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dudeabides 08-19-2010 10:14 PM

Sengoku 14: Jorge Santiago vs Kazuo Misaki

dudeabides 08-22-2010 07:25 AM

Santiago wins thanks to Misaki's corner:


Round 1: They circle and clinch along the ropes, where Santiago lands a few glancing knees to the body and Misaki answers with foot stomps. They disengage and Santiago jumps in with a knee, which Misaki uses to drag him to the mat. Misaki working from half guard on the right side of Santiago, leaning across the champion and elbowing him in the thigh. Misaki seems unsure of what to do next, stalls out and stands up. Another takedown and Misaki moves straight to side control. Misaki gets stuffed back and stands over Santiago with a minute left. He dodges upkicks and dives back into Santiago's guard, where the round ends. 10-9 Misaki.

Round 2: Misaki lands a couple kicks to the midsection of Santiago then stuffs a long single-leg attempt. Santiago trying flying knees and head kicks, but Misaki is blocking everything well. Misaki charges in with a one-two to the guts of Santiago. Now it's Santiago who rushes Misaki, and Misaki grabs a guillotine and jumps guard! It looks tight for a moment, but Santiago pops his head out. Misaki gets full mount, though, and is putting a hand over Santiago's mouth to disrupt his breathing. Santiago rolls for a heel hook underneath, and the referee stands them up mid-submission attempt because they're under the ropes. No matter as there were only a few seconds left in the round. 10-9 Misaki.

Round 3: Santiago backs Misaki into the corner and lands a solid knee to the jaw from the clinch. They move along the ropes and Misaki grabs a guillotine, then connects with a knee of his own. Santiago sends Misaki crashing down with a nasty head kick and pounces with hard punches on the floor. Yoshinori Umeki Misaki survives and Santiago looks for a heel hook, but it doesn't come. Santiago standing over Misaki, still punching away. Misaki escapes to his feet but is soon taken down and closes up guard. Misaki has a bad cut on what appears to be his right eyelid from the head kick. Misaki doing well to tie up and minimize space between himself and the Brazilian. 10-9 Santiago.

Round 4: Misaki spends the first part of the round clinching with Santiago in the corner, then tries for a hip toss which fails. Misaki cracks Santiago with a one-two and the champion goes down, but Misaki can't finish him off. Santiago gives up his back momentarily and Misaki tries for the rear-naked choke. No dice. North-South position for Misaki now, kneeing the head of Santiago. Misaki tries a guillotine and rolls Santiago over. More knees to the face. Santiago turtling up and goes through the ropes. Referee Umeki issues him a red card! Completely uncalled for. While this is happening, Misaki is resting against the neutral corner, looking a bit worn. Both men throwing haymakers in the final seconds of the round. Santiago connects, dropping Misaki, but Misaki rolls through. The round ends with Santiago pounding Misaki's face. Marlon Sandro can't believe it. 10-8 Misaki after the red card.

Round 5: Santiago comes straight forward and blasts Misaki with several flush punches. Misaki falls and the fighters become entangled in the ropes. Santiago gets full mount right at the edge of the ring. Santiago working on the right arm of Misaki, but doesn't spin out for the armbar. It's looking dire for Misaki, who's now fending off an arm-triangle attempt. Santiago relents and Misaki sweeps! Two minutes left. Santiago works a kimura on Misaki's arm and uses it to sweep and take the Hitman's back. Misaki twists and Santiago is in half-guard, then steps over to mount. Hammerfists from high mount and this looks close to being over! Misaki gives up his back and Santiago goes back to looking for the RNC. More and more unanswered punches coming from Santiago now, and Misaki's corner throws in the towel with 30 seconds left in the fight! What an incredible fight. Jorge Santiago (23-8) def. Kazuo Misaki (22-11-2) via TKO (corner stoppage) R5, 4:38

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