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dudeabides 09-22-2011 09:07 PM

DREAM 17: Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Gerald Harris

dudeabides 09-24-2011 01:55 PM


Round 1: Harris chucks the first jab of the fight, followed by a left hook. Classic ominous Harris stance, stalking Nakamura. Nakamura coming forward cautiously, throws a bomb, and uses it to find his way into the clinch. Nakamura now attempting to put knees into Harris' legs. Harris reverses the position, eats a knee to the ribs for his efforts. After a brief scramble, they separate. Nakamura pressing the action into the corner, attempting to land shot punches and missing. Harris turns him around and puts a knee into his midsection. Back to center. Wow. Nakamura nearly crushes Harris with a head kick. Nakamura turns into the turnbuckle and Harris explodes through with a flying knee. It doesn't land flush. Harris now attempting to pick up Nakamura to dump him. A minute-and-a-half left in the round, the referee separates them to center. Harris presses the action to the ropes, lands a brutal body blow to Nakamura's ribs. They separate again, and Nakamura comes forward, throwing. Harris evades, then attempts to bring it to the ground. Nakamura defends easily. Harris with an overhand left, right jab to end the round. BloodyElbow scores the round 10-9 Harris.

Round 2: Harris walks Nakamura into the turnbuckle to start the second, beats on Nakamura briefly before heading back to center ring. Nakamura runs at Harris, and Harris latches onto him. Wow. Nakamura trips and tosses Harris over his hip, landing in top control. Harris gets right back up though. Harris now threatening with a takedown along the ropes, but Nakamura is making it difficult. Harris can't explode through Nakamura's defenses, and the judo player gets back to his feet. Harris isn't letting go however. Finally, he moves Nakamura into the corner, then separates. Harris is really drained. Both men exchange at center, neither man landing. Glancing knee from Harris, Nakamura whiffs. Back into the corner now, Harris presses and beats on the midsection with punches and knees. Referee separates. Nakamura throwing wildly to try to end the fight, but missing. Harris evades the attacks, latches onto the head, and lands a knee in the clinch. Harris shoots. Nakamura is defending nicely, grasps both legs, and dumps Nakamura. Little late though as the bell sounds. scores the round 10-9 Harris.

Round 3: More of the same to start the third. Harris presses the action into the turnbuckle, attempting to damage Nakamura while shooting for a takedown. Nakamura defends. They finally separate back to center. And Harris brings it right back into the turnbuckle. Deep double leg, and Nakamura goes down. He rope walks to his feet, and Harris drives him into the other turnbuckle. They separate. Not a whole lot of damage by either fighter. As I say that, Harris lands two nice left straights down the pipe, then shoots. Nakamura defends. Back to center. See a trend here? Again, they separate and Harris presses the action with a shot along the ropes. He drives Nakamura into the turnbuckle. LOL! Nakamura blatantly grabs the ropes three times, no intervention from outside judges. Harris finally slams him. scores the bout for Gerald Harris. Nakamura did not produce much offense whatsoever.

Gerald Harris def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via split decision.

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