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The Genius That Is Nick Diaz.......

Memorable Nick Quotes........

ďIf people canít handle watching me or they can't handle the intensity of my life or they canít handle me cussing saying **** this and ****, then you know, I think people really need to become a little more mature, kinda grow up a little bitÖĒ

So Nick, would you agree your marijuana smoking has got in the way of your fight career?
"Actually, on the contrary, my fight career has gotten in the way of my marijuana smoking."

"He just lost again right? See what I mean? You are promoting Rich Franklin and this mother****er, here he is, letting it ride and he's just trying to uphold his image. The guy's a ******* teacher. He's a school teacher - that's what he is. If I was going to fight him I'd be pretty damn confident. I'm going to fight a teacher not a fighter. There are plenty of teachers I wanted to beat up."

"If you're getting paid more than me, I'm definitely more excited about this ass whoopin I'm gonna put down on you."

For the record do you own a computer?
"After my last fight I bought one, I have no clue how to work it nor have any intention of chatting on here with you whores."

Rogan: "So now do you have respect for Diego?"
Diaz: "Naw, not really."

ďBack in the day, a Ninja didnít have his girlfriend sitting in the tree waiting to kill shit.Ē

"See if people are gonna hate just cause I say the word mother****er, then **** them, I don't have time to worry about marketing and shit, in my last fight my hair looked like shit cause all I did was train... I have other letters but i'm not that good of a reader."

Coming out of the UFC 67 weigh-ins:
"Diablo? who the **** calls me diablo?"

All in relation to Gomi:
"He kinda just put his head down and looped some ******* punch out there that smacked me...I was like what the ****?!?!?!?"

"There he is ....that little ****er."

ďThat little ****er hit me with a Hadukan or something.Ē

"I beat his ass. But you know, that little ****er. Man that ****er is tough. I mean I hit him, but then he comes out with this karate shit and little dude can bang. I mean he ****ed up my eye and shit... That's why I went to the ground and go go'd him. You dont see that shit in MMA. Who in MMA go go's anyone cept me."

With regards to the Riggs hospital brawl:
Trigg - "You should have just closed the door Nick."
Nick - "How the **** am I gonna close the door? I ain't no bitch."

"For the record, right now, I think someone needed to come out and say it: I think smoking pot is good for mixed martial artists. It's a new day and age, this is, uh, the year ... **** year is it? I don't know, because I've been training and smoking pot like I should, instead of paying attention to other bullshit, which I don't do."

On fighting in Stockton:
ďFighting in Stockton is going to be great for me. Stockton is a great fight town because if you drive long enough on some of these roads youíll probably see a pretty good street fight.Ē

ďSo my bottom line is I wanted to get a bunch of this stuff off my chest is Ö is that Ö you know Ö Iím not no chump. Iím not going to just talk shit or whatever. I canít remember where I was really going with that.Ē

"Because you get high all the time, you can't find people that train all the time. But if you get high and train, you will get high and train all the time together and it will be ******* massive-takeover-smoke-weed-and-kill-people shit."

"Making weed illegal is a little bit paranoid, don't you think? It's like saying God made a mistake, you know what I mean? It's like, you've got the whole world and Earth and all its holy creations, right? And God is like, Hmm, lookit, my whole world in all its holy ways, and he's like, Oh-my-me-oh-shit, I left weed in here. Yeah right, I left weed in here. Oh, shouldn't have smoked that joint on the third day."

The hydrogenated chocolate incident:
Jesse Holland (UFCmania): Who paints their hair and toes?
"Dude everybody. Címon man. Even Hermes Franca. One day he comes in with that goofy haircut. You got Jens Pulver, ******* Mayhem Miller. Some bitch he was talking to tried to offer me this piece of hydrogenated chocolate. What the **** are these guys into? Give me some real chocolate. Real fighters eat real chocolate."

ďIf I have a girlfriend, I donít bring her to flaunt her. She doesnít get to reap the benefits of me being famous."

ďIím trying to fight Sakurai, Iím trying to fight K.J. Noons, Iím trying to fight Anderson Silva, Iím trying to fight everybody. Iím trying to fight Georges mother****ing St.Pierre. Iím trying to fight Ö I didnít mean to call Georges a mother****er, but I ainít got no problem getting there and fighting the best people in the world. Georges is a nice guy. Iím trying to fight Jon Fitch, Iím trying to fight Silva, Iím trying to fight K.J. Noons, Iím trying to fight everybody. Iím trying to fight Takanori Gomi, Sakurai, Iím trying to **** everybody up. **** this shit. This is ******* gangster ******* warfare. I donít give a ****. You know what I mean?Ē

"Donít be scared homie!"

I saw these quotes online and the originals actually tracked back to sherdog. lol, I guess they actually get it right overthere sometimes.
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The fact that Diaz hasn't received an honoray degree from most Ivy League schools just baffles the shit out of me.

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What a perfect scare tactic to keep people away from pot! If this is what it does to someone, then it should be enough evidence to abstain for life, haha.

pssst ---> A LOT is two words

WTF is an "amatuer" ? Ama-chooooo-ur? as seen under my nick.
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Why this guy isnt a superstar puzzels me. Im completely serious. He is a very entertaining and backs it up pretty well in the ring or cage. He has win over Gomi (i dont care if it was turned into a NC he schooled him), Robbie Lawler and Frank Shamrock. Those are some impressive wins in my book.
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Hehehe, awesome. Although he isn't being ironic - it's still pretty funny. Better this interesting shit than dull stuff.

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Team Tate
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lol I bet he never even cracked a smile during any of those moments hut it's still sooooo funny...Diaz is the shit lol

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Nick cracks me up.

One of my coaches told me a story about how him, Nate, Jake Shields, and someone else were walking up Durant to grab a bit to eat from Nick and Nate's favorite local Indian place.

Some guys were smoking a blunt when everyone walked by... didn't recognized Jake or Nate, but said something along the lines of, "Is that mother fu**ing Nick Diaz right there?"


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Live right and every other day is a good one to die.
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haha, awesome. Been a fan of Nick's since his first fight in the UFC, turning out to be a giant pot head only sweetened the deal for me.

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Its weird how Nick Diaz is, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of his or not. I use to want to see him loose, but he's a good fighter, I just don't know if I should cheer for him. Funny thing is Nick Diaz is one of those guys that when he fights, I watch. I would never miss one of his fights. So like him or hate him, he's doing something right because he's got me hooked on watching him fight.

Right kick, Hospital.
Left kick, Cemetery.
-Mirko Cro Cop.
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I love the way he starts talking to his opponents like lawler and Frank. Makes it more exciting to me. Usually starts when hes got his rythym and is closing in. He is who he is , not a phoney, not that bright but who cares hes always great to watch, and thats what matters to most of us.
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