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dudeabides 09-23-2011 04:01 AM

Strikeforce Challengers 19: Lorenz Larkin vs Nick Rossborough

dudeabides 09-24-2011 01:34 AM

Last decision of the night, til DREAM anyway!


Round 1
Steve Mazzagatti will oversee this light heavyweight main event. The men touch gloves to start. Rossborough takes an outside leg kick and charges forward. Larkin slips out and circles away, launching a leaping round kick that is blocked. Rossborough is smothering him and working his way inside while landing short punches. Rossborough now has the clinch against the cage. Larkin connects with a hard knee to the thigh, but Rossborough lands several of his own. Larkin reverses the position and now has his taller foe against the fence. Larkin is still attacking the legs while Rossborough works the dirty boxing in the single collar tie. They separate, and Larkin lands a leg kick. Larkin blocks several shots with his back against the cage and lands a clean uppercut of his own. Heel strikes to the calf from Rossborough. Rossborough tries for a takedown, but Larkin is relentless with those heel strikes. The pair trade uppercuts in the clinch and separate. Rossborough lands a push kick as the round expires. sees the round an even 10-10.

Round 2
Larkin opens with a hard low kick and whiffs on a kick upstairs. Rossborough lunges forward and lands a left hook. He tries the same move, but misses the punch. Larkin wings some wild hooks, but nothing lands. Rossborough walks through his punches and pins him against the cage, unleashing a combo of punches and elbows to Larkin's head and forearms. After several moments of inactivity, Mazzagatti restarts them standing. Rossborough is still moving forward, but Larkin digs in a hard leg kick again. Rossborough pushes forward and clinches again. Larkin spins out and lands a two-punch combination to the guts and then a sharp leg kick. Rossborough pushes forward and clinches against the cage with only a minute to go in the round. Both men land punches and elbows in the clinch, but Rossborough seems to be getting the better of the exchanges. Larkin briefly takes Rossborough's back standing and drags him to the mat as the horn sounds. 10-9 Larkin.

Round 3
Rossborough eats a pair of kicks, but he walks through them and starts roughing Larkin up with short punches. Larkin appears to be on the proverbial ropes, but he ends all that with one perfectly-placed knee to Rossborough's body. Rossborough collapses to his back, but Larkin cannot finish. Rossborough stands. Larkin goes back to the body with a straight shot, but his man won't go away. The fight hits the floor, with Larkin ending up in top position. Working from guard, Larkin is dropping short elbows to the body with punches to Rossborough's face. Ninety seconds left, and Larkin plasters an elbow across Rossborough's grill. Rossborough is in desperation mode now, fishing for an armbar from his back. A gash has opened on Rossborough's forehead, but he's still trying for that armbar. Larkin jerks his arm out, however, passing to side control and dropping more elbows. Rossborough manages to sit up, but he's getting the worst of it while covered in his own blood. 10-9 Larkin (30-28 Larkin).

Official scores: Two judges see the bout 30-27, and a third offers a score of 29-28 all for the winner by unanimous decision, Lorenz Larkin.

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