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dudeabides 09-08-2010 07:39 PM

Shark Fights 13: Danillo Villefort vs Joey Villasenor

dudeabides 09-11-2010 11:17 PM

Villefort! By decision...


Round 1 - Villasenor paws a few jabs to open. Villefort throws a hard right that falls short, but he lands a probing low kick. Villefort lands to the guy, and Villasenor answers in kind. Villefort shoots in and drives Villasenor to the canvas. Half-mount for Villefort, and he looks for an arm-triangel choke. Villasenor works his arm free, but Villefort passes out to side control. Villasenor regains half-guard, then a butterfly. Villefort stands and fires a big right as he presses back into half-mount. Villasenor spins his head away from the cage, but he is having trouble operating from his back. Cross-face for Villefort, and he lands a few left hands. Villasenor preventing the pass underneath,and he lands a right hand when he escapes as Villefort tries to attack the arm. Slip from Villefort. He shoots, but Villasenor sprawls well adn falls on top. Round ends there, and it's 10-9 Villefort on the card.

Round 2 - Villasenor moving laterally, and Villefort tries an overhand right. Villasenor lands a jab. Into the clinch, and Villasenor pulls away but eats a knee. Villefort lands a front kick. Villasenor tries a knee, but he's dropped by a counter right. He rolls, stands and smiles. Villasenor tries a high kick. Villasenor leaps in with a knee. The two trade, and Villefort signals for more. It's all bait though, and he lands a takedown when his opponent moves forward. Villasenor with guard underneath, but Villefort works in a big right hand. Villefort passes out to half-mount. He gets mount. Villasenor tries an immediate sweep. It doesn't work, but he does regain guard. Villefort punches to the gut. Villasenor kicks his legs up, but Villefort feels it and immediately shoves them off. Villefort works to the side, and Villasenor prevents the mount pass as time expires. It's another round for Villefort on the card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Villasenor opens with an uppercut. Villefort answers with a kick to the legs. Villefort not uncomfortable on his feet, and he lands a nice leg kick. Villasenor misses with punches and moves into the clinch. Villasenor controls against the cage and lands a left hand in a brief moment of space. Villefort switches off, but Villasenor spins immediately back to the outside. Villasenor relentless with the bodylock and gets a trip. He tries to posture and land, but Villefort does a nice job of pushing him away and avoiding damage. Villefort defending well on bottom, and Villasenor gets careless, he spins under and out and takes the back. Villasenor turtled on the canvas. Villasenor spins, but it just leaves him on his back. Villefort advances to mount. And lands a few punches. Bell rings, and it's a nice performance from the late replacement. Villasenor had a nice early round, but Villefort took it late. It's 10-9 on the card for Villefort, who also takes the fight, 30-27. Danillo Villefort def. Joey Villasenor via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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