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Strikeforce: Miami... Live Results and Play by play***SPOLIERS***

This is the standard warning not to read ahead if you don't want to be spoiled, even some of the unaired prelims could be aired later during the main card to fill time.



Round 1
- Little action early as the welterweights circle in the center of the cage. Kelly ducks under a punch and shoots, gets the underhooks, but Homasi fends him off. Kelly pushes him into the cage before they finally break. Kelly lands a couple punches, a knee and then shoves his opponent into the cage. Homasi reverses the position and puts Kelly into the cage before dipping low to score the takedown. Kelly, though, quickly gets back to his feet, the fighters trade wildly with both landing big shots. Homasi closes the distance, gets underhooks and trips Kelly to the mat, but Kelly quickly gets back up. Kelly then takes Homasi down, moves into the mount position, and delivers punches from the dominant position. Homasi rolls, but Kelly turns him back over to continue the assault. A couple big right hands land, and the ref tells Homasi to fight back. Kelly continues with more big shots, considers a rear-naked choke and then delivers more shots as the 10-second warning sounds. Homasi gets back to his feet before the round ends, but Kelly's dominant attack from mount earns him the round on the scorecard, 10-9.

Round 2 - Both fighters look a little fatigued as the round begins. Kelly works for the takedown while his opponent is pushed against the cage, but Homasi slickly gets the takedown. Working from full guard, he tries to improve his position, but Kelly looks for the escape. He frees himself, takes his opponent's back and works the rear-naked choke. Homasi initially fends it off, but Kelly keeps his body lock tight and finally forces his opponent to tap out. John Kelly def. Sabah Homasi via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 2:48.


Round 1
- Lots of dancing early with little action. Both fighters throw a few punches from distance, but nothing lands. A full minute with no action, and the crowd becomes a bit restless. Hassan fires off a couple quick body shots, and the fans come alive. Keenan throws an ugly off-balance leg kick and then resets. More inactivity until Hassan unloads a combo and then eats a one-two from his opponent. The fighters reset and work jabs. Little action but lots of dancing again. Keenan pushes forward with a combo but misses. Hassan, though, finds his mark and knocks Keenan to the mat with a couple big shots. Hassan continues the assault from full guard but then stands over his opponent and considers diving in with a shot. Instead, he allows Keenan to stand. Hassan lands another nice combo until Keenan backs away to regroup. Keenan throws a leg kick and looks OK, and the bell sounds to give him a breather. Hassan takes the first round, 10-9.

Round 2 - The fighters throw from distance again, and little lands as the dance around the center of the cage. Keenan moves in with a left that misses but finally lands a nice leg kick. Hassan pushes forward and finishes off a combo with a nice right, but Hassan answers with a leg kick. Keenan works more kicks, but Hassan unloads a big combo and drops his opponent. He dives in for more, but Keenan is out cold, and the bout is quickly halted. Hayder Hassan def. Ryan Keenan via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 2:42.


Round 1
- Alfonso opens with a nice straight left. Alfonso answers with two of his own and forces his opponent to retreat briefly with additional shots. Alfonso whiffs on a wild overhand left but connects on a couple left hands to the body. Alfonso has the clear reach advantage and lands a left as DaMatta shoots. He shakes off the shot and secures the takedown, but Alfonso swiftly grabs an arm and torques an armbar to force the lightning quick tapout. Pablo Alfonso def. Marcos DaMatta via submission (armbar) - Round 1, 1:47.


Round 1
- Gomez charges forward, puts Oxley against the fence and quickly takes him to the mat. Oxley works for a guillotine but gives it up and works from side mount. He delivers punches to the head before Oxley pulls him back into full guard. Gomez works for punches but little lands until he connects with a flurry to the body. Oxley works some shots in from the bottom, but Gomez shakes them off and works more shots to the head and body while in full guard. The crowd yells for a stand up, but Gomez stays busy enough to keep the dominant top position. As the 10-second warning sounds, Gomez throws a flurry and lands a few, including one after the bell sounds. He apologizes, and the fighters return to their corners. It's a fairly lackluster round, but Gomez takes it 10-9 on the scorecard.

