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Nick Diaz Explains Why Weed Is Good For You.

“Well, people’s problem from what I see is they can’t stop taking pain pills once they start. And you’re not too good all pilled out, you know? Nobody does good all, you know, I mean I can’t say because I don’t take the shit, but I see them. I have a lot of friends who do a lot of drugs. There’s a lot of people everywhere that do a lot of drugs”.

“Everybody, everybody, is on drugs dude. If they’re not, they’re an alcoholic or something. I don’t know if you noticed that or whatever, look around. The thing is, you know?, it’s just, it would be a lot healthier for people to think, you know?, it could be, shit, this sort of thing could be the healthiest thing someone does out of their day. Let’s take for example a person whose laying in bed, a cancer patient, a fat person, if you will”.

“Someone who doesn’t do shit all day. That muscle contraction, that core strength that kind of happens, that pulls together when you’re maybe smoking weed or whatever, you know, you’re coughing or whatever, and that blood flow that happens at that point in time, you know what I mean? It’s sort of good for you. You know what I mean? I’m not a doctor or a ******* scientist, but I’ve smoked plenty of weed”.

“And, you know, I think in my opinion it’s pretty damn good for you. It could be the healthiest thing someone does out of their day if they’re just going to lay there. You know, the most blood flow and exercise that they get out of the day. They’re going to cough weed, you know, and as far as lungs go or whatever, I’ve never had a problem with them. There’s no chemicals involved”.

“I don’t know if you know this, but cigarettes, you know, when people smoke cigarettes it closes your airwaves, but when you’re smoking marijuana it expands your lungs, you know, you’re breathing pretty good. You have more airflow as far as I’m concerned. And, that’s paper that people are smoking. They’re not smoking tobacco. Those little shreds are paper that are soaked in tobacco flavored juice on a conveyor belt and then they wrap it up in a cigarette. But it’s all paper soaked in tobacco flavored juice”.

“Everybody thinks they’re smoking tobacco or something, it’s disgusting. It’s all chemicals. Why do we have a hundred different things in a cigarette that they added to it when tobacco grows right out of the ground? I wonder if people would die from cancer if they were just smoking straight tobacco. I really do.”

Hmm. Thoughts...
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wtf on the first to quotes. doesnt weed fill your lungs with water? atleast thats what ive heard. ir was always tough for me to breath after. the stuff about tobacco is spot on though. overall pretty interesting.
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There are plenty of so called natural substances that are not only not good for you, but that can kill you. This guy has fried way too many brain cells. Ever see him talk? Wow, just wow! He would be great for a scared straight program, lol.

pssst ---> A LOT is two words

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I don't even know what to say lol.

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Originally Posted by ZeroPRIDE View Post
wtf on the first to quotes. doesnt weed fill your lungs with water? atleast thats what ive heard. ir was always tough for me to breath after. the stuff about tobacco is spot on though. overall pretty interesting.
weed does not fill your lungs with water. the problems you experience are the hot smoke causing discomfort to your lungs.

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Thanks Nick, now they'll never legalize it
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Um...was he high during the interview? He might have a point somewhere in there about tobacco and the chemicals that are added to it but other than that he sounded like a bumbling idiot.

Are him and Nate a little bit retarded? Did they drop out of school really young too?

Chute Boxe Cabra!
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I'm not sure I understood a single thing he said.

"He who defeats himself is the mightiest warrior" - Confucius(I think)
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Weed is a hell of a lot better for you than the tobacoo they sell in shops, but that doesn't make it healthy lol.

Inhaling smoke is never healthy, no matter where it comes from, I don't care if you set a pice of brocolli on fire.
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hey guys i work and study in the area of medicine, and i also have more experience with recreational drugs than probably most people in my city. I dont use much at all these days, but my interests in drugs let me to study pharmacology, and my interests (and contacts ) in pharmacology led me to study more drugs, and from there i've gone into meicine, and for the most part had my fun with drugs and am now focussed on work etc.

anyway, the point i'm getting to is that no, weed is not good for you. In fact, in all my experiences with drugs (which include drugs that dont even have street names yet) i can probably say that weed is my *least* favourite. it just doesnt mesh with me. But for many of my friends it's their drug of choice, and it has an interesting culture surrounding it. Because it's so popular, especially amoungst people who "dont do drugs" (who consider weed not to be a drug) there is lots of misinformation out there about how safe and how "good for you" weed is, etc etc. I'm not going to get out my textbooks or anything, but here's the lowdown:

weed is not good for you. weed is bad for you. weed, however, is not as bad for you as many other things. Yes, weed can be beneficial to some people..but those people pretty much always have chronic illnesses, and the weed doesnt make them healthier directly, it is simply used to counteract some unhealthy side effects of their other treatments. (eg weed can be used to make cancer patients who have lost their appetite feel like eating again, etc)

the reason weed is bad for you is primarily because any hot particles that you are inhaling into your lungs aren't going to be good for you. Your lungs are not just big balloons; your alveoli (the things that expand and pass oxygen into ur bloodstream) have the form of broccoli sortof, and are amazingly thin and fragile. simply inhaling super hot air regularly would also be bad for you; having it filled with smoke just exacerbates the problem.

as for psychosis and whatnot, that is a much longer explanation and is dependant on many issues. to be stupendously succinct, research basically concludes that smoking pot cant give you schizophenia unless you are pre-disposed to it, however it can **** up your motivation, energy levels and lower level brain functions if you abuse the hell out of it and get high every day.

It is not addictive in the chemical sense; few substances are. but everything in this world can be addictive psychologically, (such as eating certain foods etc) and weed certainly falls into that category. As such, quitting weed after a really long time of heavy use can cause u some issues, BUT - and here is the important part: in terms of brain functions, unless you are pre-disposed to schizophenia, essentially all issues that weed can cause (lack of motivation, etc) will go away in time after you stop smoking (or eating) weed. but for the most part these issues are rarely a big deal anyway; we get more severe symptoms from breaking up with our girlfriends etc (another form of psychological addiction )

so, in conclusion, weed isnt good for you. it hurts your lungs, because anything hot and filled with particles will hurt your lungs - they were made for air and air only. cigarettes are worse in the physical damage sense. In terms of mental damage, it's (usually, and i stress USUALLY) all temporary anyway, and not that severe unless you are getting permastoned for months on end.

finally, just to wrap up about diaz's comments on cigarettes, yes, people would still get cancer even without the chemicals. look at rolling tobacco, or even better, look at handmade cigars. they still give you cancer. maybe not as fast as tailormade cigs, but they still do. why? for the same reason i've said before, and so did someone else i think - any pariculate smoke that isnt air that is going into your lungs regularly is not good for you.

anyway i could do another giant post on why diaz's comments on pain pill were half wrong and half right, but i wont for now. i just figure that i love mma, but a lot of people here know more about it than me; so i mostly just read and rarely post. but when it comes to medicine, drugs or both, i figure i can at least contribute there, in order to give back some of all the education i get every day from reading everyone else's great posts on MMA.

thats all for now goodnight.
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