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dudeabides 07-14-2011 06:47 PM

DREAM GP Final: Eiji Mitsuoka vs Bruno Carvalho

dudeabides 07-16-2011 04:12 PM

Mitsuoka takes it...


Round 1
They touch gloves and circle about each other at the center of the ring. Carvalho feints some punches and low kicks. The next low kicks connect, but his swiping hooks miss. Mitsuoka shoots in and is stuffed. In the corner, the Japanese fighter absorbs knees to the belly while fighting for the single. Carvalho wraps his arms around Mitsuoka's head and seems to have caught him in the guillotine. Mitsuoka escapes and disengages. The Japanese fighter shoots again and gets the takedown, passing to half guard near the ropes. Mitsuoka drops a few punches, but cannot free his leg to pass to side control or mount. Referee Moritaka Oshiro briefly pauses the bout to fix Mitsuoka's glove.

Upon resuming, Mitsuoka finally frees his leg and gets the full mount. He connects with a few punches before a Carvalho scramble gets him back to half guard. Mitsuoka goes for the guillotine, but Carvalho survives and escapes. Back on the feet, Mitsuoka shoots and is again stuffed. Carvalho puts his face in the plum and knees him hard. Mitsuoka pushes through and gets the takedown, but the Brazilian tries once more to get his own guillotine. It's a no-go. Mitsuoka stands up in Carvalho's guard and kicks his legs, followed by a leglock attempt. Carvalho rolls and tries to kick the Japanese fighter off. Mitsuoka attempts to fix his grip for an Achilles lock. Carvalho scrambles free and stands the fight back up. Mitsuoka again gives chase and gets the takedown near the ropes. Again, Carvalho tries for the guillotine, but is unsuccessful in eliciting a tap. Mitsuoka pops his head out and drops perfunctory short hammerfists from guard to close out the last 30 seconds.

Round 2
Carvalho looks to light Mitsuoka up with a vicious hook and uppercut, followed by a big knee to the guts. Mitsuoka absorbs the shots and tries for the single, against the ropes. Oshiro breaks them up. Mitsuoka closes the distance to go for the takedown, and again, Carvalho wraps his arms around his neck for the guillotine attempt. Mitsuoka elevates and puts Carvalho on his back, escaping the guillotine attempt in the process. The Japanese fighter passes to full mount and drops punches from above. Carvalho rolls to his side and gets entangled in the ropes. Oshiro stands them up to reset them in the center of the ring. The Brazilian kickboxer recovers to half guard and pulls Mitsuoka in close to minimize distance. Mitsuoka passes again and postures up to rain punches. He's looking quite tired though, so these punches don't have much steam on them. Carvalho recovers half-guard, and then full guard as Mitsuoka continues to drop more tired punches. They go for each other's legs in the final 10 seconds, but neither gets anything significant. sees the fight for Eiji Mitsuoka.

Official result: Judges Akira Shoji, Hikaru Adachi, and Kenichi Serizawa have the fight unanimously for your winner, Eiji Mitsuoka.

# Eiji Mitsuoka def. Bruno Carvalho via unanimous decision

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