Round 2 - Oxley shoots and gets the quick takedown this time. But after a scramble for position, each fighter grabs a leg and looks for the submission. Gomez throws an illegal kick to the head and is warned, but the battle for position continues. Oxley clings to the leg and looks for submissions, but Gomez eventually frees himself and takes the top position while working from full guard. After a few quick punches to the head, he delivers additional short punches to the body. The crowd is nearly asleep as the action slows. Oxley goes high with his guard, but Gomez flattens him. Oxley though uses a butterfly guard to kick his way free and grabs a leg, but Gomez frees himself and hops back on top again. Gomez throws a quick burst of punches to the gut as Oxley is pushed into the cage. More punches to the ribs from Gomez until the ref calls for a stand up with 10 seconds to go. Oxley lands a nice left and then tries a spinning back kick as the round closes. Oxley clings to his knee and looks injury from the kick but eventually returns to his feet. scores it 10-9 for Gomez.

Round 3 - Gomez goes low with a kick and just misses a big right from Oxley. Gomez gets the takedown, but Oxley grabs a guillotine. He can do little with it and is forced to give it up, and Gomez moves back into full guard to deliver additional blows. The pace slows, and the ref calls for action. Gomez works punches to the midsection and head and then postures up to deliver an elbow to the head. Gomez finds success with body-body-head combos and continues pressing his opponent deeper and deeper into the fence. Oxley tries to deliver shots from his back but doesn't have the position to do much. Gomez keeps his dominant top position and stays busy enough to avoid a restart by the ref. He's not doing much damage, but he's clearly win the round. Gomez then frees his legs and moves into sidemount. Despite the dominant position, he does little with it, and the crowd grows restless during the final minute of the round, which Gomez closes out with some additional ground and pound. It's a dominant but rather dull final frame, which scores 10-9 for Gomez. David Gomez def. Craig Oxley via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).


Round 1
- Ray opens with a quick flurry that knocks Clarke off balance. But Clarke pushes his opponent into the fence and looks for the takedown. Ray fends it off with his back against the cage and delivers some nice knees to the body. Clarke, though, keeps him shoved against the cage while trying to get underhooks. Ray, though, successfully fends it off the attack before trading knees from the clinch. The ref calls for a restart after a lull in action. Ray delivers a big shot and a knee, tosses his opponent to the mat, and then batters Clarke with punches from the mount. The stoppage comes just moments later. Joe Ray def. John Clarke via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 3:14.


Round 1 -
Round 1 - Little action early as the fighters test their range. Hieron lunges with a right ot he body that mises. Hieron throws a soft front kick that Riggs easily pushes away. Hieron lands a big right that stuns Riggs bit is knocked off balance when Riggs quickly recovers. Hieron goes high with a head kick that's partially blocked. Riggs misses with a Superman punch, and Hieron whiffs with a head kick. The pace slows a bit, and the crowd yells for action. The fighters trade jabs, and Riggs counters a right with a nice left. Hieron with an inside leg kick and then a combo that gets through a right, and he follows with a kick to the midsection. Hieron with another inside leg kick. The pace slows, and the crowd again yells for action. Riggs misses a Superman punch, and Hieron gets the takedown before the first round comes to an end. scores it 10-9 for Hieron.

Round 2 -
Little action to start the second round before Hieron lunges in with a right. A subsequent combo just misses as Riggs shows good head movement. Hieron throws a head kick that's checked, but he then moves and takes Riggs to the mat. Working from inside guard, Hieron throws a quick burst of punches to the ribs. Riggs avoids the head shots but takes more punches to the gut. Hieron throws more punches the midsection as Riggs throws some forearm strikes from his back. Hieron is staying busy, but it doesn't appear the body shots are doing much damage. He continues throwing more punches to the ribs and mixes in a couple shots to the head. Hieron looks to pass guard, but Riggs pulls him back in. The crowd becomes restless and begins booing again. Riggs controls Hieron's wrists and the assault slows. Riggs lands a nice punch from his back, but Hieron tees off with more shots to the body, and Riggs' side is clearly bruising. Hieron postures up for some bigger punches and finally lands. Riggs works his way back to his feet, though, but Hieron makes him pay with a knee to the body before the round ends. scores another one for Hieron, 10-9.

