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dudeabides 09-22-2011 09:27 PM

DREAM 17: Masakazu Imanari vs Abel Cullum

dudeabides 09-24-2011 01:58 PM


Round 1: Imanari comes forward to start the round, Cullum attempts to counter Imanari's strike, and falls into Imanari's guard. Bad move. Imanari wraps him up, nearly transitions to the back. Cullum narrowly escapes, lands in top control and begins throwing. Imanari throws up the legs, nearly armbars Cullum. Cullum maintains position. Imanari secures a triangle now. Cullum is caught, and he lifts up Imanari and attempts to slam him on his head. It works in wiggling him free of the hold. Imanari isn't hurt. Some brief ground and pound is met by another triangle attempt. Cullum does a better job to defend. Imanari now attempting to move to an omoplata, possibly a gogoplata, then twists and catches the omoplata to flip him over. It works. Imanari locks the shoulder and flips. Imanari nearly drags Cullum down to get a choke. Imanari ends up on top. Cullum answers by plowing through him into top control. One minute left and Cullum works in Imanari's full guard against the ropes. scores the round 10-9 Imanari.

Round 2: Cullum back into a familiar position to start, in Imanari's full guard. Imanari sliding the leg up behind Cullum's head. Cullum attacking the midsection as Imanari holds his leg high. Imanari eating blows from Cullum, the classic two to the body, one to the head. Imanari quickly locks down a gogoplata, and latches onto Cullum's head. Cullum rises to his feet and shakes off the attempt. Cullum makes him pay for his efforts, bombing him with strikes from the top. Referee stands the fight up. Imanari throws himself underneath Cullum, locks up an arm, and nearly rips it off. Cullum defends and start beating on Imanari's back and midsection. Imanari scrambles into full guard. Cullum incessantly beating on Imanari. scores the round 10-9 Cullum.

Round 3: Imanari walks out, lands a booming left. Cullum is wobbled. Wow. He can barely stand. Imanari picks a few more shots, then transitions to the floor, catches Cullum in an armbar while rolling him over in a front flip. Imanari cranks the arm and Cullum taps furiously. It's over. Masakazu Imanari def. Abel Cullum via submission (armbar), Round 3.

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