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Danm2501 04-12-2010 05:41 PM

Alex Reid: The Fight of His Life
Anyone else watching this show? Alex is probably one of the most famous MMA fighters in the UK, but he's not famous because of his fights, he's famous because he's banging a former Page 3 model and won Celebrity Big Brother. The show follows him travelling around the world training in a few largely pointless martial arts, starting with some unknown Spanish street-fighting art.

He's fighting Tom Watson, who you might have seen on the UFC 111 Primetime show, training with GSP. Watson has a Mixed Martial Arts record of 13-3, and is unbeaten in 7, winning his last fight via Head Kick KO. He trains alongside GSP at both Firas Zahabi's camp in Canada and down at Greg Jackson's camp. Reid on the other hand is fannying around learning some MC Fighting system in Spain, has a MMA record of 8-8, hasn't won since 2005 and is on a 6 fight losing streak, and that doesn't include his loss on The Ultimate Fighter series 9 to Dean Amasingher in the elimination bouts.

Reid has apparently been fighting K-1 in the UK since his last MMA fight, and if I recall correctly, been doing decently; but his MMA pedigree leaves much to be desired. He's fighting a serious competitor, that trains at 2 world class gyms. Whilst Watson was training with GSP, Reid was in the Big Brother house. Watson's also not going to be suffering with cage rust, as his last fight was in Feb; Reid's was in 2007.

So, as you can probably tell, I don't give Alex much of a hope in this fight. Although I did gain some respect for him in CBB, his previous antics (the arrogance in TUF and standing on a competitors head in the past) do put me off him though, and I hate the way he's become famous. The exposure for British MMA is good, but I'd rather people watched because they were interested in the sport, not because they want to see Jordan's husband on the tele. Should be an interesting show. Be interesting to see if he'll actually do any useful training, or whether he'll just fanny about learning pointless foreign martial arts. It does look like he trains with Roger Gracie at 1 point though, so it looks like there will be some useful training in there. He's simply not getting as good a training camp as Watson though, and I think that could be key.

vaj3000 04-12-2010 05:50 PM

lol its quite pitiful that he's the face of british cage fighting when he'd not even make it into the top 5 brit fighters:)
I constantly have to hear my dad telling me that he could beat up randy couture and chuck liddell ( yup my dad doesnt know diddley about mma but he understands the significance of those 2 in the mma world) it drives me nuts.

Am i losing my mind or did i see reid on TUF trying to get onto the british team but losing?

Danm2501 04-12-2010 05:53 PM

Haha, that is awesome. I'd love to see Reid in with Liddell or Couture, it'd be entertaining as hell. Not sure Alex'd enjoy it, though I'm sure he'd be talking shit as Randy slams him on his head.

Nope, you're not losing your mind, he fought the Mr-T look-a-like Dean Amasingher. He had Dean in a triangle a couple of times, and was talking shit the whole fight (even when in bad positions), but couldn't finish, and ended up losing a decision IIRC.

What I like most is that Watson's training with Zahabi and Jackson whilst Alex is training with some spaniards by a skip and Thompson, Hathaway, Al-Turk and Zaromskis at London Shootfighters. Doesn't quite compare.

vaj3000 04-12-2010 06:16 PM

i could vaguely remember him grinning like a cheshire cat throughout the fight...that said that mr T lookalike was pretty poor fighter. he lost is tuf fight didnt he (cant remember how but i remember him looking dejected
i like zaromskis and when he kicks you clean its good night but its no where near the same level as GSP's n greg jacksons lot.

Danm2501 04-12-2010 06:25 PM

Yeah, Dean pretty much sucked on the show. Couldn't remember how he got beaten either, but it was by DaMarques Johnson via submission apparently. So at least he got beaten by a decent fighter, DaMarques has looked very good since his loss to Wilks at the Finale.

Just checked the BAMMA website to see how much demand there'd been for tickets, and it's been pretty mental. There are a few tickets left in the worst place in the arena, and a couple in the better areas, but it's almost entirely sold out. Tickets were pricey too, £150 if you wanted tickets in the decent part of the arena. Not a particularly stacked card either, other than the Watson-Reid fight, the only other notable names on the card are Seth Petruzelli and TUF Almuni Jeff Lawson. Really not worth paying out £150 for tickets.

Just seen the end of the first episode. Reid got submitted by Gracie 9 times in what can't have been longer than 10 minutes. He seemed to tap as soon as Gracie got a hold of him. Gracie moved his arm under Alex's chin to secure a rear-naked, and before he could even get close to sinking it in, Alex tapped. Then he got beaten up by 8 blokes in the MC Fighting demonstration, wasn't particularly impressive. The preview for the 2nd episode doesn't look great for Reid either. Looked like he was getting schooled by some Indian MMA fighter, before comparing himself to Gandhi. Brilliant.

Hawndo 04-12-2010 06:53 PM

Anyone seen the video of Alex Reid fighting Ninja Rua? Shit is Brutal just constant knees to Alex's coupon if I remember right.

I don't dislike him, seems dumb as a bag of rocks but an alright guy, I just sincerely doubt his MMA skills since he has been beaten 6 on the trot. Got a feeling Kong is going to run a train on him. especially if Kong is up training with Greg freakin Jackson and GSP whilst he is learning Indian stick fighting and what not.

Killz 04-13-2010 07:57 AM

I caught the last 10 minutes of this last night by pure chance. Sky+ it (on the +1 channel) so i'm gonna watch it tonight.

the few fights ive seen of alex reid were far from impressive and he seems to have become a bit of a cage fighting poster boy for people who know nothing about MMA in the UK, just because he is banging Jordan.

On friday when i told my boss of my plans to watch UFC112 at the weekend he asked me if, "that was the on Alex Reid was fighting on?"...

Greg (UK) 04-13-2010 08:28 AM

[QUOTE=Danm2501;1159995]Yeah, Dean pretty much sucked on the show. Couldn't remember how he got beaten either, but it was by DaMarques Johnson via submission apparently.

Dean lost by triangle choke on the show.

vaj3000 04-17-2010 01:29 PM

Alex Reid 'pulls out of cage fight'
Thursday, April 15 2010, 18:43 BST

By Adam Silverstein

Alex Reid has apparently dropped out of his forthcoming televised cage fight against rival Tom 'Kong' Watson.

The BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) match was scheduled to take place on May 15 in Birmingham. It is thought that Reid was planning to utilise skills he picked up during his Bravo show The Fight Of His Life in order to defeat his opponent.

However, Watson has now posted a message on his website stating that the battle is not going ahead.

He wrote: "It is now officially true, my fears have become reality... Alex Reid has pulled out of the fight with me on May 15. I was informed almost two weeks ago that Alex was complaining of a knee injury and was asking for the fight date to be moved.

"BAMMA asked to have their doctor examine Alex to which he refused and stated that it was no problem, he was definitely going to fight in May."

Watson added: "At this point BAMMA wanted to try and line up a replacement but after Alex had publicly done such press for the fight, CPL chose to air the programme on Bravo this Monday to eventually coincide with the fight in May. This convinced everyone involved including myself that Alex would be fighting.

"From my perspective, I am so angry at the way he has disrespected me in his behaviour... He has shown no concern for the money I have spent travelling back and forth and in camp for this fight."

Watson yesterday slammed Reid for going on holiday to Egypt with wife Katie Price weeks before the fight.

Hawndo 04-17-2010 01:54 PM

In this fight one of two things was happening, Reid's career would be brutally ended in the cage or he was pulling out.

Sucks for Kong but very sensibly move on Reid's part, saved himself some destruction.

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