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dudeabides 09-23-2011 04:19 AM

Strikeforce Challengers 19: Todd Moore vs Jason High

dudeabides 09-24-2011 12:05 AM

How this one went down:


Round 1
High comes out swinging and lands a left hand. Moore lands an inside leg kick, but eats a sharp right hook. High now elevates his man and takes him down. Now he's looking for an arm-triangle, and it's not looking good for Moore, who tries to hang on to half-guard. High has now abandoned the choke and is looking to pound and then pass. Moore continues to throw from the bottom, but High is still in control. Moore is shrimping now, but High drops an elbow on his man. Moore recovers guard, but High is already working to pass again. Now High looks for a guillotine and may try for a D'arce, but he bails on it. High passes to mount now and drops a hard right hand. Moore is turning away, and High comes down with an elbow. Moore recovers half guard as the round ends. 10-9 High.

Round 2
Steve Mazzagatti starts round two. High lunges for an overhand left and takes an incidental punt to the cup. High recovers quickly, but Moore jumps in and lands a left hand. High responds with a nice takedown, and he is back in top control from half guard. Same routine, different round, as High is fishing for a pass and and arm-triangle position. Moore squirts out, however, and turns the tides, putting High on his back. High scrambles, and Moore tries to take his back, but he's riding too high. High shucks him off and lands back in half guard. High now looking for an arm-in guillotine. Moore recovers guard, now. High breaks it and passes to half again. Both men land potshots as the horn sounds. 10-9 High.

Round 3
Moore lunges in with a one-two, but High slips it and hits a power-double. Moore tries a straight armbar, but High throws his legs aside and passes to half guard. Someone is cut, but it's unclear whence the blood is dripping. Moore sits up, but High counters with an arm-in guillotine. Moore rolls with him, and High is back on top. Moore is the one who is cut, apparently, as the back of his head is lacerated. High is still trying for that arm-in choke, but Moore defends well and digs for a single. Periodic boos make their way to the Showtime Sports boom mics, as does one, errant “moo” from one fan. High still on top, landing light shots to Moore's face. Moore has full guard again, but he has nothing for High. 10-9 High.

Official scores: All three judges have it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Jason High.

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