Round 3 - A touch of gloves gets the final frame underway. Riggs lands a nice right hook that stuns Hieron. However, Hieron again takes the top position once the fight goes to the mat. Riggs has a deep cut now from near his left eye, and it could be problematic. Riggs tries to shake the blood out of his eye as Hieron blankets him. Hieron does just enough to avoid the stand up and works to improve his position with Riggs shoved into the fence. The ref finally calls for a stand up, an we start in the center of the cage. Hieron lands a vicious punch as Riggs charges in and is immediately put on his back. Riggs quickly recovers but again finds himself on his back as Hieron covers him from the top. Hieron works punches to the side and head as Riggs tries to work his way back to his feet while against the cage, Riggs looks for a kimura but doesn't appear to have the position he needs. It could be his only hope for a win, though, and as blood gushes from his eye, he finally has to give it up. With 10 seconds to go, the ref calls for a stand up, but neither can do anything with the time remaining. scores it 10-9 for Hieron in what should be a clean sweep on the judges' cards. Jay Hieron def. Joe Riggs via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).


This fight has been skipped due to time constraints.

Main Card


Round 1 -
A touch of gloves gets us started as Sims taunts his opponent. Sims throws some ugly jabs and eats a shot from Lashley. Sims backs him up before Lashley shoots and gets the easy takedown. Working from inside full guard, Lashley delivers a quick burst of shots to the head but can't pass gaurd as Sims pulls him back close. Lashley, though. continues with shots to the head and body from his top position and then postures up for a couple big right hands. Lashley continues the assault and even stands to deliver the punches at one point. Sims rolls over, Lashley continues the assault, and the referee is forced to intervene. Sims, though, isn't happy about it. Bobby Lashley def. Wes Sims via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 2:06.


Round 1 -
No touch of the gloves as this striker vs. striker bout gets underway. Manhoef stalks as Lawler slowly circles. Manhoef lands a leg kick but misses the next one. The pace slows as the fighters circle, but Lawler creates some action with a kick to the body. Manhoef answers with one of his own and then tags Lawler with a knee when he moves in. Manhoef lands another nice inside leg kick and then fakes another to set up a combo that Lalwer can only partially block. Manhoef then lands another couple kicks, unloads a combo, and then delivers kicks to the body and legs to knock Lawler off balance. Lawler stumbles away and then takes more punches and kicks, and it's obvious Lawler is hurt. Manhoef remains patient and throws another inside leg kick and another before Lawler throws a desperation overhand left that catches Manhoef perfectly and sends him stumbling to the mat. The ref jumps in and calls a halt to the action for the shocking finish. Robbie Lawler def. Melvin Manhoef via KO (punch) - Round 1, 3:33.


Round 1 -
A touch of gloves gets us started. The fighters trade jabs, and Walker gets the best of it. Walker lands a nice low kick and Nagy moves oddly around the cage. Walker lands another low kick and then secures a front head lock and drags his opponent to the mat. Walker works from the north-south and may not know what to do. However, he wisely slides around, puts Nagy on his back, and delivers punches while trying to move into mount. Nagy tries to secure a leg from his back, and the fighters get twisted up as Walker tries to keep his top position. The 47-year-old NFL great collapses Nagy's legs toward his body and continues the assault. Nagy still clings to his leg and tries to straighten it out for a knee bar, but Walker escapes and returns to a north-south position before rolling Nagy to his back. Walker moves to the side mount position, puts a forearm across his opponent's throat and then pins an arm with his leg. Nagy frees the arm but eats some punches before the round ends. It's all Walker, who earns the round 10-9 on the scorecard.

