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dudeabides 03-02-2011 08:40 PM

Strikeforce: Marloes Coenen vs Liz Carmouche

dudeabides 03-05-2011 11:29 PM

Coenen comes back to win by a 4th round triangle choke!


Round 1 - Coenen with an early low kick. The fighters paw jabs, and Coenen lands another low kick. Carmouche answers. Coenen with a nice combo. Carmouche looks for a combo but eats a straight right. Carmouche goes low with a kick and eats another straight. The fighters trade low kicks, and Carmouche just avoids a high kick. The crowd is a bit impatient. Carmouche works low kicks, and Coenen answers. Coenen clinches, but Carmouche pushes her into the cage. Coenen then reserves and delivers knees. The trade positions again and again. Both throw short knees, but little substantial is landing. The fighters trade foot stomps while still clinched. Coenen lands a low kick but misses high. Carmouche answers and avoids a counter shot. Coenen lands a front kick to the body and then another before the round ends. She then gets through a quick right hook. scores it 10-9 for the champ, Coenen.

Round 2 - Coenen connects on low kicks, and Carmouche lands equally solid kicks. Coenen keeps at it, and Carmouche shoots. Coenen puts her back against the cage and reverses the position but takes a solid footstomp. Coenen lands a knee from clinch and looks for the guillotine as Carmouche scrambles. Carmouche presses her into the fence to create leverage, but Coenen tightens the hold, and it's deep. Coenen falls to her backm but Carmouche pops free and is now in top position. Coenen secures her in full guard. Coenen looks for an armbar, but Carmouche escapes and then rains down two heavy punches before returning to full guard. Carmouche postures up and improves to side control. A short-lived north-south position prompts cat calls. Carmouche moves to side control and then mounts Coenen while she's on her side. She flattens out the champ and delivers punches while Coenen covers up. Carmouche pins an arm with her knee and continues the punishment. Not a ton is landing, though. The heavy blows, though, soon follow. Carmouche ends the round with a flurry and takes the round, 10-9.

Round 3 - Carmouche moves in and clinches and pushes the action to the fencing. Coenen reverses, and then Carmouche does the same. Coenen looks for elbows, but Carmouche defends. Carmouche reverses again and delivers some footstomps. Coenen gets through a quick punch. The fighters continue jockeying for position while in the clinch. Carmouche fights off a trip takedown. Coenen gets through a knee to the body after creating some space. Carmouche looks for the trip takedown, and once Coenen lets go of the cage, she gets it. Carmouche moves into mount. Coenen tries to pull her close and then tries to buck free. Carmouche gets her balance from the mount and delivers a few punches. She then postures up to land more. Coenen can only cover up. Carmouche unloads more. Coenen tries to roll free, but Carmouche maintains dominant position. More punches come. Carmouche pins her arms with her knees, but she still can't get through more than a few punches as Coenen covers up. Carmouche closes out the round with a flurry, but Coenen gets a reprieve from the bell again. It's all Carmouche, 10-9.

Round 4 - Coenen quickly clinches and then lands on top when they hit the mat. Carmouche looks for the triangle choke, but Coenen stands out of it. Carmouche gets Coenen away and then pwoers her way back to her feet. Coenen grabs a leg and gets the trip-takedown. Carmouche tries to escape but gets trapped in a triangle choke. It's tight, and Coenen torques it and forces a stoppage. Champ Marloes Coenen def. Liz Carmouche via submission (triangle choke) - Round 4, 1:29 (retains women's welterweight title)

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