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dudeabides 10-27-2010 11:00 PM

Sengoku 15: Shintaro Ishiwatar vs Taiyo Nakahara

dudeabides 10-30-2010 03:38 AM

Nakahara wins by SD, but the fight callers thought it was a robbery:


Round 1: Both men landing some hard punches in the early goings, Ishiwatari getting a little better of the exchanges with his right hook. Nakahara stumbles Ishiwatari with a one-two, but gets reckless coming in and eats a big right hand of his own, sending him down to the mat. Ishiwatari gives chase and tries to pound him out, but Nakahara pulls guard and survives. Back to the feet, another punch drops Nakahara, but again Ishiwatari can't finish on the ground. Nakahara rolls through to a nasty-looking kneebar, but Ishiwatari shakes his head, Nakahara lets go. With 20 seconds left, Nakahara grabs the lock again, but Ishiwatari rides it out. 10-9 Ishiwatari.

Round 2: After a minute of tentative striking, Ishiwatari drills Nakahara with a leaping left hand, then a follow-up right. Nakahara immediately drives forward and takes Ishiwatari down, but Ishiwatari scoots out and wants it back standing. They're trading single shots until Ishiwatari accidentally jabs Nakahara in the eye. Nakahara takes a minute to recover and they restart... whereupon Ishiwatari kicks him square in the groin. It's clearly accidental, but the referee issues him a yellow card nonetheless. Ishiwatari catches Nakahara with a nice knee coming in, then grabs a guillotine as he goes to guard. That's where it ends. 10-9 Ishiwatari, and 20-18 Ishiwatari on our card.

Taiyo Nakahara def. Shintaro Ishiwatari via split decision (20-19, 20-20, 20-20)
* Two judges scored the bout a draw, with both giving the "must decision" to Nakahara, awarding him the win by split decision.

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