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why are so many people against new fans

im kind of a new fan ive been watching since ufc 80 but why is it that if you dont know everything about mma your criticized for it, everybody had to start being fan somewhere and im trying to brush up on my history by buying old events and pride dvds but its kinda hard to know tons about mma when in the uk the only mma we get is ufc we cant watch srikeforce or wec, so why is it everytime i see a new fan post or they dont know something why are they branded as a casual fan yes some people are casual fans but some people are just new to the sport and want to learn about it
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longest sentence ever?haha. Also this could have went in the general section. Their are elitist snobs in every sport and im not surprised they are in MMA also. And another thing, somtime noobs(trolls/casuals really) have to be put in there place when they ramble on and on spewing nonsense.

Originally Posted by NotDylan View Post
****en asd
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It's not all new fans man, just the new ones who come onto boards acting like jackasses or knowitalls when they just don't -- talking badly about heros of the sport, etc.

Clearly you are making an effort to learn the sport and history... kudos.

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Wow, made it through your awesome run-on sentence bro lol

Anyway, like was stated before, not all of us dislike NEW fans. We just don't like the know it all ones who come in and think they can tell everyone waht is good and who the greatest fighter is. We have been watching a long time and don't need those types of people's expert opinion. Glad you are taking in interest in the greatest sport there is and taking the time to learn about it, not everyone does. Good on you!

Moved this for you since it should be in the general section problably....

Thanks to Toxic for the Awesome Sig!

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I don't know of a single person who is "against" new fans.
People that have been involved in something for a long time tend to become protective of it. SO, if a new fan comes in acting like they know everything, it makes us angry. If a new fan comes in and asks a question that ahs been discussed until our fingers are numb and our eyes bleed, it makes us impatient. If a new fan comes in and talks about how jiu-jitsu is totally gay (which it is not, unless you make eye-contact) it makes us crazy. If a new fan comes in and asks when Kimbo will fight Fedor, and will he WIn??1!! It makes us rip off our shirts and turn into a giant green monster in purple shorts.
If a new fan comes in, on the other hand, and is genuinely interested in the history,the fighters, the style, and the ARTs of MMA, like I said, I know of not ONE SINGLE person who would object. Except that one guy with all those posts. Man, he's a dick. Watch out for him. YOU know who I'm talking about. Yeah....YOU.

EDIT: Here is a period (.) feel free to cut and paste it and use it where you would like, as apparetnly your keyboard is lacking them. here is a comma (,), and you know what....just for you, we are having a punctuation sale....( !@#$%^&*()_-+=<,>.?/":{[}}|\)
Have fun!

EDIT Two: Oh, and thanks for being the kind of new fan that seems to have a genuine interest in the sport!
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I wouldn't sweat it bro. There are plenty of people around that clown new guys and make fun because they don't know things. I always think it's great to have new fans of the sport. I wouldn't clown someone for being new to the sport unless they made an ass out of themselves trying to act like they knew everything.

Truth be told most guys on this forum that are dogging on people for being "newbs" are just keyboard warriors. They don't train MMA or if they do train anything they probably do TKD or Karate and get on the computer to pretend they are an MMA know it all. Then there are the guys who have never trained one day in their life, but they have watched all the UFC's and roll around in the backyard with their buddies....they're the worst cuz they are always looking to pick a fight, but technically don't know shit except who won what fight. I started watching the UFC at UFC 1 and have been training in MMA for many years and I don't go around making fun of newbs...I welcome them.
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Live right and every other day is a good one to die.
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there are a lot of people who don't remember a few years back when this sport was so small it couldn't keep guys in their prime from moving on to real jobs. Guys like Randy Couture who left to work at banks, in clubs and wherever else they could find a dollar. 'News fans' are what have made the sport as big as it is today and while i too get annoyed by the knowitalls and haters (Looking at the guys talking about how CroCop is a siv, based on his UFC performance, etc)... i also welcome them, for helping to grow the sport we are all passionate about.

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I've been a "UFC" fan for a number of years, I remember the first UFC I saw was UFC 40. I was at a friends house actually watching WWF (which it was back then I think) then his older brother came in and his exact words were "Stop watching that fake sh*t, this is the real sh*t" and put the UFC 40 tape in. Since then I've been a UFC fan watching it when I can when it was on TV, I only turned into an MMA fan earlier this year. I was oblivious to any fighters outside of the UFC, that does mean Fedor Emelianenko, Josh Barnett etc. were all just names to me. But since about May of this year I've been watching so much old UFC, Pride and any MMA I could watch, call me sad but I spent a lot of my summer watching it.

The point I'm trying to make is that you can start out as a UFC fan, but then turn into a true MMA fan. I think what annoys most people is the fact that there are more UFC fans out there than MMA fans, and a lot of know it alls that'll watch one UFC and think they know everything about the sport and think that the UFC is the be-all end-all of MMA, honestly there are times I'll use the term "MMA" and people will look at me like I'm an alien. I don't think anyone is actually against new fans, it's just the fans that watch one UFC and think they know all they need to know about MMA. New fans are what is making the UFC continue to grow, I'm sure about 75% of UFC PPV sales are from the casual fans, everyone has to start their MMA education somewhere.

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For me its annoying to have to reexplain yourself to people who simply can search and read everyone's thoughts on a particular topic. Plus some are very green and really dont know what they are talking about yet post with the conviction of an MMA fighter....

New members are the "Pipeline" of growth to the forum and certainly we want new members andencourage them and if we do have to repeat ourselves or debate it out we will.

Some show no respect and speak to people like they are jerks, some members have posted here for yrs and know one another very well, then some new members come and insult them which usually gets their rep red quick, they learn how things work here, and that your role is yours to develope or show to the rest of the forum.....

Some peole prove that their role is a troll ot nOOb and some ar what we want....great posters who want to learn and absorb the knowledge they can obtain here....

I hope you enjoy your time....
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LOL, I get that sometimes, people come in the gym and I say something about MMA and they are like "what?" and I say "ultimate fighting" and they are like "yea, ultimate fighting is awesome...what's MMA".
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