL CITY this could be a factor in how many people of any social or economic demograhpic you see in one sport. Have a city full of Russian immigrants? Perhaps you might end up with a few great hockey players. Have a city full of Canadians (like in Canada, for example? same deal. A city with a huge little Italy? Chances are a bit higher than you might have some good soccer players (notice i said a bit higher, no gaurentees!).

Think of the whole thing like a deck of cards. Each suit is like a race. Let's say for the last 100 years diamonds have been playing alot of hockey (diamonds = canada). I built a island for 10/52 cards in a deck, and I plan to populate that island by shuffling the deck and randomly dropping 10 cards in. If i happened to get 6 diamonds, my chances are higher that one person in there might like, play, and excell at hockey.

Anyways, that's my two cents. I think all sports worldwide have a healthy mix of all races excelling at every sport. I think you see less/more based purely on socio-economic factors.

Once MMA has been mainstream for as long as hockey, football, boxing, and soccer, things will start to balance out based where people live and who is interested.

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Originally Posted by Royce View Post
i was wondering about this and would like to hear what u think.

the way i see it - blacks are dominating many sports that requires great athletiscism such as : basketball,football, athletics and good old boxing.blacks are a bit better genetically suited to excel in those fields.

<of course that doesn't mean there cant be great champions from other races in those fields..it just means that blacks are likely to do better than their pure percentage in the general population>.

to my point - the only top MMA black fighters i can think of are Rashad Evans..Rampage Jackson and of course Anderson silve.<whice is brazilian..so it might be abit diffrent culturally>.

im probablly forgeting someone <and im sure u will soon remind me > but still - i would expect to see much more than those 3 or 4 or 5 - due to the reasons i talked about before.

why do u think blacks aren't dominating in MMA as much as they are in other sports?

<bonus question - why are brazilians doing so great in MMA ? >

i do have a little theory but i would to hear what u think..

p.s- i know it might be abit of asensitive subject but i think it could be an intresting debate and we are all mature enought to keep it classy
black people represent less than 30 percent of fighters...and are greater than 30 percent of the high level fighters...so uh your wrong...

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Black people don't really do martial arts as much as others? Idk

What a stud

Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.
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Thats kinda a dumb post there are alot of great black fighters

Anderson Silva
Quinton Jackson
Asswerio Silva
Shonie Carter
Houston alexander

There tons

Its not mainstream in black culture cause the ufc is largley aimed toward i white audience with there nu-metal theme music ect.

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Originally Posted by Royce View Post
my god...do u really think saying japanese people are short is racist ? ...wow.i give up.i cant handle with this logic.lets agree to disagree.

<and BTW - if there is a scientific study that shows and explains why asians have a brain that handels math better..than pointing that out will not be racsict either..i doubt there is one>.

hexrei : like i said - if u dont believe me and the others here that mentioned it..u can look the studies up or ask a professional..im not going to do the homework for u.<im not a geneticist so its not like i have them in hand>.

in any case i think its a good thing that people are sensitive to un-racist speech,but u should learn to pick the right cases to jump on..otherwise you're just geting to the rediculess PC realm.<like..japanese people are short = racist >.
Maybe you should look up the studies, since most of them that related race to athletic prowess have been discredited. While a person can do statistics of how many people of African descent are in certain sports, to say that African Americans are more gifted athletically isn't science. There are too many variables to say to pick one and determine a conclusion based on it. Oh and all Japanese people aren't short either.
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