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dudeabides 07-20-2011 01:08 AM

Strikeforce Challengers 17: Adlan Amagov vs Ron Stallings

hixxy 07-22-2011 07:43 PM

200k on Stallings

dudeabides 07-22-2011 11:37 PM

Amagov by split dec:


Round 1 - Stallings with a leg kick early. Side kick to the gut by Amagov. Head kick by Stallings misses. Huge right hand by Amagov and Stallings legs start to betray him. Head kick by Amagov is blocked. It's fairly slow paced early. Spinning back kick by Amagov lands to the side of Stallings. Amagov starting to work over the lead leg of Stallings and he just misses with a spinning hook kick. They clinch up with Amagov pushing Stallings into the fence. Amagov with a nice takedown into side control. Stallings tries to get up with a takedown but Amagov hip throws him back to the ground. 10-9 Amagov.

Round 2 - Leg kick by Stallings early lands solidly. Amagov answers back. Front kick by Amagov now. If Amagov throws the right hand, it's open to land. Head kick by Stallings is blocked. Stallings pushes Amagov into the cage and lands a short right hand. Amagov reaches with the right hand and Stallings uses it to charge in looking for the takedown. Two consecutive hip throws by Amagov and he lands a series of left hands. Back to standing with Stallings pushing him against the fence. Stallings trying for some jumping knees. Big knees and punches by Amagov. He is spinning wildly and falls to the ground. What an odd attempt to finish the fight by Amagov. I've still got him up 20-18 after 2.

Round 3 - Amagov winging strikes early but he gets caught and Stallings lands a series of knees. Now Stallings with a takedown. Stallings in side control looking to lock up an arm. Amagov tries to sit up. Stallings into the mount. Amagov escapes from an armbar attempt and ends up standing up. Amagov pushes Stallings into the cage now. Both men throwing wild strikes. Stallings looking for a guillotine but Amagov escapes with a spinning backfist. Amagov holds the fence for the fourth time, no point deduction. They end the fight swinging wildly. I give Stallings the third round making it 29-28 Amagov.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 Stallings, 29-28 Amagov, 29-28 Amagov. Adlan Amagov wins by split decision.

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