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Wrestlers taking over MMA?

If we look at all the division in the UFC a trend is appearing!

Heavy weight

Champ: Brock - wrestler
No 1 contender: Cain - wrestler

Light heavy weight

Champ: Shogun - striker
No 1 contender: Evans - wrestler(Gone back to wrestling)
Up and comers: jones - Wrestler(Gone to wrestling thanks to greg)

Middle weight

Champ: Anderson - Striker
No 1 contender: Chael - Wrestler

W(restler)elter weight

Champ: GSP - Wrestler
No 1 contender: Kos - Wrestler (Gone back to pure wrestling)
Other top contenders:
Fitch - Wrestler
Shields - Wrestler

Light weight

Champ: Frankie - wrestler
No 1 contender: Maynard - wrestler

It really is shocking to see how many fighters are using wrestling to get to the top of the divisions. Some use it well with a mix of striking and take downs such as frankie but other just use it for lay and pray or for control such as KOS and Fitch.

Why are so many using it now to dominate? and not years before ? since wrestling has always been around. One of the reasons i think is that in the early days fighters felt obligated to stand up for entertainment in fear of been boring and then been cut? but with the sport growing and top star GSP using it to dominate fighters now feel it ok to wrestle more? Or is it just the fact that the wrestlers know been BJJ and how to stop it by leaving little space(hugging) for it to be used that allows them to be more successful?

Why do you guys think it is ?

Do you think its potentially bad for the sport for wrestlers to dominate so much ?

"I tried to punch him, and he literally moved his head out of the way and looked at me like I was stupid for doing It"
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It's not a problem if they actually try to finish fights.
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Originally Posted by kritter View Post
It's not a problem if they actually try to finish fights.
I named 11 wrestlers 2 of them don't regularly go the distance problem then ?

"I tried to punch him, and he literally moved his head out of the way and looked at me like I was stupid for doing It"
- Forest Griffin

NPFFL: Alistair Overeem, Fedor Emelianenko, Shane Carwin, Chris Leben
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Wrestlers are starting to dominate, but it isn't surprising. The bottom line is, in any professional sport, or in fact, in any organized activity that rewards people with large sums of money, people will do whatever is necessary to win that money. Doesn't matter if it is MMA, baseball, chess, poker, whatever, there will be professionals who will analyze it and basically try to 'break' the system.

Whatever style gives the best chance to win is what you will see the most of at the highest level. It's like the dead puck era in hockey, when teams like the New Jersey Devils played this suffocating defensive style, but it worked, so others did it until almost everyone did. Coaches and players don't care how something looks, they don't care what the fans think, they want to win. Full stop. The reason wrestlers are slightly overrepresented in MMA is because if you have to have only one style without being effective at everything else, wrestler is by far the most effective. It is the style most likely to let a newer, less experienced fighter have success.

Wrestling in MMA isn't at that point, it isn't so dominating that no non-wrestler has a chance. You could argue it is trending that way. Lets not make the mistake of blaming the fighters though, even if it did reach that point, they are just going to do whatever is best for them.

It is up to the fighters who don't have the wrestling background to learn to defend a takedown well enough to stop it, or be physically strong enough to do it. It should be pretty obvious by now if you can't defend takedowns in the modern MMA world, or get up easily if you are taken down, or attack effectively from the bottom, you are going to lose. And if you can't do any of those things, you deserve to lose.

If MMA reaches the point where every champ and every contender is a primarily a wrestler, then it might be time to consider tweaking the rules the way other sports have, but we aren't there yet. To me, the onus is still on the fighters to defend themselves against it, and have a well rounded game.

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Yes they are taking over, yes its very boring to see.

It will only get worse aswell imo.

Just like to add that I cant blame the fighters for this either, they are doing what they need to do for the moneyz

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Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today, but I am getting really irritated by some of the things said on here today. I guess I need to take my pill!!

Yes, wrestlers are having success. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing!

Here is the deal. MMA is a sport of evolution. Fighers have to evolve. What we are seeing is the fact that today's fighters are evolving to encompass just one more tool to their bag of tricks to win fights. When MMA first started it was BJJ. Like him or not, Gracie showed the world that BJJ was a dominant tool to use in MMA. So EVERYONE started including BJJ in their training. Now, virtually every fighter has a high level of BJJ.

The same will be said for wrestling at some point. We are seeing the guys that excel at wrestling dominate guys using that tool. But as sure as I'm typing this, in a few short years (maybe sooner) you will see virtually every fighter encompass a high level of wrestling into their arsenal. So I say good for the wrestlers!

I have said this about GSP many times before. IF he is dominating people on the ground using his wrestlig then why in the hell would he change his gameplan? The fact of the matter is, it's up to the rest of the division to beat him! Take the Kos fight. If he doesn't spend his entire camp getting back to tip top wrestling shape then it's going to be a long night for him!

Bottom line is, we are seeing MMA evolution right before our eyes. We are watching fighters add EVERYTHING they can to their arsenal. This includes wrestling. Just like BJJ in the old days, once every fighter develops their wrestling game to the highest level, there will be a new discipline that one fighter uses that will set the stage for the next phase of MMA evolution. What will that be? Who knows! But I for one am excited to see this happening. Fighters are becoming so well rounded that it gets down to a pure game of strategy using every tool available. Ultimately, it will only make fights that much more exciting to watch!!
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Well, there's a solution if you dont like wrestlers. Go watch boxing or K-1.

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IMO it's more than just the technique of wrestling that makes wrestlers dominante, the attitude of wrestlers and experience with weight cutting are both huge attributes. IMO Eventually all the fighters will either be MMA trained from a young age or come from wresttling. Strikers, Judoka, and BJJ players will no longer make it to the top levels unless they are elite athletes like GSP.
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The UFC just has to change it's rules and force the wrestlers to actually fight.

Nik Lentz won his fight 30-27 and in the 1st round he couldn't even get w takedown. He won the whole round based on fence stacking.

It's so stupid, you don't even score points in ACTUAL wrestling like that and guys win fights like that in the UFC. Wrestlers have to do LESS than thy do in the NCAA than the UFC. That's an obvious issue.
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I don’t think there is a problem with having to many wrestlers in the UFC. Fighters like Frankie Edgar, Chael Sonnen etc who use there wrestling skills to gain positions to attack.
I do however think there is a big problem with the amount of fighters who just seem to purely wrestle in the UFC at the moment like Fitch, Maynard etc and the numbers seem to be growing. In fairness they are tough guys and i couldn't do what they do, but i personally find it very boring to watch.
The UFC seems intent on stacking there books with wrestlers, i just wish they would choose them a bit better and let it be known that wasting time leaning on someone against a cage or just laying on someone to eek out a win may earn them a victory on the night but not a new UFC contract.
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