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dudeabides 10-27-2010 10:48 PM

Sengoku 15: Hiroshi Izumi vs James Zikic

dudeabides 10-30-2010 06:09 AM

'Hometown decision' they said it not just me, for Izumi.


Round 1: Lots of feinting and half-stepping in the first 60 seconds, but an early one-two from Zikic opens up a cut on the right eyebrow of Izumi. Referee Ryogaku Wada wants the doctor to check it, and they continue after about a minute of conferring. Izumi trying to throw his (apparently now-trademark) overhand right, but it's not landing. He turns his hips and tries to toss Zikic, but gets nothing there either. Zikic repeatedly landing his left hook and jab, bloodying the eye of Izumi again. Two minutes left and ref Wada is looking for a chance to break this up for another cut check. Izumi eats a hard right from Zikic and drags the Brit down with a single-leg. Not much action from Izumi in Zikic's half-guard, just pinning down Zikic's wrist and trying to avoid punches. Izumi stands and delivers a few limp kicks to the midsection of the grounded Zikic as the round ends. 10-9 Zikic.

Round 2: Zikic goes back to plunking Izumi with his jab to open the second. Izumi threatening to shoot, doesn't. Zikic connecting over and over with his left while Izumi just shadowboxes. Finally, Izumi wings an overhand right, wades inside and grabs a waistlock, but Zikic shucks him. Izumi throwing his overhand "harpoon" punch over and over, eating counters from Zikic each time. 10-9 Zikic.

Round 3: Izumi attempts to initiate the clinch, gets blocked by Zikic, who's throwing one-two combinations now as opposed to single shots. Izumi doubles over for the takedown attempt, eats a left hand and wades out. He goes for it again, gets Zikic down, but quickly gets rolled by Zikic. Three minutes left and Izumi needs a miracle to win here. Zikic still pumping the left jab, switches it up with a right leg kick. Izumi ties up and trips Zikic down, finally getting into Zikic's open guard. Zikic giving Izumi equal offense from the bottom, then throws his legs up, perhaps looking to snare the judoka in an armbar. Izumi uses the opening to pass to Zikic's left side with 60 seconds left in the fight. Very short hammerfists from Izumi, while Zikic uses his right hand to punch and knees Izumi in the dome. Izumi tries to mount, but Zikic escapes to the feet, where the fight ends. 10-9 Zikic, and a clean sweep for the former Cage Rage champ on our card.

Hiroshi Izumi def. James Zikic via split decision (30-29, 29-30, 30-29)

Guymay 10-30-2010 06:36 AM

That was probably the WORST decision i ever saw .

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