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Rogers on MMA Live chat with Jon Anik

Complete chat:

Transcript of Rogers part:
Jon Anik (12:59 PM)

Alright, Brett Rogers is here! Fire away.

Brian (Milwaukee, WI)

Brett Rogers...shouldn't you be training?

Brett Rogers (1:00 PM)

What makes you think I'm not? I'll get a workout in today before heading back to Chicago.

tyler (Iowa) [via mobile]

kimbo vs. houston who wins and what does it mean for the long term

Brett Rogers (1:01 PM)

Houston. Kimbo will never get any props from me.

Sammy (Chicago)

Jon-going to the fight and a HUGE Fedor fan, but am worried about this one. How much will the cage affect Fedor?

Brett Rogers (1:02 PM)

It's gonna effect him a lot, especially because he can't stick his butt out through the ropes and hang onto the cage. If he hangs onto the cage, John McCarthy will be on him.

Sammy (Chicago)

Grim-did you ever have any encounters with Arlovski before your fight both being Chicago guys?

Brett Rogers (1:03 PM)


Nick (North Carolina)

Brett, would you fight Brock, or Shane Carwin?

Brett Rogers (1:03 PM)

Yes. I would love to have a fight with Brock Lesnar. You could bill it as the battle of 'Northern Stars'.



Brett Rogers (1:04 PM)

Thanks man.

GM (Milwaukee)

Brett good luck Saturday from a fellow Chicagoan. What do you think of Kimbo Slice now as mixed martial artist?

Brett Rogers (1:04 PM)

Still a street fighter to me. He hasn't evolved.

Charlie (Philly)

Do you think that the winner of Fedor/Rogers will face off with the Silva/Werdum winner or will we actually get to see Overeem defend the belt next?

Brett Rogers (1:05 PM)

We will fight whoever Strikeforce puts in front of us. Can't get anywhere if you fight nobodies. I want to fight the best of the best.

Jay K. (Vancouver BC)

Brett, what's on the victory deep dish pizza?

Brett Rogers (1:06 PM)

Do they make a soul food pizza? I don't even know how to answer that. There will definitely be some soul food intake after the fight. Greens, ribs, you name it.

Brian (Milwaukee, WI)

Who do you think are the top 5 heavyweights in the world?

Brett Rogers (1:07 PM)

Me, of course. Fedor, Antonio Silva, Cain Velasquez, and Shane Carwin.

Fenn (L.A.)

Grim, are you going to be able to keep it on the feet, like Arlovski did? If you land like he did against Fedor, it won't see the 2nd round

Brett Rogers (1:07 PM)

You got that right.

Jerry (Texas)

Brett. are you going to try to keep the fight standing or take Fedor down and battle it on the ground, whats your strategy?

Brett Rogers (1:08 PM)

I'm going take him down and submit him!

Juan (Miami, Fl)

Brett, did you see Fight Camp 360 on Showtime?

Brett Rogers (1:08 PM)

I haven't seen it yet, but I will watch it after the fight. I don't want to hear what they have to say until the fight is over.

Lance (Florida)

Do you think your fight should be for an interim belt since nobody thinks Overeem will fight in the US again?

Brett Rogers (1:09 PM)

Hard to say. I wish it was a title fight. This is for the No. 1 spot in the world---the jewelry is secondary. As long as I keep winning, the rest will take care of itself.

Sal (Chicago)

With Roger?s size do you see Fedor being aggressive the way he was with Sylvia or do you see him waiting to counter the way he was with Arvloski?

Brett Rogers (1:10 PM)

He's gonna wait to counter...and get caught, just like Arlovski. It's hard to counter a punch that knocks you out...

Kevin (Middletown, Oh)

I know every fighter stays focused for the fight and all that jazz, but have you thought about possibly being known as "the man who ended the empire"?

Brett Rogers (1:11 PM)

Yeah, absolutely. I've been dreaming about this for some time.

Kevin (Middletown, Oh)

You didnt list Brock Lesnar in your top five, why not?

Brett Rogers (1:11 PM)

He only has five fights, and he's lost one of them. In my mind, he's still just a wrestler. WWE. I would knock his a** out, too.

Snacks (Bellmore, NY)

Why do you think there are more fighters pulling out of fights in training camps or is it actually that we just hear about them more because there is more coverage now of fights before they are officially announced?

Brett Rogers (1:12 PM)

The sport is just more popular and people follow it more closely. I also think the testing is stricter.

Juan (Miami, Fl)

Brett, do you feel any pressure coming in to the fight?

Brett Rogers (1:14 PM)

I would say yes because nothing is definite at the next level. He is the No. 1 fighter and I feel the pressure to knock him out, or just win. Anytime you fight there is pressure. If you don't feel nerves or pressure before a fight, you haven't been there. I try to get the nerves out of the way before fight night.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

What do you like to do to celebrate a victory?

Brett Rogers (1:14 PM)

Eating and, of course, going out with my family and friends and having a drink or two. Or three.