Round 2 - Nagy looks for the jab but takes a kick to the legs. Walker throws another, avoids a takedown, and then gets his underhooks and drops Nagy to the mat. Walker works from side control as Nagy turns his back to him. Walker then takes his back and flattens out Nagy. Nagy wisely rolls back to his back, abut Walker is now in the mount position. Nagy tries to roll up and use his legs to pull Walker off. Walker is too high on Nagy, and he nearly escapes out the back door. Walker, though, quickly takes the top position and clings to Nagy as he gets back to his feet. Walker then delivers knees before Nagy drops to his knees. Walker works from the north-south position and then takes his opponent's back. Nagy again turns his back to him while lying on his side, but Walker again takes his back. He can't get in his hooks, though, but Walker softens him up with punches from behind. Nagy tries to roll to his back but continues eating punches as he's rolled to his back. Walker rains down punches from the mount position to close out the round. It's all Walker, who does enough to win the round 10-9 but not enough for a 10-8.

Round 3 - Nagy swings wildly to open the round, but Walker pushes him into the cage and easily gets the takedown. The crowd boos Nagy's lack of effort. Walker tries to improve his position while the duo leans against the cage, and Walker secures the mount. Nagy again pulls his legs up from behind Walker, who's forced to go high up on his opponent's body while in the mount. Walker unloads some punches, Nagy rolls over, and Walker throws some more. Nagy looked as though he may have tapped, but the fight goes on. With Nagy covering his head, Walker works shots to the body. The ref has seen enough and waves off the fight, which Walker wins via TKO. Herschel Walker def. Greg Nagy via TKO (strikes) - Round 3, 2:17.


Round 1 -
Coenen throws a front kick, but Santos clinches and pushes her into the fence. Coenen now clings tight to avoid any separation. On the break, Coenen throws a forearm strike that grazes the champ. After a clinch, Santos scores the trip takedown and works inside full guard. Santos breaks free, stands, dives in with a right, and then drops back into full guard. Santos stands again to deliver a couple shots before returning to full guard. Santos stands out of an armbar attempt and then dives in with a big right that just misses. Santos stands again and waves for Coenen to stand. Coenen gets through a right but takes a flurry. Coenen returns fire, and the fighters trade additional shots before separating. Coenen lands a shot and shoots, but Santos sprawls. Coenen pushes her into the cage Coenen delivers some footstomps before trading knees to the body. Coenen throws another forearm strike on the break and then lands a body shot when Santos charges in. Santos, though, lands a couple nice shots and a spinning back kick that just misses the face before the round ends. It's a close, competitive first round, but scores it 10-9 for Santos.

Round 2 - Coenen lands a left but eats a flurry from Santos and is knocked down (more from a trip than the punch). Santos throws Coenen back to the mat when she tries to get up, and Santos then stands over her to deliver leg kicks. Santos then dives in, but Coenen secures full guard. The fighters have a stalemate as each jockeys for position, but Santos gets through a couple punches from the top position. She then pushes Coenen into the cage, stands over, and delivers a shot to the stomach. The ref eventually lets Coenen stand again, and Santos tags her with an inside leg kick. Coenen gets through a right but is again countered. Santos then lands a low kick and left hand to the face. Coenen moves with a shot of her won, but Santos counters, defends a takedown and puts Coenen again on her back. Coenen looks for the triangle choke, but Santos powers out of it, stands over Coenen and then dives with a punch. Santos postures up and rains down a quick succession of right hands. Santos backs away and fires kick at her legs and then dives in with a right that just misses. Santos again postures up and delivers punches to the face as the round comes to a close. It's all Santos, who takes the round 10-9.

