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JeremiahJ 11-04-2009 12:13 PM

wow...fedor's last name just got OWNED.
this whole interview is kinda hard to watch when you know the person doing the interview has no idea wtf she's talking about.

snakerattle79 11-05-2009 05:19 AM

Brett Rogers Punching in ESPN

DAMURDOC 11-06-2009 11:48 AM

oumounalienko lol

swpthleg 11-06-2009 12:29 PM

He seems like such a likeable guy. I hope Fedor doesn't hurt him too badly.

Give me a MU artist, a cute outfit, and I'll be charming on camera and not maul any pronunciation of any kind.

A guy I take class with pronounces it "Fedder." I'm going to try to get him to say Emelianenko and see what comes out.

Scorch 11-06-2009 03:37 PM

Sorta like when Dr. Phil called Kenny Florian "Mr. Flor-eenee"

Ooh-mo-ah-lenko?!?!?! :D

vandalian 11-06-2009 03:44 PM

Who's this Feed-her Meelunenker feller, anyhow?

vaj3000 11-06-2009 06:08 PM

Go USA??? Lol more yanks will be supporting Fedor

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