SteveFitz (Cicero, IL)

Brett, love the attitude. Looking forward to seeing you whoop up on Fedor Chicago Style. Go get'em champ!!!

Brett Rogers (1:14 PM)

Thanks for the support!

Kevin (Middletown, Oh)

If you win on Saturday what will be the bigger story, the fall of Fedor or the rise of The Grimm? And will you then be temped to jump ship to face "the best" competition?

Brett Rogers (1:15 PM)

It's gonna be both. The fall of Fedor and the rise of Rogers. Right now, I think the best competition is in Strikeforce and DREAM. And when I get the title, I'll have control and they'll be coming to fight me.

Erik (Austin, TX)

Brett, how much weight do you normally cut to make 265 and how is that process going for you so far?

Brett Rogers (1:16 PM)

Anywhere from 20-25 pounds from the beginning of training camp. I'll probably be 275 on fight night and get back up to 285 quickly. Right now, weight cut is going just fine, according to plan.

Leo (Boston MA)

I thought Arlovski show a blueprint on how to out-box Fedor up untill the flying knee, plus you have more power and a better chin. Good Luck on Sat!

Brett Rogers (1:17 PM)

Thanks. Looking forward to the fight. Hopefully I can give you a great show.

Jeff (Long Island)

How far before the fight do you began to cut weight?

Brett Rogers (1:18 PM)

We start tapering down at the beginning of the 8-week camp. We trim the final 10 pounds/water weight in the final week.

Jason (Owoss, MI)

Brett - do you think would be a harder to beat: Fedor or Brock?

Brett Rogers (1:18 PM)

Fedor b/c he's more well-rounded and far more experienced.

Brian (Should be working)

Are you the best striker in MMA, if not who is?

Brett Rogers (1:19 PM)

I think I'm the best. I've finished all 10 of my opponents. Not sure how many other guys can say that. You'll see my power this weekend.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

Who is your favorite fighter to watch besides yourself?

Brett Rogers (1:20 PM)

Anderson Silva.

Scott (Northern Kentucky)

Brett what are your picks on the rest of the night, Shields-Miller, Mousasi-Sokoudjou, Werdum-Silva?

Brett Rogers (1:20 PM)

I'm gonna be sharing a locker room with some of those guys, so I don't think I should be predicting their fights. The card is stacked, though.

Jeff (Long Island)

Huge Luck for Sat bro! You made a fan out of me. Thanks for the visit

Brett Rogers (1:21 PM)

Thanks, Jeff. Looking forward to Saturday night.

Jay K. (Vancouver BC)

Have you been training with smaller, faster fighters in this camp to adjust to Fedor's speed?

Brett Rogers (1:21 PM)

Yes. Emmanuel Newton came from L.A. and has helped us out a lot.

Brian (Milwaukee, WI)

It seems that with guys like you, Brock and Carwin, the modern heavyweight is cutting down to 265, then weighing around 275 to 285 on fight night, do you think that guys like Fedor and Werdum, who fight at around 230 need their own weight class?

Brett Rogers (1:22 PM)

Yes they do. I'm sick of people comparing me to the lighter end of heavyweights.

Lance (Florida)

Main Event and you don't get your own locker room? Thats messed up.

Brett Rogers (1:22 PM)


Kevin (Middletown, Oh)

No love for Kimbo is not a secret, but would you still want to fight him even though his career may be on it last leg?

Brett Rogers (1:23 PM)

Money talks. Easy money. Free check.

Love Sauce (Phoenix AZ)

Hey Brett, Ill be celebratin some of that good stuff (greens ribs chitlins(dont hate on chitlins,you know they good)if you win Saturday man, dont forget bob and weeve and have a good fight!

Brett Rogers (1:23 PM)


Jason (Owosso, MI)

what music will you be coming out to?

Brett Rogers (1:24 PM)

Grim Situation by Ikkabod. It's a special track they created for me.

Brian (Greensboro, NC)

Other than size and punching power, what advantages do you feel you have over Fedor?

Brett Rogers (1:24 PM)

Hunger and the desire to win and succeed.

Jason (Ellicott City, MD)

Jon Anik said that Fedor is one of the hardest hitters. Your thoughts?

Brett Rogers (1:25 PM)

I'm about to choke that little guy out.

Trevor (Florida)

brett- has the ufc approached you about fighting for them after you ko'd arlovski?

Brett Rogers (1:26 PM)

That's contrack talk. Can't answer any contract questions in the much as Anik would like to break a story.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

do you go out to hurt someone, or to get the W?

Brett Rogers (1:27 PM)

I go out to hurt. But it kind of goes hand-in-hand. Sort of hard to beat someone without hurting them. And that wouldn't be very interesting for the fans.

Brett Rogers (1:28 PM)

Alright, guys. Gotta get back to some ESPN TV stuff. Thanks for all the questions and support. Tune in Saturday night on CBS. You won't be let down. Also, check out Anik's got you the rest of the way...

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funny how he says the best competition is in strikeforce and dream yet two of his top 5 hw list were from ufc and none from dream
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