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cxm 01-01-2007 03:53 AM

Question about competing again ?
OK,Years ago I used to train alot of what is now called "MMA" It was mostly something my cousin's Karate/JJ/Muay Thai school and some fighters from other schools did, no trophies money or anything, pure fun for the fans of the old UFC. Being a state finalist wrestling in HS and being very good at BJJ (mostly self taught amongst ourselves) I did very well, even against guys who were training for years. We used to get together atleast once a month and sometimes 4 times per month, I LOVED it. After moving, starting a family, career etc etc I havn't done any training/fighting in about 5-6 years. Here is my question, I have suffered quite a few serious concussions, wrestling, hockey and especially motocross related. The last 2 were pretty serious, one leaving me unconscious for 7 hours and in the hospital for 2 days. You can imagine with the explosion in popularity of MMA, organized fights all over the place now days, All I can think about is competing again !! I am not looking to make money at it or be famous, just compete in some amatuer events. Would it be worth the risk to get back into it? At 31 years old, family man with 2 kids and especially my "head trauma issues"? SO let me have it, am I an assclown for even considering it ?

Flaw 01-01-2007 05:05 AM

No your not an assclown lol. MMA is a great sport and can be VERY addicting lol. But its all up to you. Ask your self this do you have the money it dosnt require much so? Do you have bad knee anything that can injure you easly? Do you have the heart the time to train the will to fight. And the best are you ready to kick ass again? Do you have the compassion? Your really not that old lol. You are add at the 30's you say. No not old, atleast not anything to be worried about when you fight, it depends all how you train, heart compassion ect..If you love it you should do it. I would do it.

Trainee 01-01-2007 12:21 PM

Yeah, man, I agree with Flaw.
The thing is though, I don't want you to end up regretting it or anything. If you had a lot of head injuries and all that, you might want to stay out of it. Consult with your doctor about it, see if it's even safe for you to try. If it is, train your hardest, and some of the stuff you learned years ago is most likely still in your muscle memory. Everything you forgot, train until you remember.

Also, just start taking fighting lessons. Even if you don't compete, just take them. You'll still be gaining something. If you feel like you've gotten better, give it a shot. Otherwise, just take them for other reasons - self-defense, physical and mental fitness, etc. I mean, I don't want a bad decision to mess up your family's life, so I want you to be sure about whatever decision you make.

Good luck, bro.

cxm 01-01-2007 01:00 PM

Thanks for the input. My nuerologist has already told me he reccomends I stay away from the motocross racing because it took months to fully recover from my last knock. Its funny you mention the knees LOL I have had 5 knee surgeries and 2 ACL reconstructions. My thinking now is, maybe just start training again and take it from there.....BUT we all know how that works, its like a domino effect, train, then maybe one fight, then another and so on. My biggest worry is my head, not my ability or age, which I think would subconsciously effect my fighting, meaning I would be a bit gun shy of a big shot given my concussion problems and not even really know it. I would say just do some BJJ maybe, but I have gotten my head slammed pretty good in the past on the mat, so :dunno: ? I just don't want to end up a vegitable LOL. For anyone who competes in MMA or has, you know what an addiction it is and how hard it is to walk away from. I dunno, I just wanted to throw this out there and get some opinions from some people who share a love of the sport. Again thanks for the input guys.

Flaw 01-01-2007 01:21 PM

Ya its true qhat you said. train see how that goes possibly do some easy sparing first if you do good with the head and everthing then fight if not just still do what ever your training with. But if all goes well do it! :)

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