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CHH 12-06-2008 06:35 PM

Anderson Silva MMA Striking book
First I just wanna say I'm pretty new to this website. I've been training for years, but I've just never found this place. I wanted to share my review of one of Victory Belt's newest books with you, Anderson Silva's MMA striking manual. Firstly I want to say this is one of the better striking instructional manuals I've seen. I've never seen any book break down angles, concepts, and strategies like this book. First thing the book stresses is the importance of learning to strike from both stances, because whether you're fighting opposite stance or same stance really determines your angles, your strategies, and in general what techniques you can execute. Secondly it stresses the difference between a high and a low stance, and how the degrees of separation between the two stances will determine what techniques you can execute more easily than others. The third thing this book stresses is good foot/head movement. All the footwork and body movement (slips, bob/weave, ect) sections are very simply displayed, and any subtle movements are made more clear with graphical arrows to demonstrate the movements. And as mentioned before, the importance is stressed between inside movement and outside movement, as well as proper movement during same stance fighting and opposite stance.

The first few chapters of techniques are all movement and defensive based. Checks, parries, slips, foot work, blocking with high guard, and circling out are all covered in thorough detail. The next few chapters cover all of Anderson's striking techniques. These chapters focus on the base technique it's self (without combos or counters). The pictures show in multiple angles with and without opponent, to show the accurate way to execute these techniques. The attacks cover the entire range of strikes you'll see from Anderson Silva, or anyone else for that matter. Everything from inside cut kicks to spinning rear elbows are covered. There's a chapter for punches, elbows, kicks, and knees covering each in heavy detail.

The final few chapters are meat and potatoes of the book in my opinion, and it's also what other books I've seen haven't covered. The sections are broken down in attacks and counter attacks. And each set of attacks and combos are broken down by same stance (say orthodox on orthodox) and opposite stance (say orthodox to southpaw). The same with the counterattacks. If you've never really sat down and analyzed the difference between the two situations, you will likely be amazed by this section. Anderson really covers all the scenarios between each different circumstance. The counter-attacks section is the same. There are huge differences between how you slip a punch and counter a southpaw and an orthodox.

This book really is a great buy. There are highlighted 'technical tips' scattered throughout which will give you some of the finer points on everything from proper parrying between the two stances to advantageous footwork you can use against opposite stance fighters to get the angle on your punches. The book is organized very well, and the pictures are as crisp as I've seen in any other book. Any independent movement that isn't immediately obvious by the progression of pictures is neatly spelled out by arrows or center lines showing movement between photos. Whether you need to sharpen your striking abilities, or simply want to learn why Anderson threw a reverse back elbow against Fryklund, you should pick up this book.

Ashilles 12-07-2008 06:16 AM

great review mate i'm definitely gonna try and get my hands on that book now
p.s. welcome to the site and keep up the sweet posts

Sekou 12-10-2008 08:20 PM

good manual (I read it for hours at the bookstore, lol)

I suggest this one too

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