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kds13 02-10-2007 09:12 PM

Elite XC Results
Undercard Results

Bo Cantrell vs. Tim Persey
Round 1

The fighters trade wild punches with Cantrell getting the best of the exchange. Percy clinches with Cantrell against the cage. Percy lands a knee to the body. Percy unloads with a flurry of left and right hooks that knock out Cantrell. Percy wins by KO at 1:33 of the first.

Mike Pyle vs. Ross Ebanez Round 1
Pyle attacking Ross Ebanez’s legs. Pyle gets a takedown after catching a Ebanez kick. Pyle takes his back and works for a rear naked choke. Ross defending well. Pyle sinks in the choke and forces a tap. Impressive victory for Pyle at 1:55 of the first frame.

Adriano Pereira vs. Javier Vazquez Round 1
Vazquez lands a solid straight left. Pereira scores a takedown. Pereira stands up in the guard and attacks with punches. Both fighters back to their feet. Pereira faints and lands a right hook. Vazquez fires in a leg kick that find its target. Vazquez lunges in with a knee and avoids a takedown. Pereira rushes forward and lands 3 punches to his opponent's face. Pereira lands another solid punch before the round ends. scores the close first round 10-9 for Pereira.

Round 2Vazquez lands a solid body shot. Pereira scores with a punch that makes Vazquez grimace. Vazquez answers with a takedown. He stands up in guard and drops a hard punch down on his opponent's head. Vazquez working from half-guard and trying to pass. He moves to mount. Vazquez scores with elbows and punches. Pereira briefly got back to half-guard but Vazquez quickly advanced back to mount. Vazquez pounding away. One minute remains in the round. Referee Gary Ritter asks for more action. Vazquez drops down for a heel but Pereira escapes and takes the top position. scores the round 10-9 for Vazquez.

Round 3Vazquez opens up with his hands but nothing lands. Vazquez shoots in for a takedown but Pereira grabs the fence. Vazquez shoots in for another takedown but Pereira stuffs the attempt. Both fighters are fatigued. Vazquez lands a right counter. Vazquez lands another hard right hand. One minute remains in the bout. Pereira lands a punch and a knee. Pereira shoots and takes the fight to the canvas. Vazquez goes for an armbar but Pereira has none of it. scores the close third round 10-9 for Vazquez.

Official score:
29-28 Vazquez
29-27 Pereira
29-28 Vazquez
Javier Vazquez gets the split decision nod.

John Shackelford vs. James Edson Berto Round 1Berto lands a hard low kick. Berto lands a right hand and stuffs a Shackleford takedown attempt. Berto lands a left hand and explodes into a flying knee but Shackleford catches it and takes Berto to the canvas. Berto sweeps and passes to side-control. Berto steps back to his feet and invites Shackleford to follow. Berto lands a left striaght to the face then the body. Shackleford feels it and shoots for another takedown. Berto sprawls and stops it. Berto fires in a low kick that lands. scores the round 10-9 for Berto.

Round 2Berto is cutting off the cage and throwing straight punches. Berto lands a left straight. Berto lands another left. Berto lands a crushing left kick to the body and a left hook to the chin that sends Shackleford to the canvas. Shackelford weathers the storm and looks for for a heel hook. Berto holds his position and drops punches down until the ref stops the fight. The crowd is not pleased but Shackleford stopped defending. Berto wins at 2:27 of the second round.

Chris Gates vs. Riki Fukuda Round 1Fukuda scores a takedown to start the action. Fukuda bombs away with a right hand and a series of lefts from Gates' guard that forces the referee to step in and show mercy. Riki Fukuda wins by TKO at 1:18 of the first stanza.

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