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dudeabides 08-13-2011 07:00 PM

MMA Fight Pit: Razak Al-Hassan vs Houston Alexander

hixxy 08-13-2011 07:24 PM

500k on Houston, not confident he will in, but i like those odds!

dudeabides 08-13-2011 07:35 PM

Bet on him too, I think he keeps it on the feet. Either way it happens in a few hours :fight02:

hixxy 08-13-2011 07:40 PM

Bed time for me shortly, so will have to check it out when i get up in the morning.

dudeabides 08-13-2011 11:43 PM

Houston wins...


Round 1 – Razak with a three inch height advantage. It looks more like five. Leg kick from Razor. Big leg kick from Razor. Houston with an inside leg kick. Razor with another leg kick. Houston attempts two body punches, misses both, again. Side kick from Razor. Leg kick from Razor and Houston catches it, lets it go. Low kick from Houston. He’s still going for that body punch. Inside leg kick. Boos from the crowd. Front kick to the chin jacks Houston’s jaw. Houston fires back with a punch that misses. Exchange of low kicks. Houston drops Razor with a straight jab on the button. They scramble as Houston tries to finish. Razor is back up and they square up. Left hand from Houston, he eats a leg kick, another one. Straight jab from Houston. Another left jab from Houston on the button. Again. Leg kick from Houston. Leg kick from Razor. 10-9 Houston.

Round 2 – Left jab from Houston. Leg kick from Razor. Oh my, those punches I thought Houston was going to the body. He’s punching Razor’s thigh. Over and over he goes for this. Razor lands a hook that stuns Houston. Houston catches a low kick and lands a solid right. Spinning back kick to the gut knocks Houston back against the cage. Front kick to the chin from Razak just misses. I can’t believe Houston is throwing punches to his thigh. Houston takes a finger in the eye. Time is called. Right hand from Houston. Inside leg kick from Razak. Overhand right from Houston. Just misses. Enormous leg kick from Razak. Again. Thigh punch from Razak. Leg kick from Razak. Overhand right from Houston, chases him against the cage. Razor throws him off. Houston drops him with a big right just before the bell. 10-9 Houston.

Replay shows Razak was off balance on that knockdown. Doctor is looking at Razor’s finger between rounds. They stop it and Houston is awarded the victory. Razak unable to continue. Houston just said he’s coming for that belt. What belt he’s talking about I do not know. Razak dislocated his finger. — That’s the first time I’ve ever seen this. I wonder what Urijah Faber thinks…a guy who had TWO BROKEN HANDS and fought the whole fight like that for the most part, using elbows and kicks. In this fight, I would say it’s not the fighter’s fault but how would the doctor know about his finger if he didn’t tell him? — Houston just said he can fight longer than Randy Couture because he’s in better shape. Very strange ending to the evening.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Houston Alexander def. Razak Al-Hassan by TKO (injury) Rd 2 (5:00)

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