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dudeabides 09-22-2011 09:00 PM

DREAM 17: Satoru Kitaoka vs Williamy Freire

dudeabides 09-24-2011 01:54 PM


Round 1: Kitaoka paws a jab, then shoots immediately. He latches onto a leg immediately, turns Freire around, and Freire saves himself by grabbing the ropes. Freire finally falls to his back as Freire attempts to sink in a guillotine. Kitaoka in half guard, trying to hop over. Kitaoka can't take advantage, and Freire escapes to his feet. Kitaoka sticks to Freire's back however, then moves to the front and threatens with a guillotine. Referee separates as Kitaoka stalls. Back to center after the referee warns Freire for rope grabbing. Kitaoka throws a head kick, then shoots. Freire just gives up the leg, obviously learning nothing from being taken down at will in the UFC. Kitaoka loses the position, and back to center. Freire is hesitant, scared of Kitaoka's shot for good reason -- he can't defend it. Freire glancing some kicks off the torso of Satoru, then misses a kick and Kitaoka dives right under it for the takedown. Beautiful. has Satoru Kitaoka winning the fight after one.

Round 2: Kitaoka latches on to Freire to start the second, moving to the ropes. Nothing. Back to center. Freire now stalking Kitaoka a bit more, some sense of urgency now. Now, he's barraging the knees of Kitaoka. Kitaoka shoots for the takedown, and Freire turns him over to avoid it. Freire backs him into the corner. Kitaoka turns Freire around. They stall. Back to center. Freire is getting more aggressive now here later in the second. More kicks from Freire to Kitaoka's knees. Kitaoka shoots, Freire sprawls and defends. Freire gaining confidence now, and Kitaoka is having problems. Kitaoka dives for a takedown, nearly runs into the turnbuckle, and Freire tries to land a fight finisher from the top after Kitaoka's mistake. He misses, and Satoru escapes. has Satoru Kitaoka narrowly up after two, Freire gaining momentum

Round 3: Kitaoka shoots in immediately, and he gets deep into the leg of Freire. Freire defends well though, although he's now stuck in the turnbuckle. Freire jockeys for position, and they fall to the floor with Freire getting on top. Kitaoka now threatening with a guillotine after getting back guard. Too much space though, and Freire escapes to his feet. Chiquerim is now battering the lead leg of Kitaoka. They call a low blow, and the replay confirms it. Brief timeout, and Kitaoka is ready to go. Willamy kicks at Kitaoka, and Kitaoka answer with a shot to the leg. He has a single leg in the turnbuckle now, but stalls. Referee separates them. Freire missed a kick, and Kitaoka dives for the ankle. He misses. LOL, Freire gets a yellow card for winning. Bizarre. Freire is lighting up Kitaoka now, kicks and punches landing, Freire clips Kitaoka with a right. Kitaoka falls over after a massive overhand, Friere follows him down. Bad idea, but Freire escapes as Kitaoka is attempting to latch on a leg. Back to the feet now. Freire doing more damage in this round than the previous two rounds. Twenty ticks left, Freire is walking down Kitaoka. Kitaoka lands a nice left as he runs away. Bell rings. has it for Willamy Freire. More damage, although the yellow card might hurt him.

Satoru Kitaoka def. Willamy Freire via split decision.

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