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Rusty 08-12-2011 10:08 PM

Ronda Rousey, talented and attractive
Just a video of Rowdy, been a fan of hers for a while although I don't much enjoy womens MMA. She has the tools to be a superstar:thumb02:

Found another one.

I would take her out for a nice seafood dinner and stalk her via text message:)

Roflcopter 08-13-2011 01:58 AM

Not attractive.

kantowrestler 08-13-2011 01:44 PM

How can you say she isn't attractive? She is a hotty and one who could carry on. I think she poses a viable threat to Cyborg and Gina.

MMAnWEED 08-13-2011 02:35 PM

Shes actually pretty cute but shes no Gina or Miesha.

With that aside, I've seen all of her pro and amateur fights and shes on another level from these other girls. Imagine if no wrestlers were in mma yet and Chael Sonnen comes onto the scene... thats the equivalent from what I've been seeing but in this case its her insane judo capability. Her ability to take her opponent down, mount, roll into arm bars is beyond impressive. Her GnP looks pretty sharp as well based on the couple of times shes needed to use it.

6 fights all finished with an arm bar within the first minute... not too shabby.

I don't see Miesha being strong enough to be able to take Ronda down considering her INCREDIBLE base. However, I do see Ronda being able to take Tate down at will and getting that submission win.

Cyborg on the other hand is a whole different type of problem but if anyone can defeat her its probably Ronda.

kantowrestler 08-13-2011 02:51 PM

Of course Tate couldn't handle her cause Rousey is below a weightclass above her. I think this is going to be a case of extreme grappling versus extreme brutality when the time comes. Cyborg is just brutal and of course Rousey is a talented grappler.

Indestructibl3 08-14-2011 12:33 AM

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I think she's pretty cute. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't say no.

Just checked out her wiki page - holy shit, all first round finishes via armbar!

Rusty 08-14-2011 12:37 AM

Somewhat of a controversy on the stoppage tonight but if you look at the replay her opponents elbow is definitely hyperextended and could have been dislocated.

Her complaining seems like a way to save face tbh and I can't blame her. Noone wants to be submitted that fast.

Here's a link to cage potato that has the fight.

I'm not a Mazz fan but I'm glad he called it early. Don't want to see anyone out for a pointless injury.

SideWays222 08-14-2011 12:41 AM

Im not one of those internet guys that always talks crap about good looking women. But tbh i think this girl is kinda gross. First video she looks fine but second video it just grosses me out. That body is just... ughhh *Shivers*

Rusty 08-14-2011 12:52 AM

Post a pic of your girl Mr. Beefcake Studmuffin:)

Trollface 08-14-2011 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by Indestructibl3 (Post 1453178)
I think she's pretty cute. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't say no.

Just checked out her wiki page - holy shit, all first round finishes via armbar!

I was just looking at her wiki page and thats pretty unbelieveable!Never been past the first minute and 6-0 with all wins by arm bar. :praise01:

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