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dudeabides 03-02-2011 08:29 PM

Strikeforce: Jorge Masvidal vs Billy Evangelista

dudeabides 03-05-2011 10:36 PM

Masvidal wins a UD:


Round 1 - Evangelita strikes first, but the punches are blows. Masvidal then sidesteps his leg kicks. The fighters trade punches, and only Evangelita gets through a few. Evangelita again is quicker to the punch. Evangelita with a lunging right, but Masvidal catches a kick and lands a straight right that briefly knocks his opponent off balance. They remain clinches, and Evangelita works knees. Masvidal avoids any damage and then fends off a takedown attempt. Evangelita lands an overhand elbow strike and then resets. Masvidal with a nice combo of body and head punches, but Evangelita returns fire and then dips to get a takedown. Masvidal works a guillotine from his back, but he doesn't appear to have the leverage and lets it go. Masvidal gets back to his feet, and Evangelita presses him into the cage. Masvidal lands a nice knee, and they reset. Masvidal catches a low kick and then shucks off a takedown attempt. The fighters trade jabs in the center of the cage. Evangelita snaps off a nice low kick. It's a close round, but gives the edge to Evangelita, 10-9.

Round 2 - Masvidal works jabs as Evangelita looks for a takedown. They circle, and Masvidal blocks punches before clinching. Evangelita presses him to the cage, and Evangelita looks for a trip takedown. Masvidal is quickly back up, and they work from the cinch again. Masvidal catches a low kick and dumps Evangelita, but he's quickly back to his feet. Masvidal gets through a jab and then easily stuffs a takedown. Masvidal lands a nice lunging punch to the body. The fighters trade blows and reset. Evangelita ducks under hooks and shoots, but Masvidal stuffs it and gets his own single-leg as the ref warns Evangelita about grabbing the cage. Evangelita easily is back up, and Masvidal wraps the hips and slams him back down. Evangelita goes to his knees, and Masvidal looks for a choke. Evangelita quickly is back up, though, and they reset. Masvidal's head movement helps him avoid Evangelita's heavy shots, and he then tags Evangelita with a jab as the round ends. It's another close one, but scores it 10-9 for Masvidal.

Round 3 - Evangelita swings first, but most of the punches are blocked. Evangelita throws a low kick as the pace slows. Masvidal lands a jab. Evangelita answers with a low kick. Evangelita shoots, grabs a single leg, but Masvidal stays upright. Evangelita presses him into the cage, but Masvidal escapes. Back to the center of the cage, and Masvidal paws his jab. He then lands a nice right that briefly stunned Evanglista. Evangelita returns fire and just pisses with cross punches. Masvidal presses him into the cage and looks for the takedown. The boo birds are coming out now. Masvidal ducks under a punch and then high steps away. Evangelita looks for lunging jabs. Both throw and miss from distance. The boo birds are multiplying. Evangelita pushes forward with punches, but Masvidal avoids anything substantial. The fighters clinch and close out an action-light round. sees no winner, scores it 10-10 for the round and 29-29 overall. Jorge Masvidal def. Billy Evangelista via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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