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dudeabides 07-12-2011 06:50 PM

DREAM GP Final: Kazuyuki Miyata vs Hiroyuki Takaya

dudeabides 07-16-2011 04:14 PM

And still the FW champ...


Round 1
Takaya runs to the center of the ring and swarms with punches before Miyata is able to grab his left hand and pull him into the clinch. Miyata maneuvers Takaya into a corner and gets him down to a knee, but Takaya pops back up and circles out. The "Evil Fist" lands a low kick but is again sucked into the clinch. He would go down, if not for the fact that he bounced off the ropes and managed to stay upright. They separate and referee Yuji Shimada stops the bout for a moment to fix Takaya's gloves. Takaya pumps a jab at Miyata to measure distance for a big right hand, but instead, he falls back into the clinch against the ropes. They break. Takaya lands that big right and the Olympian wobbles. Takaya jumps in to take top position in his guard, dropping the occasional big shot as Miyata alternately works wrist control and pulls Takaya down to minimize distance. Takaya stands up to try and drop a big punch, but eats a wrestling shoe to the face for his trouble. He settles back in Miyata's guard, prompting Shimada to break them up.

Five minutes remain. Takaya lands a low kick and a jab, but Miyata goes over the top with a hard right of his own followed by a takedown. Miyata takes mount momentarily and drops punches. Takaya scrambles backward and escapes, but Miyata pins him in the corner in the clinch. Shimada calls another break. Miyata misses a high kick, and Takaya lands a jab. Miyata goes for a single, but ends up stuffing a defending Takaya into the corner again. They separate and Takaya gives chase with one-two-low kick combos. Takaya catches a Miyata low kick and trips him to the mat momentarily. Miyata hops back to his feet and they disengage. Takaya lands a left hook, grazes with an overhand right. Miyata pushes him into a corner, prompting another break. One minute remains. Takaya blocks a high kick and grazes with his following two punches. Miyata puts him in a corner and lands some knees to the legs to end a close, competitive opening round.

Round 2
Takaya throws a one-two, but Miyata counters with a punch and gets the takedown. Takaya scoots backward and scrambles to his feet only to be pushes into the corner again. There, he eats some knees to the legs and belly before Shimada breaks them again. Miyata's punches look a little crisper now, but he doesn't indulge the stand-up, instead dropping to a knee for another takedown attempt. Takaya rebuffs him and they reset. Takaya chases Miyata into the corner with grazing punches, which Miyata ducks under shoots. Takaya again rebuffs him. In the center, Takaya employs more low kicks since his punches aren't really making their mark. Miyata returns the low kicks in kind. Miyata connecting now with his right hand, circling away as Takaya gives chase. Miyata drops down and shoots again, putting Takaya up against the ropes. He follows up with punches and knees to the body. Shimada calls a break. Miyata really dancing now, landing jabs and right hands in the final thirty seconds. He shoots again, but as before, he just uses the attempt to push Takaya into the corner. The bell rings shortly after.

Round 3
Miyata bounds in and lands a stiff right hook. Miyata then goes for a half moon kick that you might see in capoeira and actually connects to the side of Takaya's head, taking him by surprise. Miyata pops off a few more punches on the tired Takaya before stuffing him against the corner. Shimada calls the break. Takaya is still hunting for the coup de grace, but his punches are rarely connecting. Takaya finally lands a stiff right hand, but Miyata returns fire with jabs and right hands of his own before stuffing the champ into the corner. They're broken up again. Takaya chases Miyata with punches but soon finds himself having to defend the single-leg takedown. Shimada breaks them up again, but they don't stay separated for long; Miyata has Takaya up in the corner again, prompting Shimada to break them up. Takaya lands a one-two, to which Miyata responds with another takedown attempt. In the corner, Miyata punches and knees Takaya's abdomen before being told to break. In the final minute, Takaya charges in with punches. Miyata uses his momentum to drop and go for the takedown, bringin him down to his knees. Takaya stands up and goes for a takedown of his own and gets it. Takaya gets busy dropping punches as Miyata covers up. The bell rings, but Takaya continues to drop the punches, even as Shimada steps in between them. Be that as it may, it's too little too late. gives the bout to Miyata.

Official result: Judge Matt Hume sees the bout for Kazuyuki Miyata, while Hikaru Adachi sees it for the champion, Hiroyuki Takaya. Judge Akira Shoji has the deciding vote, and he sees the bout for the winner by split decision, and still Dream featherweight champion, Hiroyuki Takaya.

# Champ Hiroyuki Takaya def. Kazuyuki Miyata via split decision (to retain featherweight title)

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