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dudeabides 05-28-2011 02:05 PM

DREAM 17: Akiyo Nishiura vs Caol Uno

BobbyCooper 05-28-2011 02:06 PM

Wicky first round KO :thumbsup:

Gotta Love the guy!!

dudeabides 05-29-2011 10:28 AM

Uno wins by UD:


Round 1
Uno gets busy quickly, targeting body punches and low kicks at the attack-ready Nishiura. "Wicky" lobs some low kicks at the UFC vet in an attempt to catch him and slow him down, but Uno continues to dance just out of range, lunging in with single shots and low kicks. Uno ducks for a single, but pulls back at the last minute just before Nishiura almost swipes his face off with a low hook. Uno tries for the single again and though he does not get it, he takes Wicky's back in the rear waistlock, dragging him down to his knees.

Uno hops full onto Wicky's back, despite the pink-haired Shootor's squirming. He can't sink anything, but he does manage to stay glued on his back. It takes several minutes, but Nishiura's squirming eventually does get him a reversal into Uno's guard. Uno reverses that again and takes Nishiura's back momentarily before slipping off and getting back to his feet.

Uno shoots for another takedown and Wicky reverses for a moment. The reversal game tips back in Uno's favor shortly after as Uno slips again to Wicky's back where he threatens with the choke. Uno has only Nishiura's left left locked up from behind, which is probably why he's able to spin into Uno's guard soon after. Uno again reverses and takes Wicky's back in the rear waistlock as he attempts to stand up. Referee Samio Kimura breaks them up once they're back on their feet.

The wily Nishiura lunges with a flying knee which Uno evades and uses as a takedown opening. He again takes Wicky's back in the waistlock however. Without his hooks in, Uno snakes his arms around Nishiura's neck in the rear-naked choke setup, but does so in such a way that it appears to be more of a crank or face lock since he's off to the side of Wicky's back. It looks nasty, but somehow the pink-haired painter survives the submission attempt and hangs on until the bell, seconds later.

Round 2
Uno blocks a Nishiura high kick and starts dancing on the outside again, masking his intent to drop and slide in for the single leg. Wicky stuffs it and they're back in the clinch. Referee Kimura breaks them up momentarily to reapply Uno's breathing strip. When they resume Uno is put against the ropes, defending a barrage of wild punches from Nishiura. He's able to drop and spin around back, again capturing Nishiura's back.

Nishiura fights to keep Uno's arms from wrapping around his neck for the choke, but Uno almost sinks it. Wicky survives and scrambles out, momentarily taking Uno's back. He winds up and takes a huge swipe at Uno's head, but Uno ducks his head to the mat, seeing the punch sail right over his head. Uno rolls and takes Wicky's back again and they struggle back to their feet. In the last 10 seconds, Wicky comes charging with evil intent, swinging with big punches. Uno evades and makes it to the bell.

Official scores:Judges Masanori Ohashi, Akira Shoji and Kaoru Todori all see the bout for the winner by unanimous decision, Caol Uno.

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