Round 3 - Santos counters a low kick with a right, fends off a trip takedown and bum rush, and uses the cage to keep her balance by backing into it. Coenen looks for the underhooks but can't out-muscle the champ. Santos pushes her off, Coenen puts her back to the cage, and Santos unloads a flurry before taking her opponent back to the mat. Santos frees a leg and delivers punches. Coenen stays active from the buttom, but Santos gives her no openings. Santos is pulled back into full guard, and the pace slows a bit. Santos, though, rises up to deliver big punches, but Coenen trips her and uses the opportunity to get back to her feet. Coenen shoots, but Santos collapses on top of her and unloads a barrage of punches that Coenen can only partially land. The shots keep coming, and the ref is forced to intervene to halt the action. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos def. Marloes Coenen via TKO (strikes) - Round 3, 3:40 (to retain Strikeforce women's lightweight title)


Round 1 -
Diaz waves in his opponent and sidesteps a flying front kick. Diaz lands a couple quick punches, and Zaromskis has to retreat briefly. Diaz unloads more punches and has the clear reach advantage. Zaromskis slows him with a knee to the body, and the fighters clinch. Diaz pushes Zaromskis into the cage and works for the single-leg takedown. He softens the DREAM vet with knees to the inside leg and just wears down Zaromskis' right leg with the shots. Diaz has landed nearly three dozen of the shots before he briefly takes Zaromskis to the mat. Zaromskis gets right back up, and Diaz chases with him punches. Zaromskis lands a nice left and then drops Diaz with a right, but the California fighter quickly recovers. Diaz kneels, and Zaromskis collapses on top of him. He can't do anything with it, and Diaz gets back to his feet and then unloads big shots from range. Zaromskis lands a forearm strikes when the distance closes, but once clinches, Diaz unloads knees to the body and then lands more big punches from distance. Diaz checks a head kick, lands a nice combo, and then batters Zaromskis with a couple right hands a brutal body shot. Diaz continues the punches from all angles, and Zaromskis is clearly wobbled. Diaz drops Zaromskis with a right, and the bout is waved off. Diaz with the TKO win. Nick Diaz def. Marius Zaromskis via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 4:38 (to become Strikeforce welterweight champion)

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OMG Robbie Lawler..............
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A shocker but not too much of a stretch considering Lawler has power. Man, I wonder if Lawler will be able to walk tomorrow, his leg got destroyed.
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That was crazy. I was getting mad because Lawler didn't even throw any punches the whole time, he was just a moving target. Those leg kicks were sick! Then like the first punch Robbie finally throws and Bam! Fights over.
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Man, Melvin paid the price on that one. Those leg kicks were brutal though.
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Lawler was never in trouble with Manhoef, you could tell that was his game plan. Lawler played manhoef like a fiddle. Did you guys see Manhoefs eyes rolled up into his head? How bout the Nagy fight? Nagy looked to be the weakest opponent ive ever seen fight in my life, that was pathetic.
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LOVE to see Lawler with a gameplan!

I wasn't even sure he knew what one was. I mean we're talking about Robbie-'you mean just walk into the cage, stick my chin out and punch as hard as I can, right?'-Lawler.

BUT, if he can actually LEARN to implement a gameplan, maybe work on his tdd a little bit, he showed that he still has alot of power in his hands, AND is still pretty young, I could see him actually being more than a gatekeeper in the MW division.

Quick side-note, not AMAZING, but wow, have to say, I was really impressed with Hershall Walker, no joke, legit fighter, good well-rounded skills. He also showed he's got heavy hands.

On a related note, VERY disappointed with Lashley, didn't look great on his feet and was clearly illegally holding Sim's throat while trying to pound him out. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with that in UFC, but in SF it's against the rules, so you can't do it. I also think it was a little early stoppage, but didn't really felt like I saw Lashley fight at all. OBVIOUSLY Lashley was gonna win, but I DEFINITELY didn't want to see it happen like that.

Originally Posted by jcal View Post
Lawler was never in trouble with Manhoef, you could tell that was his game plan. Lawler played manhoef like a fiddle. Did you guys see Manhoefs eyes rolled up into his head? How bout the Nagy fight? Nagy looked to be the weakest opponent ive ever seen fight in my life, that was pathetic.
I have to quickly disagree. With how he was limping after the fight, and given a few shots he took. I think it WAS his gameplan, but I think he was still dangerously close to being KO'd. The head-shake was absolutely part of the gimmick, but he winced a few times that were absolutely not, after kicks and punches. MM is no joke, and RL did EXACTLY what he needed to do to beat him.

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